Five ways Arsenal can get a result against Liverpool

Arsenal will be up against it when they face Liverpool tomorrow evening but that does not mean that they cannot come away from Anfield with a result.

Liverpool is almost unbeatable at home right now, they have not lost a Premier League game on their own turf since Crystal Palace beat them 2-1 back in April 2017 but have drawn 10 of the 41 home game since that loss so it is not completely hopeless.

But if Arsenal is to get even a draw they will have to be on top of their game, get the basics right and take advantage of any opportunity that comes their way.

Take advantage of the Liverpool high line

The Reds really do play high up the pitch and Norwich City showed that you can get behind their backline and with the clinical form Aubameyang is in and the speed of the Arsenal front line then they must take advantage of the Liverpool high line every time they break up an attack and release that ball upfield very quickly.

Match Liverpool on the flanks

Do to them what they will do to us, quite simple. Alexander-Arnold and Robertson will be bombing down the flanks all game long, Monreal and Maitland-Niles should do exactly the same, make them defend the flanks, the more that happens the more the threat of Alexander-Arnold and Robertson is nullified.

Put pressure on Adrian

He is not a top-class keeper and Liverpool are weakened with him between the sticks, the more pressure that is put on him, whether that be from crosses, high balls or shots, the more chance he will make an error.

Slow the game down

Liverpool play at a high intensity, the more that is disrupted the more their momentum is checked and to do that Arsenal need not only possession but to hold on to the ball as much as they can. Breaking up the flow of the game will affect Liverpool far more than Arsenal.

Attack is the best form of defence

Arsenal have the front line to really bother Liverpool and the more they get the ball, the more they pressure Liverpool the less threat they pose to the Arsenal defence. Arsenal’s front line is as good as Liverpool’s and the more they get the ball the more chance there is of Arsenal getting a result from the game.


    1. ???
      Speaking of the little boy, he was on A league of their own last night. I don’t think he knew what to make of Romesh, after his comment! ???

  1. Though the quality of our players are better this season, we will still have difficulty playing against their gegenpressing. If we lose the ball in our half, we will allow them to be at their most lethal.

    It’s not so much about matching the quality of their players but countering their style of play that will matter the most

  2. Another thing is that
    We must be very efficient with the ball, that is we must be able to keep d ball and we should not loose d ball in dangerous positions……

    Xhaka or Ozil playing tomorrow will hinder this, because Most of us here all knows this guys are very poor in tight spaces and get dispossessed easily even under little pressure from the opponents……..

    I wish to see Willock Guendouzi Cellabous starting, Torreira can come on later…..

    Willock Guendouzi Cellabous are very good on the ball
    Torreira is more of a destroyer…

    We need more of extremely mobile and good Ball playing Midfielders in order to dominate Liverpool…

    Ozil and Xhaka should not even be on the bench
    they are Useless…..

    We are winning tomorrow If all this are put in place

    1. I’d like to see 4-2-3-1 with those young midfielders that won the Burnley game or 4-3-3 with Torreira

  3. I think the worst thing we can do (and I have a sinking feeling it may happen) will be for us to start with 3 at the back and AMN and Kola as wing backs. I hope to god we do not do this! It will invite pressure from the off and invites them onto us. I say we just go out on the front foot 4-3-3 and just try and outscore them.

  4. Liverpool’s wing attacks are very strong, but it made their fullbacks play with very high line. Their central midfielders are not creative and sometimes they are too slow to cover for their fullbacks

    Therefore we had better force Liverpool’s wide players to stay behind, by attacking their wings. Guardiola’s mezzala/ half-winger tactic is the best to launch relentless crosses and we can keep our fullbacks in the back:

    Maitland-Niles . Luiz . Sokratis . Monreal
    ………Ceballos ………… Xhaka
    ….Pepe …………………… Aubameyang

    1. Xhaka in there means we are loosing….

      I won’t even expect us winning or drawing, Once I see d line up with Xhaka or Ozil in d first eleven or to see us playing with my Five Defenders……

      Attack is still the best form of defense….
      Pep Man city is a prime example of this

    2. what the hell Xhaka is doing in your line up? didn’t you say that you need those young midfielders that won the Burnley game with Toriera?

