Five Things we know about new Arsenal signing Cedric Soares

Arsenal has just completed the signing of Cedric Soares from Southampton but what do we know about him?

Soares was a somewhat surprising signing for the Gunners but he is a good player who has Premier League experience as well, here are five things you should know about him.

He can play both wings

Soares is a versatile fullback that can play on both wings. Arsenal has struggled with injuries to their defenders this season and the likes of Bukayo Saka have had to fill in at left-back, Soares would help greatly as a backup.

He has won several trophies

One thing lacking at Arsenal at the moment is the presence of players who have won some trophies.

The 28-year-old has won trophies including the Euros with Portugal in 2016. He should bring that winning mindset to the Arsenal dressing room.

He likes to join the attack

Arsenal has had some satisfactory performances from the wing-backs in recent games and Soares will only add to that.

The former Lisbon man enjoys making marauding runs forward and he would add that to Arsenal’s game.

He is good in the tackle

Despite being an attack-minded full-back, Soares is also good at tackling and that makes him one of the most complete fullbacks in the Premier League right now.

And he can cross the ball as well

Soares also has a good cross on him. Hector Bellerin is one of the best crossers of the ball at Arsenal and it makes sense that Soares would also be his deputy and that means with Soares in the side, the crosses will keep coming.


  1. Nero says:


    Do you actually watch arsenal Matches

    Bellerin isn’t good croser of the ball.

    Soares scores free kicks

    When you people say brings a ” winning mentality to the team” what do you mean?

    Does that mean he will break eg holdings head and force a winners mentality into him? A winners a winner.. And loosers loose simple. A man that doesn’t want to be helped can’t be helped. Either Individuals develop winners mentality or they keep loosing.

    This is good one for ains miles.. He can play midfield, ie deputise for torreria. He’s small but will be effective in midfield like torreria

    1. Admin Martin says:

      If you want to pen an article about Soares and 5 things he can or cannot bring to Arsenal then, by all means, please do and we will publish it. This article is based on our interpretation of what he brings to the club. I promise I will not use LOL or question if you actually watch Arsenal matches because that would be downright rude and I am not made that way.

      1. Ayo says:

        Anyone that questions any opinion in the article posted should write one to counter or just shut up, right? This is what some of your replies lately suggest.

        Just keep calm and enjoy the difference in opinions. It does this site no harm.

        1. Admin Martin says:

          No, not at all. However, if a comment just calls an article nonsense or ridiculous or LOL or whatever then, of course, I will react. There are hundreds of comments on this site daily and I rarely respond to constructive criticism about an article but I will when it comes to a contribution that offers nothing to the debate just an attack. I think that is very fair. Also, I think some over exaggerate my input, I have under 800 comments and the site has had over 30k comments since I came on board, I think that is telling in the overall picture. Finally, do you think your comment in this article had any relevance to the actual article?

          1. Ayo says:

            Debate or ‘attack’ as you called it is part of what makes football fun.

            My 12-year-old son once told me “you don’t know much about football”. Again I will say keep calm…there was no attack in that comment…

            Finally, about my irrelevant comment. I wanted to type “Lol, do you actually watch arsenal matches?” before seeing the first comment and your reply.

            Bellerin crosses are frustrating at best. This is a guy that posted a picture of himself crossing the road, to show people he can cross.
            Calling him “one of the best crossers in Arsenal” means there is no crosser of the ball in arsenal.

            1. Admin Martin says:

              There you go, the last part was relevant and worthy of debate. The rest, not so much.

    2. Diogenes says:

      AMN as a backup to Torreira?
      Have my doubts, as his defensive talent seems to be lacking (tackling especially, but also positioning). Can Arteta improve him enough?
      I see him more of a box-to-box midfielder where his excellent stamina would be more useful. The problem is we already have Guen and Willock in roughly the same position.
      But let’s be surprised by his development…

  2. Shakir says:

    We have superb crossers in the LB position in tierney and Saka.
    The RB position is poor in terms of offense.Bellerin is not a bad crosser but is not very good either,i have not watched soares play but hope he offers more than bellerin does now.

    1. Nero says:

      Yes he can do a good job there.
      Torriera is a better intercepter and spoiler than a tackler.. The same way mertasacker was slow but had postional sense…ie to say positional awarenes can cover tackling flaw.

      Viera was a good tackler.. So yes miles can make it in midfield. Willock is being trained to be offensive…
      Guendozi is tireless, runner and tackler..

      For Soares am glad we have a real right back.. If he can give half of what Sagna gave we’d be great.

      Bellerin was originally offensive not a real defender and it’s shows every now and then

  3. Grandad says:

    Nero for your info, at 5ft 10″ AMN is not small. Soares is 5ft 8″ .

  4. Shai says:

    Go bring back Santi Cazorla please.

  5. Want to see him play and see what he can offer, he seem to have lost a starting spot at relegation candidates. I bet we are all here clapping for his arrival, anyway its better than nothing.

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