Five things that could cost Arsenal victory over Brighton today

On paper Arsenal really should be comfortable winners against Brighton and Hove Albion today but the thing with football is that every now and then it has a habit of biting you on the ass when you least expect it.

If every result was a foregone conclusion we would all be millionaires but it is not and one thing we have learned about the Premier League is that it is far from predictable, especially with the teams fighting for a top-four finish, which we are one.

There are many ways it can go wrong for us and I have highlighted five things that could cost us dearly today.


An obvious one, history is littered with teams that go into games overconfident only to come unstuck, we have to be confident of course but there is a fine line and if we cross it Brighton will punish us.

Underestimating Brighton

Brighton may well have just escaped relegation and not be considered one of the better teams in the league but they will be relaxed today, they will play with a lot fewer nerves than could have been the case and they will definitely be looking to take a top-six scalp. They are not here to make the numbers up and if we underestimate them in any manner they will make us regret it.


We saw what they did to Tottenham, yes they ended up losing but only due to a very late goal and you could see how frustrated their opponents got, they will get eleven men behind the ball, they will defend deep and they will frustrate the hell out of us and if we do not show patience and allow that frustration to get the better of us it could prove disastrous.

Defensive frailties

Brighton will get the odd chance for sure, it may be a corner or a free kick or even a counter-attack and one thing that has been evident in recent weeks is our defensive frailties. Remember, we have lost our last three Premier League games on the bounce conceding three goals in each of those losses and our defence is the weak link. We must avoid the sucker punch at all cost.

Another bad performance

We have to be honest and admit that we have put in some appalling performances in recent weeks, we know we are more than good enough to put Brighton to the sword but only if we play to our abilities and that has not been the case recently. We simply cannot put in another bad performance, not today.


  1. I did not see bad selection which our manager is good at. Sometimes I use to think that he is using real matches to select the players he will like to relieves in the next season. You can count the number of matches we lost due to poor selection. Play our good players please.

  2. I’m just watching Watford’s Doucoure against Chelsea, and I would love to see him at Arsenal. He’s been brilliant! Breaking up so much of the play, defending, pushing forward, and fantastic energy. He’s dominating central midfield at the moment. Every time I see him, he does well. A Torreira/Doucoure partnership would be so good! We must ditch Xhaka this summer.

    1. Come on Watford

      Both Watford and Man United are using 4-3-1-2/ 4-1-2-1-2 today, as formation I’d love to see again from Arsenal. Arsenal used this effectively against Chelsea, I wonder why they ditched it

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