Five young players Mikel Arteta can build Arsenal around

Mikel Arteta has the building blocks in place to totally revolutionise Arsenal.

It is easy to be all doom and gloom as an Arsenal fan when so many of the senior players do not deliver the goods, drain the club in wages and have little sell on value. However, there are at least five good reasons why the future is a lot more brighter than it may look today and that is because of the abundance of very talented youngsters that Arteta can rebuild Arsenal with.

William Saliba
We have not seen him in an Arsenal shirt as of yet and so we do not have any real idea whether he will succeed in the English game but the reports on him are all positive and he is supposed to be something special.

Kieran Tierney
He is not a teenager but at aged 22 he could still have a good decade at the top. If he transfers his Celtic form to Arsenal he will be a star for years to come.

Bukayo Saka
The 18-year-old has already shown how versatile he is and has also shown the quality he possesses. Used right he could be a superstar.

Matteo Guendouzi
He is only 20 and is getting better the more games he plays, he has already been included in the France national squad and if he continues his progress could be the lynchpin in the middle of the park we have been looking for.

Gabriel Martinelli
Very little needs to be said about the Brazilian teenager, he is something special and could one day be a Ballon d’Or winner.

Other youngsters that have the potential to be top quality players include Folarin Balogun. Reiss Nelson, Joe Willock and Emile Smith Rowe.

Mikel Arteta can easily build a future Arsenal team around the five players listed above in the same way Sir Alex Ferguson built his United team around the class of 92.

Of course, experienced and big money signings are required as well but these youngsters will be the core in the years to come if Arteta has the vision that would be required and I believe he does.


    1. Admin Martin only missed out Nketiah. Both the others you list were clearly mentioned. Perhaps MARTIN DOES NOT CONSIDER NKETIAH relevant to the articles theme . I would not argue one way or the other and his is a valid opinion. I certainly don’t yet see Martinelli type talent in Nketiah and MARTINELLI IS A SHOE IN TO BE A MAJOR STAR. THAT CANNOT TRUTHFULLY BE SAID ABOUT NKETIAH, AS YET ANYWAY.

    2. I did mention ESR at the bottom, Nketiah was deliberately omitted as I do not think he will get in because of Martinelli and the club will not risk building a team around two young strikers.

      1. Seems some do not even use their eyes while other do not use their brains. How they avoided seeing both ESR and Nelson being mentioned amazes me.

  1. Cant disagree with the article at all, we have a very good bunch. I would include willock in the bunch and maybe a few more to come through.

  2. If Arteta remain long at Arsenal and that of course will depend on if he’s succeeding at the club winning Cup competitions that includes the ULC as a start this season. And also at least make the top-four place finish if not this season but next season to play in the CL. And all these achievements coming off this season and extended to next season’s campaign. But maybe it could be overlooked if he finishes this season empty handed winning nothing for the club because he looks to be adorned by the Gooners and the Arsenal board. But he’ll be under serious pressure to perform with credibility showing on the table at the Ems for the club next season. Otherwise his building a credible Arsenal team around the 5 above mentioned young Gunners will not come to fruition for him even if he has such intention. But if he is succeeding winning next season especially in the PL, he could build a very solid Arsenal team to beat around these 5 young Gunners as the core base to achieve this difficult task.

  3. Sorry off topic (admin please move or delete if necessary) but don’t know where to post this if not already known but Man City banned from Europe for two seasons and fined £25 million.

  4. What about Willock, Nelson, Niles, the ones on loan?

    In all reality, we have new young generation of players who can all make first team. Nkethia can’t be compared to Martinelli, he is a different player, deadly in that box, great in combining…

    Bellerin Holding Saliba Tierny
    Nies Willock
    Nelson Nkethia/Martinelli Saka

    We would not miss any senior players with such formation but beat Arteta 11:

    Bellerin Mustafi Luiz Kolas
    Torreira Xhaka
    Pepe Laca Auba

    1. Willock and Nelson were mentioned, I do not believe that Niles is good enough long term and thus was omitted.

      1. My bad then, but disagree on Niles who been introduced to first team minute ago because he showed signs in training and U23.

        The problem is that he is not played at his position but as a RB to fill up for Bellerin, as Saka been used on other flank.

