FIVE things Arsenal fans learned against Chelsea

Okay Arsenal fans, we are still waiting for that victory for Arsenal over a Jose Mourinho side and the 0-0 draw yesterday finally put an end to our fading hopes of an unlikely Premier League trophy win this season. But Arsene Wenger and the players are not and are right not to be too downcast, as we have done a lot better against the big clubs this season and but for a slow start, we could have pushed Chelsea all the way. So what have Arsenal learned from this latest clash with the Blue bus and from the season as a whole?

1. Arsenal have the quality to compete with the big boys and now the players have the belief that we can beat anyone, while the boss is happy to adapt his tactics after years of stubbornly sticking with his attacking ideal. Now we can mix the two styles and the more we do, the better the team will be at it.

2. Arsenal must sort out the injury issue because it has been dogging the club for years and has definitely derailed our title challenge in the last two seasons. A fully fit Gunners squad has the strength as well as the quality to compete with all of our Premier League rivals.

3. You need luck as well as ability to win the title. You could say that Mourinho got lucky as all the rest of the big clubs were poor, but his Chelsea were in the right place at the right time to take advantage, while their injury problems have been almost non-existent. Tight games and key decisions can also have a huge effect over the season. With a bit of luck we could have won yesterday but then so could Chelsea with a different referee.

4. Wenger has still got his touch in the transfer market, as recent signings Ozil, Monreal, Mertesacker and more have come good after shaky starts, while Alexis Sanchez has been our star of the season. I also think he bought well and strengthened the squad with the signings of Welbeck and Chambers. Another few good signings this summer should see us ready for anything.

5. Chelsea and Mourinho have no class. Well we knew that already but taunting Arsenal fans and Wenger after playing for a draw just reminds us all. Is it boring to play good football Jose, just because it does not win you the title? No, frustrating for us fans maybe but not boring.

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  1. we dont have to beat Chelsea to win the title. Man City won it last year with zero points from Chelsea. Wenger needs to motivate his team to be consistent for a whole season. So tired of having poor starts and only playing well once the title seems like a distant dream. We did much better this season during our usual poor period (January and Febuary), but the results were just so bad in the beginning of the season, and that was honestly Wengers fault for thinking Kos and Mert wouldn’t get injured. Gabriel came eventually but it was too late. Time to be decisive in the transfer market. If we knew what we wanted going into the summer we also could have had a better player than Welbeck too honestly. Wenger just can’t seem to make the hard decisions and thats why I dont see us winning EPL with him. Mourinho is way more ruthless and willing to let players go. Its so dumb that Arteta and Diaby are getting contract extensions. What do they offer us anymore? Wenger still isnt ambitious enough, and doesnt do what’s needed to win the title. Arsenal need a 2nd CDM this summer, a different striking option to Giroud, and yes, a GOALKEEPER. Ospina is good but not at the level required to go far in UCL or win EPL. He’s made some good saves but he doesnt make miracle saves which is what you need sometimes. Look at De Gea, United’s season would be long over if it weren’t for him. Time to be serious.

    1. On the other note, Terry the colleague’s wife fu*er , has said that Arsenal will never win the league with the way arsenal plays. Its burning me up.. I just wish to beat Chelsea one time in my life..

    2. I agree about it being time for decisive transfer market dealings, however you lose me when you claim X and Y aren’t good enough to win the League or go far in the CL. Just what are you basing this on?

      You don’t win the League or the CL with a deficient squad, period. Only when you have all the pieces can you then start talking about parts that aren’t up to scratch etc. My point is, how can you tell me Ospina isn’t good enough to win the League with? or Giroud (as many have said)? Both have been the best in their respective positions in 2015.

      Would we have been Invincibles without Gilberto and Pires? Our GK and ST were all world class, but without a couple of positions up to par you don’t win titles. When we go into a season without needing X or Y then we can talk about who isn’t “good enough” should we falter. Until then you’re doing nothing more than speculating.

    3. 90% agreed on your opinion. The rest of it will be like this :
      1. Ospina has no level to win EPL? He made 13 apps. 11 won, 1 draw and just one lost (to Spuds). He booked 7 clean sheets. He faced ManShit, Liverpool, and Chelsea in the process. So?
      He has the quality required to go far in UCL and EPL. However, I agree that we still need experience goalie (that’s mean Peter Cech only) to put this sector into highest level. In this thought, I see this GK story is unlikely to be happen. Shezo have a long time to learn from the bench about the right behaviour and skills to be number one.
      2. Arsene still got what it takes to win EPL and else. Our empty racks is starting to fill again (any one wants to argue about it?).He’s not yet give contract extension for Arteta and Diaby. How many times we’ve question his player choices? And how many times we were wrong?
      We are getting better and better. COYG!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. The rocks have been Koz
    Mertz Cazorla and Sanchez
    with Ospina Monreal Bellerin
    and Coquelin surprisingly emerging
    to be number one in their position.
    Ozil Giroud +Ramsey returning from
    injury being outstanding .
    Chamberlain was promising till injured
    while Wellbeck is barely adequate.
    Like last season 13 players
    have carried the club.
    So why do we have a squad of 35?
    How many players do Arsenal really need?