    3. So we play Torreira who has had 10 minutes of football this season and an already immobile Xhaka who is returning from a back and thigh injury – compounding his lack of movement. This against probably one of the best and most aggressive teams in the league?

      I’d have to disagree. Ceballos and Guendozi have to start and Willock -with the fight and legs he has shown so far this season – edges Torreira for me. The game has come a week or two too soon for him in my opinion.

  5. The best defence is attack. If we can be clinical in front of goal and score two goals, we will have a chance at a result. Would be great if we draw in my opinion. But who knows, if we win anything can happen this season xD

  6. For Arsenal to get a point/s, I think the lineup is the deciding factor.Include all best eleven players and attack them….surprise them….let the psychology experts from the managerial staff boost player confidences…dont look back…now Arsenal is in a good form and it is good time to face liverpool before they are well organized.

  7. Klopp expects Pépé and Xhaka to start. Seeing Xhaka start then I will go for a draw.

    Our shape and being very clinical will be very important tomorrow

  8. you gotta love those fans who think of us a weak promoted side who have no chance in hell to beat liverpool. liverpool are a great team but they are not disgusting FFP cheating man city with ridiculous squad who can sub in 3 top players when having a bad day.

    If they bring their a+ game they will win since we aren’t at their level yet but if we bring our best and they play like they played vs southampton or norwich, i don’t see how we cannot get a result. Southampton deserved to win but the lack of a good striker killed their chances. When we had cazorla who liverpool couldn’t press to win the ball we scored plenty of goals against them, if ceballos can do the same thing we have a chance to use their high pressing game against them.

  9. why do we always launch our 3rd kit with liverpool…… It didnt make sense last time oooo. I really love the new blue 3rd kit i hope it dosnt turn out to be a bad omen.

  10. My worry and concern for Arsenal in the match is about Monreal recovering slow pace after he has gone forward to wing-back attacking to Liverpool area. therefore, I will prefer it to see Kolasinac start the match as the left-full-back/wing-back for Arsenal in the match. But if he’s at the top of his game in full match fitness to play and in top form as well. So that he will not cost Arsenal in the match for his lacking as he hasn’t play regularly to properly assess him since the season begun.

    All things being said as it concerns Arsenal playing against Liverpool tomorrow at away in the PL. It has appeared the majority of Gooners who have posted their comments on this site want Arsenal to start the match with the game playing start formation of 4231. And would not want to see Ozil and Xhaka included in the Arsenal 18 for the match. And have preferred to see Guandouzi, Ceballos and Willock start the match in the Arsenal midfield while Pepe and Aubameyang start at the wings and Lacazette leads the line. But it’s all in the hand of Emery to decide. But at any rate, I concor with my fellow Gooners in their Arsenal starts and playing formation start for the match. But maybe during the playing of the match, Arsenal could interswitch playing formations to hamper Liverpool in the game if they deem it necessary to do.

  11. Can’t start with xhaka Willock or Nelson in this game … This is not burnley or ncastle … Need ceballos and torreira starting … Personally would put chambers as right back but expect it will be mn …so guenduzhi or ozil … Depends on how confident we are I guess.. I think he might start with former and switch to latter if we are down with half an hour to play … But I can’t read UE so who know … Looking forward to it though

    1. Totally agree with you. I will expect Unai to drop a few of the young players. Anfield maybe intimidating to the likes of Willock, Mateo, ANN and Nelson. All the best to my Arsenal tomorrow

  12. Leno
    Amn Papa Luiz Monreal (c)
    Gued Willock
    Pepe Ceba8 Auba

    We can unleash Ozil in number 10 role in the second half of the match. Bring in Torreira and Mikky.

  13. After everything that has been said I can only add that Arsenal should use tactical fouls as a big weapon to prevent the game from flowing. Liverpol gets frustrated with stop and go games. If you think tactical fouls do not work then go and watch Atletico Madrid games – they will foul you even in your own half rather than have you breakaway and cause problems later. I am also concerned about the right wing. If Pepe starts as expected he might not be of much defensive help to MN as he does not defend a lot. Not helping out MN with Liverpol full back joining the attack could be a big problem. Hopefully one of the defensive midfielders like Goundouzi or Torreira is able to provide the support to MN. I want Cerbalos playing just behind the attackers. He is so good and a goal threat that he will get attention from Liverpol midfielders which will give us some breathing space.

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