Five things Arsenal must do to stop Chelsea in Europa League final

There is very little separating Arsenal and Chelsea, there was just a couple of points between the pair in the Premier League and both teams have one win apiece from the two league games they played against each other.

Both teams will be missing key players, we will not have Aaron Ramsey, Hector Bellerin or Henrikh Mkhitaryan and Chelsea will be without Antonio Rüdiger, Ruben Loftus-Cheek and Callum Hudson-Odoi.

Both clubs have had distractions, Chelsea over the futures of manager Maurizio Sarri and Eden Hazard and of course, the Mkhitaryan situation for us and the huge disappointment of missing out on a top-four finish domestically.

So, basically an even game, however, there are ways that Arsenal can give themselves an advantage with a common sense approach to the game.

Nullify Eden Hazard

Totally obvious but has to be said. Hazard can destroy us if we give him the space and if necessary we will have to double mark him, for starters we will need the probably Lucas Torreira to get to him before he gets close to our box and then the likes of Ainsley Maitland-Niles and Sokratis have to step up as well. If we do not stop Hazard to some extent we will lose.

Pressure Chelsea centre backs

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Alexandre Lacazette have to exert pressure at every opportunity on David Luiz and Andreas Christensen, they are vulnerable under pressure, especially Luiz, neither is that fast and with Chelsea determined to play out of defence then our forwards have a great opportunity to close down the pair and force errors.

Force the ball out wide

This is where the game could easily be won, Chelsea are not that potent from the flanks, for some reason Sarri has this thing about pushing Kante out towards the flanks and keeping Jorghino in the centre, that works for us and the more Kante has to go past Saed Kolasinac the better and to some degree Matteo Kovacic on the other side against Maitland-Niles. The last thing Chelsea need is for either Kante or Kovacic to lose the ball to our wing backs, they have the potential to hurt the Blues significantly in that scenario.

Man mark Olivier Giroud

I am fairly certain that Chelsea will go with Giroud up front instead of Gonzalo Higuain and we know him well enough to know the sort of damage he can do, he is effective at holding the ball up which would bring Hazard and Pedro into the reckoning and of course, he can be deadly in front of the goal and so our defenders must get really tight on him, he is not blessed with pace and so that is not too much of a worry but he cannot be given freedom to roam in the area of lay the ball off for his teammates coming in.

Attack from word go

That worked for us at the Emirates and they did not like it, we cannot start the game nervously, we must seize the initiative, get possession as soon as possible and fly at them. Playing the ball around, maintaining possession and building up slowly is simply not the way to go, it can be later in the game when control is important but for the first 10-15 minutes we have to grab the momentum and own it, when we play that way we tend to win, when we play cautiously passing the ball left to right we invite the opponents on to us. Just think back to how we started against the Blues at the Emirates and you will understand exactly what I am saying.


    1. Five things Arsenal must do to stop Chelshit and win;

      1 – Don’t start Ozil
      2 – Play Iwobi as a CAM
      3 – Press Jorginho always and the perfect man to mark him is Iwobi
      4 – Start Leno instead of Cech
      5 – Don’t start Ozil

      With these nothing can go wrong

      1. guy, you are obsessed with Iwobi. I like Iwobi because I think he’s got talent but he is slow in his progress/development and if you really like him that much as much as I do too, you should be more concerned than fight all his battles because you won’t be helping him by doing that.

  1. Ozil is a draw back because his work rate is very low. We are better of without him.He should not start Europa final
    It’s best to sell the Ozil & get 2 good players we can pay handsomely around £100k/week than give one lazy guy £350K/week . Our defense needs totally surgery. Koscielny , Socratis , Monreal will bring more agony next season.

    1. what is your ideal midfield for final then? Curious, not exactly disagreeing. Would just like to hear alternatives.

  2. Ozil is a draw back because his work rate is very low. We are better of without him.He should not start Europa final
    It’s best to sell the Ozil & get 2 good players we can pay handsomely around £100k/week than give one lazy guy £350K/week . Our defense needs totally surgery. Koscielny , Socratis , Monreal will bring more agony next season.

    1. What has ozil got to do with the article above? Why can’t u people leave that guy alone? He is a fantastic player that we still need so just back off. Everybody wants to make headlines with his name, its becoming so annoying

  3. I don’t have the strength to type much as I’ve been ill the past two days, but seeing another comment just picking out Ozil again for no sensible reason makes me feel like I don’t need to b on here till I get better.
    So many bullshît post lately on here regarding Cech, and Ozil, we are without Mikhi and Ramsey, and Ozil shouldn’t start?..
    Our defense need upgrade definitely but saying Kos,Sok, and Nacho would bring more agony is a bit dumb (sorry to use that word)
    Kos despite his absence came back and made our defense stronger, proved almost all of us wrong, Monreal who battled injury this season the way he hasn’t for the previous season and don’t even get me started on Sok, so like most of you on here normally do transfers like it’s Football Manager, please y’all should tell us how we’ll let go of Kos,Sok,Mustafi,Monreal, and get in four new center backs while knowing we need funds to get in a winger or two.
    I really don’t need the búllshìt I’ve been seeing lately.
    Sue I left a message for you and Pat in the previous article.
    I might have to sit back till I get better before I start commenting. Stay strong

    1. Many thanks Eddie, I saw it ?
      Take it easy, plenty of rest & hurry up & get better & get back on here… as if it’s too long, we’ll be missing you! ?

