Five things Arsenal must do to beat Eintracht Frankfurt

Eintracht Frankfurt is beatable but so are Arsenal and it will be whoever gets the basics right and does their jobs properly that will emerge the winners.

We all saw what went wrong against Watford and to some extent, Tottenham and Arsenal simply have to avoid a repeat of those games.

Here are five simple things that Arsenal have to get right if they want to beat the Germans today.

Must stop them down the flanks

Eintracht are strong down the wings, they will look to exploit Kolasinac and Maitland-Niles because you just know that the Germans will have done their homework and know that is where Arsenal are weak. The Arsenal wing-backs must do their jobs properly today or it will be another depressing match for Arsenal fans.

Midfield must stop attacks getting to the defence

The midfielders have to do better than they have been doing, the defence is under such pressure because the opponents are just swanning through the Arsenal midfield, they have to break up attacks and frustrate the opponents and make life easier for the defenders.

Forwards must trackback

This applies specifically to the wingers, probably Pepe and Nelson, they have to track back and help out the likes of Kolasinac and Maitland-Niles, they have not been doing so and that has left the full-backs fully exposed.

Heads cannot drop

If things go wrong the players have to show character, they cannot allow another capitulation, they have to bounce back far better than they did against Watford. In better words, time for them to stand up and be counted.

Must find a plan B

Unai Emery has to find a plan B, if short passing out the back is failing then do something else, if the defence is being overrun then do something else, slow the game down, employ spoiling tactics, anything is better than sticking with tactics that is not working.


  1. Other than point 4: Heads not dropping, the others won’t happen. Flanks will be exploited, midfield will be narrow and overun, forwards won’t backrack(it’s not their work) and there won’t be a plan B

  2. If the points you raise are relevant to this Arsenal team, and I think they are,we have weaknesses throughout the side without mentioning our Achilles heel, namely our centre backs.Emery has a lot of work to do to turn this stuttering engine into a powerful force,and while I have reservations concerning his tactical ability and man management skills I hope he proves me wrong.

    1. Time to go 4141

      Ainsley had admitted he is more of an attacking player, therefore I think it could be time to let him lose on one of the flanks as understudy to pepe or aubameyang with nelson being the other understudy. It will mean a new right back understudy and as I see it, chambers, mustafi or even Luiz suit this role best. I would also like to see Martinelli given the centre forward role tonight. Here is how I would based on the squad that has travelled.

      Luiz Chambers Holding Kola
      Niles Ceballos guendozi nelson

      Leno, mustafi, xhaka, willock, Pepe, aubameyang, smith-rowe or saka

  3. Well those expectations are far from “simple”

    I think the last two are possible especially showing character. It takes a combination of inner strength and belief of the players and a good team talk by the manager

    I don’t see our whole defence being strong enough let alone the full backs. If they play their best for 90 minutes that’s all we can

    We need Torreira to start to support the defence for point two as well as other midfielders working extra hard

    I don’t see Aubameyang tracking back because it’s not the job of a forward.
    Forwards go forwards lol

  4. If Unai doesn’t wake from today’s game then my trust for him will depreciate further.

    We are due a win for God’s sake!

  5. The outcome of our game today will be determined by U.Emery’s tactical flexibility and team selection. The wing backs combination of M.Niles and Kolasinac should focus on defending rather than running forward at every opportunity.
    This game is winnable for Arsenal if we are able to press high.

  6. We must play a defined style of football to start off.
    Then we can have a better discussion regarding the different aspects of our squad.
    Come on Emery. Surprise and prove us all wrong.

  7. The major problem with arsenal is a lack of leadership.
    Every team has off days, but the difference is that a proper leader will rally his troops to see out the despite their poor performance.
    At arsenal we just shift blame from one player to another.

  8. Admin:could explain to your faceful readers your thoughts process when writing an article and how you come up with these numbers 4,5,6,7., things to do for whatever reasons? thanks;by the way it is a serious question believe it or not!!

  9. Off topic:what I am must disappointed is that after last season Emery said he learnt a lot during his first season,one of them was physicality and that he would add physicality, steel… where is it I am asking you,we are being bullied all over the field,Edu deflinetly knows it and should tell him that, it’s been at least a decade,2 managers but no changes,are they that blind?at least with Holding and Chambers we would get that we need to get back to basics simple as that!!

  10. I sincerely agree with all the points particularly Points 3 and 5. Pepe hardly track back to help Niles. We need to see more of him both both at the back and upfront.

    Secondly, I feel the Coach hardly have Plan B. How can you sell Iwobi and loan out Milky? The team barely have depth at the Bench.

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