        Unfortunately, we won’t see much of them nor Martineli with Auba Laca and Pepe ahead for Arteta and Ozil in his 11.

        As Bennacer or Adelaide who are blowing up elsewhere, these young players needs to play every week end in top leagues, but on loan, not leave.

        When Nelson was in Germany, people saw him about to emulate his boy Sancho, he should have stayed on that devellopment path, continue growing all season long. Then come back as Saliba who I would extend loan for another year.

        To keep all these kids around stops their growth! Modern football, they are coming strong much younger, key to not slow down their devellopment this way.

        How does Saka on bench when not used as LB? Ask Niles!

        I’m sorry but, Saka is a way better winger than Martinelli, faster and more of a threat on that wing….

        1. I meant how does Saka feels being benched when not used to fill a RB hole? Not so good as Niles after a while!

  5. City’s CL ban is absolutely not good news for us or the premier League in general. Uefa could come down hard on prem clubs in the future mainly for how long city have been able to get away with misleading them.

    1. I disagree it’s really good news for us because Newcastle is about to be bought by a Saudi prince and Word is he wants to spend more then City, Tottenham is for sale and a few others it would of been impossible for Arsenal to ever win the EPL again with the owners we have or even being in the Champions league again

      1. Exactly, and wolves, Leicester, Everton are indeed infront of us, matches their owners’ level of ambition.

        Wenger did miracles with no money, focusing on youth devellopment, in CL final with a team of our kids!

        Today, this is the only heritage we have left from Wenger; our biggest strength…

        When Bayern takes Niles and Barca Willock, they will be looked at very differently. Waist of talents everyone looking for.

      1. Sadly you are wrong,psg have just been ranked 1st in the soccer finance 100,having reduced debts by 60 millions to make them in line with fair play rules, overtaking man city in 2nd whose debt have gone up to 70 millions,and psg overspent in the past but never misrepresented their revenues(sponsorship) which man city have been found guilty of doing fact.

        1. Actually, PSG was banned and CAS overturned it but that was based on the finances over the stadium sponsorship, the next financial figures will include the Neymar and Mnappe transfer dealings and how they are covered. You have to remember that each year the figures are updated and PSG are way out. Also, PSG and Man City are nowhere near the top of football finances, not even close. Man Utd, Real Madrid and Barcelona are at the top, though maybe not in that order.

  6. Trusting the youngsters will not always work out.Its kinda like a gamble.You need experience and seniority in the squad to build a good team.

    We have amazing youngsters.Some will surely be world class and dont get me wrong but i do think some are overrated

  7. Its all hot air about Newcastle spending their way to the top. Newcastle will have to stay within prem guidelines that are similar to UEFAs. Plus if they overspend to get to CL football, they will not be allowed to play in any European comp. All this is also dependent on the Newcastle takeover, thats something that hasn’t happened lots of times before.

    1. Reggie if Newcastle is sold this season they will spend and spend and it won’t mater if they they are banned for two seasons because as they stand they will never qualify, the new owners aren’t expecting miracles in a couple of seasons they will be in it for the long hall and yes they will be fined and if they qualify they will be banned for a couple of years so what but look what they will have at the end of the ban

        1. yea like many clubs in Europe, there is always a way Like City did they advertised Etihad on their own kit and payed way over the odds and just so they don’t get in trouble with FFP they paid the same to Barcelona and they did the same for the stadium naming wrights that brought in together 750Million where before for the same period of advertising they were sponsored around 80 to 100M, and it didn’t stop there they brought their friends in to buy some shares way over the odds and spent he proceeds

  8. Repeat after me ;

    We must respect opinion .

    We must respect opinion .

    But I’m sure I just read above ;

    “when Bayern come in for Niles.”

    If that happens I’ll post my address on here, where every person who has ever commented can apply for an I.O.U. from me for free drinks all round !!!!!!

    We must respect opinion

  9. Nketiah must be mentioned. The kid has got it in him and with or without Martinelli Nketiah has his own way to shine. He is fast and accurate and has a poachers instinct to strike. By the way, with Man City banned, does it mean the 5th placed team in the EPL can make it to the CL? In that case, if we put up a decent run of victories, we stand a chance. Up the Gunners!

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