  4. We MUST win this. I will be devastated if we lose and Spurs win!

    To win, we must want it more than them
    Reasons why we should
    1. This would be our first European trophy, Chelsea have won both this and CL
    2. Chelsea have already qualified for CL, we can if we win.
    3. This will be a successful season if we win

    Our players need to have belief in themselves and work their butts off for over 90minutes

        1. Yes the fairs cup, the cup winners cup and on Wednesday hopefully the Europa League Ozziegunner ?

  5. The article suggests Arsenal to focus too much on the defense, but the best defense is attacking with high pressing

    Since we know Chelsea will use 4-3-3, Ozil has to pressurize Jorginho. We also know Kante and Barkley will play as mezzalas or half-wingers, so our wingbacks should counter this tactic and Ozil would most likely have bigger space in the middle

    Lastly, our wide forwards have to work hard on the flanks to force Chelsea’s fullbacks to play long balls. Chelsea’s 4-3-3 is strong on the sides but less congested in the middle, hence our CAM will be the key to press their deep-lying playmaker and to produce through balls

    1. G.O.T.-You have me confused.You continually say you wasn’t Ozil sold for all the reasons (mostly crap) that everyone else spouts out.You are now setting the team up to give Ozil space in the middle.So you now want him playing?Or not?Dont forget the game is not at the Emirates and Ozil can only play home games (Despite winning a World Cup in BRAZIL).You are also saying how the high press will win us the game but Ozil does not do this does he?He just jogs around making sure he doesn’t have to make a tackle and get any mud on his knees.
      Like most who critisise Ozil you all want him in the team on Wednesday because you understand (or do you ) him playing gives us our best chance of winning.

  6. So Arsenal And chelsea have returned over half of the tickets allocated yo them to UEFA?

    1. So I believe PAL.I have mates that rarely miss a game but just can not afford the cost of travel and the money they lose not working for a week to get there and back.We are talking the best part of £2-3k some are paying in lost earnings and travel.So I hope your post was not a criticism in any way.That goes for Chelsea fans as well.

  7. Don’t forget the last time we faced Chelsea in the final. Mertesacker with 37 minutes of football all season captained the team to glory. And then should have retired…

  8. It feels like the 29th is taking ages. Time feels so slow at the moment for me. I guess it’s because it’s the only thing on my mind.

    The only outcome I want is:
    1. On the 29th Arsenal are Champions
    2. On the 1st Liverpool are Champions
    (Spurs winning Champions League would KILL ME even if we win Europa League. )

    I really think if we don’t win, it will hurt us getting top players. 3 years outside the Champions League is a long time and we will have seen City, Chelsea, Liverpool, United and Spurs all pass us by

      1. Made the flight? I heard he was the pilot ? anyway Danny is coming for Chelsea! That new contract is looming Sue ?

        1. Hahahaha the pilot ??? brilliant!! Let’s hope they got there alright then!! Imagine if he bags a brace! (from off the bench, of course)
          So Barca lost ?

          1. You didn’t know Danny Welbeck was a commercial pilot ? ? oh they got there, I saw them get off the plane Unai looks like a man with a plan he’s already thinking where to put the trophy on the way back ? they had no answer for the mighty gunners though ?

            1. Of a bloody simulator ?? good.. did he have his clipboard with him?! And his whistle?! ?

              Ha, that’s because we were awesome!!

              1. Haha most likely ? more footballers should become pilots though don’t you think? ? Hahaha probably they were in his bag ? so the Europa League final ref is Italian Gianluca Rocchi! What do we know about him Sue ?? ?

                  1. All 20 tubs of it ? shocking Sue ? your the go to gal for ref and kit information ? or Actor Vinny Jones ? Eric Cantona ????

                    1. De Ligt to United??? ?
                      Haha well I’m sorry to disappoint you, but I have no info, as yet ? all I know is, I can’t see us wearing anything other than our red kit!!

                    2. But what colour socks ? we are the away team ? well foolish him because utd are in the Europa League going nowhere with Ole at the wheel even Ferguson didn’t want Solskjaer! The whole backline is rubbish even de gea wants out and he’s been awful! If he wants to link up with Sanchez young Lingard and Lukaku then he’s not very ambitious I’d stay with Ajax rather than joining utd ?

                    3. Could very well be red then.. although that looks weird!
                      It has to be about the money (350k) it’s not a done deal as yet anyway, but if you had the choice of Barca or United… surely it’s a no brainer!!

                    4. I don’t know Sue I kinda like the red socks ? well that’s the problem with players nowadays Sue greed they go where the money is don’t they? There’s no way on earth I’d be paying a teenager 350 grand a week not in this lifetime or the next! He’s still a pup I don’t care how good he is ?

                    5. Indeed I was Sue ? and I got reminded time and time again that I was just a kid and of course I thought I wasn’t I thought I knew everything ? fair play to him for earning that money I just don’t agree a boy that age should be earning that type of wage.. that’s where I think the powers that be should step in! There should be a wage cap on players under 25.. players now hit 18 and want senior player wages it’s getting out of control ?

                    6. I think there should be a cap full stop!! How could you spend that much in…say a moth!! It’s ridiculous!! They’re all money obsessed!!

                    7. Come on Sue be logical how could someone get by on just 150 grand a week they need to eat you know ?

  9. To my own thinking, if torreria, ozil and xakal play well in Middlefield and lac and aub don’t waste our opportunity. I swear the game we easy for us

  10. Before I go for a run…………………….There is a sixth thing we can do !……………………………make an offering at the altar of Mesut and pray……………………..I have already done so, my wife is on the BBQ !……………….it`s cheaper than a normal cremation, although she is not dead yet !

      1. This is why I love this site. So much humour. My wife would think I’m going cuckoo as I scroll through my phone and burst into laughter.

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