Five things that Arsenal can take from the win over West Ham

Five things, good and bad, that we learned from the win over West Ham

It was a great morale-boosting win and for once there were as many positives as negatives that Arsenal can take from the game.

1 – Arsenal do not need David Luiz

He has been a liability since he arrived at the club, a total waste of money and it is no coincidence that he is dropped and Arsenal win.

2 – Martinelli deserves to be ahead of Lacazette

The young lad scores regularly, he runs all game long, he plays with his heart, he holds the ball up very well and finds space with ease. Basically all the things Lacazette has been missing recently.

3 – Nicholas Pepe has finally arrived

It was not just the goal and assist but his all-round game. He was poor in the first half but so was the whole team and once he got his confidence he was almost unplayable.

4 – Freddie Ljungberg is learning fast

Whatever the Swede said at half time, it worked. His team line up was also spot on. Also, he has learned from his mistakes in his first two games in charge.

5 – Problems still exist big time

The first half was woeful, there will be far better teams than West Ham and we cannot allow the second half to mask over the problems that clearly still remain.

There is more but the five things I have highlighted here are what comes to mind first and foremost. The positives do outweigh the negatives but Arsenal cannot be complacent. There are still many issues that need addressing.


  1. 2, 3, 4 and 5 I agree and in the positive mood of a win last night I feel (no real reason) that Luiz will do something good for Arsenal… like scoring some important goals and some assists more probably.

  2. Ancelotti was the only manager I thought Chelsea was wrong to sack, mainly because he was winning.
    I had ideas of who arsenal might want to go for, like ex players or available managers. Poch Allegri…add Ancelotti to that list.

    And, considering what arsenal need right now moving forward, Ancelotti isnt a bad shout.

  3. Luiz is not a natural CB, he will probably do better in midfield, like Xhaka he is a good long passer of the ball but he is much more mobile and better in the tackle.

    As far as Martinelli & Pepe are concerned they are the future of this club along with Leno, we have to keep them. Our Academy players are not at their level just now but can develop with the right coaching.

    I think it is too early to make a judgement on Freddie but my gut feeling is that we need an experienced manager to sort out our many problems.

    Your take on the first half at West Ham is precisely why we need such a manager. By the way, Carlo Ancelotti is now free and he knows the EPL, and speaks good English. Probably the best choice of manager currently available right now.

  4. For me the only thing we learned from west ham is us and west ham are a shower. Two very poor “teams” both are in dire trouble this season and need a real shake up. It was a well needed win but it was a hard watch and im not uplifted at all, it was poor fair on show.

  5. The Problem Is Not Luiz…He Is A Good Player And He Is Good When It Comes In Assisting From The Defence To The Strikers.I Really Like That Man

  6. Lots to still improve but at least some light at the end of the tunnel. Luiz should be used in a dire emergency only, don’t even think about him in any other capacity, even if he can pass the ball accurately over a long distance. This is not the only attribute we look for in a CM or DM, and he has not shown any others for a long time. For him this is a retirement job.

  7. I think I had mentioned on this very forum that the WestHam game would be some light at the end of a very dark tunnel. Glad we won! But WestHam was poor and we would have had tougher times with better teams but as I said earlier a win is a win. We must build from here. I think I would add Xhaka’s poor performance to the list and I think either Guendouzi or Louis should take up Xhaka’s place in the midfield. Ancillati would be a great choice for Arsenal, given his title winning credentials, English speaking ability and a winning mentality and would instill greater confidence into the players. Freddie is doing right but he needs more time to build his profile and would be a good Assistant to Ancillati.

  8. The suggestion to play Luis as a DM is nonsense.He has lost his pace, energy and stamina and is simply a liability.He was a very good player in his day but no longer is.The same applies to Sokratis if indeed he was ever good.Arsenal will perform much better without these two and Mustafi so the quicker they are unloaded the better.

  9. Sorry that must spell Ancelotti. Anyway whoever comes in, there must be a overhaul in the Arsenal defence and DM position. There are good players in the PL itself in the non top six clubs who would prefer to play for Arsenal, for example Godfrey of Norriddge, Dunk of Brighton, Creswell from WestHam and many others. We should be looking for a good CB and a strong DM. By the way, Inter, Ajax and RBS are in the EUL. Arsenal will have to do very well to win the EUL. We will need reinforcements in January.

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