    1. Arteta, Flamini, Diaby, Ryo, Sanago, Poldi, Wellington, Rosicky, Campbell, Wilshere, Walcott….

      theses deadwood have no contribution these season and should be released….

      the same for these players

      Gnabry, Zalelem, Akromp and Chambers…..they should be sold with a buy back clause…waste of money keeping them…

      1. so our captain is deadwood, together with rosicky, wilshere and walcott.

        admin please stop his comments. it s tiring. and sad tbh, hafiz needs something to fill the emptiness in his life. who can troll for such a sustained period of time?

      2. Don’t be shock guys! Hafiz is a robot who addicted to FIFA 15. His little chip must be overloading and have been malfunction for along time. I’ve been read this copied comments too many times. No living human can troll as persistent and consistent as this Hafiz robot.

    2. Errrgggh just the ridiculousness of this comment!!! ‘Ospina Monreal Bellerin
      and Coquelin surprisingly emerging’ but then you go on to question players at the club not featuring in the first team questioning if we need them!!! How can you not see your comment is a contradiction??? Are you really that thick??

  3. and Wenger still can’t beat Mourinho… that hoodoo still irks me. I’m convinced Wenger won’t ever beat Jose. we should go to the bridge & play for draws from now on & beat all other teams.

    1. I’m convinced it’s a natural phenomenon. When we’ve got our A game no team can stop us we’re essentially an unstoppable force. On the other hand Chelsea is the unmovable object. No matter how hard we collide it always end up in stalemate.

  4. 6. As evidenced by the streak we’ve beat together, a properly balanced side gives us the best chance to be successful. Central players playing centrally, wide players playing wide. A proper defensive minded center mid playing CDM.

    Arsene stumbled on this balance through injury – stopped playing Mesut and santi wide; Le Coq centrally in place of arteta flamini; an underperforming Jack and a pre-2013-2014-performing Aaron both forced to sit.

    We surged all the way to 2nd. He must now have the balls to continue to maintain this balance and stop playing people out of position.

    If Ramsey earns it in training then bring him back to the B2b role in place of santi. The way he’s played this year – reflecting the player he was prior to last season – then sit him. The way he performed in the beginning of the season in the 4141 he struggled mightily (compared to last season….but not the seasons before) and clearly based on Arsene’s refusal to put him there hasn’t earned his place back over santi. Based on the last couple games he definitely hasn’t earned it wide.

    Just being honest

    1. this is why we need a new manager to make the right decisions and sign the right players for the job…

      1. Yes Wenger stumbled on to
        the best team selection
        because injuries meant he
        had no other choice.
        Who needs Wenger Guardiola or
        Klopp when we have Mr Injuries?:)

      2. Yes, and we can be 100% certain that this new Manager will make all the right decisions. Anyone can do it. And the players who love the Manager won’t mind him leaving one bit. I disagree with Wenger’s decisions as much as the next guy but stability at Manager is one of our greatest assets. A change now is the last thing we need.

    2. Who would you rather have wide then, Welbeck? Most of our midfielders have more goals than him. He’s not good enough. Works hard, but thats about it. What we need is Ox fit.

      1. I don’t disagree that the ox is what we need. Welbz, however, possesses more attributes of a winger than Ramsey – played there (against his wishes) for multiple years with united, will stay wide and provide balance, will run at his his defender, will be another person in the box at the far post should Giroud miss the first ball – versus where Ramsey is on the complete other side of the field or at the first post or central channel in front of Giroud; has the pace and will look to run onto the end of balls from Mesut or Alexis.
        Performed this role admirably in ox’s absence and contributed to the run we’ve made before getting hurt with England. You can’t argue that.

          1. To win the league I don’t know that it necessarily needs to be “world class”. From what I’ve watched of Wellington silva at Sevilla this season his dynamic ability, pace, and work rate could potentially be the perfect complement danger man to Alexis on the other side.

            To truly compete in Europe, however, definitely need a winger like Reus or someone better. messi/Suarez/neymar, cr7/bale/Benz, goetze/lewandowski/robben/mueller, we can’t compete with that at present.

        1. Maybe Wenger wasn’t looking to go wide and attack probably the two best one-on-one defenders in the league in Ivanovic and Azpillicueta. Even if they got passed them and got a cross in, you probably have the best near post defender of crosses in the PL waiting. Just a suggestion.

