Five things Arsenal must do to collect all three points against Watford

The game against Watford has been upped a few notches with wins for Tottenham and Man Utd at the weekend, it was helpful that Chelsea lost but dropped points for us this evening could prove to be catastrophic with so few games left.

As an example, Tottenham’s next Premier League game is against Man City in Manchester, I think it is safe to assume they will drop points and probably lose that game and that would open up an opportunity for us to jump above them in the league but only if we beat Watford, if we do not we will have wasted that chance.

Same with Man Utd, we are one point behind them with a game in hand, to throw that advantage away would be a Blow, we simply have to win this game.

However, in order to win the game, we must do the following five things.

Control the midfield

If we control the midfield we provide a barrier for the defence and open up an avenue to the forward line, lose control of the midfield and we will be in the same situation we found ourselves in against Everton.

Keep a clean sheet

A total no brainer, but a clean sheet means you cannot lose, it is as simple as that, the defence has to step up at some point, we are Arsenal, we are not Huddersfield and the time is now, right now, to stop the opposition breaching us.

Feed the wing backs

An absolute must, we need Maitland-Niles and Kolasinac steaming down the wings providing crosses and cutting inside, they cannot be marginalised, you know Watford will try to neutralise them, we cannot allow that.

Get off to a flying start

Everton got off to a flying start and we never recovered, that is exactly what we must do, we did it against Napoli and we must do it against Watford, we must stamp our authority from kick off, we cannot allow Watford to relax and we must quieten down the crowd.


The players have to believe, they are Arsenal, they are an elite team and they are better than Watford but if they do not believe that, if they worry about the away record or allow the pressure to get to them then they will find themselves at a disadvantage straight away, they have to feel like winners, act like winners and play like winners and that will come from believing in themselves and their superior talent.


  1. The first goal is all important.If we score Watford will be obliged to chase the game and we have the fire power to cash in.Deeney wil almost certainly target Monreal in the air so let’s hope Kocielney has another fine game beside him.We have more to play for than Watford and if we match them in terms of work rate we will win.

    1. the late former Northern Ireland manager used to tell his team “we must equalise Before they score” we must do the same tonight.!!!

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