      2. thats the problem for the manager…

        either he signs one or he plays a proper one….

        we are not short of proper RW

    3. Ramsey and Wilshere should be a good deep laying playmaker if they learn well about the core of their role. Apparently both of them rather like to attack more then to make opening ball (b2b). That’s why as the best passer in the team (with Ozil), Santi has to sit that deep along side Coquelin. I hope we can get Ilkay Gundogan this summer. He’s one of world best deep laying playmaker. So, we can unleash Santi a bit front to join the attack in 4-2-1-2-1 formation.

    4. Uhhh he has, he’s been linking with Ozil brilliantly, it’s thanks to him that Ozil and Giroud play so well.

      1. No it’s not Welbeck’s fault that we lost. and I know that. but the fact is fact welbz is shit and he will always be shit. and on Giroud yes i slagged him off last season. any problem with that! he was a shit donkey last season!

        1. did you say Giroud was ‘shit and always will be shit’ last season?
          haha cos that would obviously be a problem… he’s been far from shit this season.
          I guess that’s the logical point.

          1. no never said Giroud will always be shit! cause i always believed he is a super sub and still believe he will be much better if he comes on as a sub when legs are tiring. You can say Welbeck might improve like Giroud well gd luck to him. we can’t wait for players to improve while we loose on trophies. yes giroud improved this year but if we had a better striker last year we could have won it.

  5. How did you ascertain some of these points from the match? We had 1 shot on target vs a team without a recognized striker for half the match at home. As in literally none of these poitns would have been learnt from the match yesterday.

    1. Not from yesterday’s match
    2. How did you come to this conclusion from yesterday’s match?
    3. This has been known for years
    4. Again, based off yesterday’s match no, Sanchez was poor, Welbeck was poor, Ozil was OK
    5. We all knew this but he’s been responding to comments made by us. If we can dish it out we must be able to take it

    Things we could take away?
    Arsenal need to turn possession into dominance
    2. Bellerin NEEDS to be kept
    3. Sanchez needs a rest
    4. Arsenal need more tactical options and better subs in matches like these

  6. I completely agree at what you said.And you are spot on about the fifth comment.I have kept saying that Mourinho’s comment.Almost each and every disrespectful comment came after the comment made by Wenger.Last Sunday’s comment came after the chant that the fans made about Chelsea.Like you said if we can dish it out, we must expect a response that is disrespectful from him.

  7. Hi everyone, a Chelsea fan here and these ar what I learnt frm dat match on Sunday:
    1. We, Chelsea hav a new genuine, probably hydra-headed Contender for d title nxt season named Arsenal.
    2. Arsenal shud brace themselves for a 30m bid for a certain Hector Bellerin from Stanford Bridge. Don’t often see a RB stand up to Hazard like dat nd stil find time to attack (see his sliding pass for d short dt hit Cahill’s arm in our 18yd box) Perfect replacement 4 Ivanovic.
    3. If Arsenal will lift d EPL next season, you fans, ur coach, players nd board must start d project ryt now by finding ur weaknesses nd strengthening dem. Its a hard job to find it guys bcos it may be ur supposed “best” player eg Mata for us.
    4. Neither injuries nor poor form cost u lots d league. If u came in early wt a clear intention to fight 4 it (not top 4), it wud be a diff case.
    5. You guys taunted us first wt “boring boring Chelsea” Mou simply replied. And we were not boring early in d season, ryt?

    Finally, U may consider hiring a female doctor, Our s*xy Eva Caniero has a way of healing our players fast.
    (I heard John Terry nd Ashley Cole led a protest to stop our board from firing her a few yrs ago) …erhm, doz two huh?

    1. I wonder if Chelsea fan like you realize that Mourinho isn’t the real special one. Roman Abramovich, that’s your special one from the very first start. He really is. He’s hired Mou, you’ve got first EPL title after 50 years. He dumped Mou and some other guys, you still got the titles. You’ve won first UCL with a caretaker named Roberto di Matteo who couldn’t survive his first season as real manager.
      Mou can say anything his like now. He’s obsession who will not be completed ever is an invincible Chelsea team. Chelsea only won 22 matches and his already said that they could be invincible as 2005 Arsenal. He’s the most imperious smug face manager alive. Nothing will last forever Jose. We’ll waiting for your dooms day against Arsenal. You’ll see!

  8. hahaha very funny hw some gooners reason. pls go read George Graham comment on Chelsea n kam back wit all these shit of boringChelsea. very hypocritical wen u surrended possession n won at manc n all of yu said tactical masterplan frm Wenger buh wen it’s dished out to u u r weeping lyk babies. if football is all abt possession wit no intent on scoring there wouldn’t b any need fr the goal post. there are tyms even Swansea hav had more possession than arse in a match buh I guess dats no problem fr u. nothing buh sour grapes really.

  9. Welbz is just a shit for now, don’t know how things will pan out for him next season

    Giroud is good but not great, we need more clinical striker

    Wenger will still beat Mouirinho and the time is nigh

    Bellerin held harzard

    we could have lost the match!

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