Five youngsters invited to Arsenal’s first team training ahead of Brentford game

In preparation for their upcoming match against Brentford, Arsenal has extended invitations to several promising academy youngsters to join their latest first-team training session.

The Gunners have faced a string of injuries in recent weeks, prompting expectations that they will seize the opportunity to provide valuable playing time to some of their budding talents in the Carabao Cup.

Under the stewardship of Mikel Arteta, Arsenal maintains its longstanding tradition of nurturing young talents and affording them first-team opportunities when they are deemed ready.

As they gear up for the Brentford fixture, Arsenal Youth has disclosed that Lino Sousa, Reuell Walters, Jimi Gower, Charles Sagoe Jr., and James Sweet all participated in the most recent first-team training session. These talented youngsters are widely recognised as the cream of the crop within the academy and are arguably the closest to securing a spot in the senior squad compared to their peers.

With an eye on player rotation and injury prevention, Arsenal may even grant a debut to at least one of these rising stars, particularly if Arteta intends to rest his key players and reduce the risk of further injuries.

Just Arsenal Opinion

We have some of the finest youngsters in England and they are being groomed at our academy by the best hands.

They deserve to get the chance to train with the team and some may hopefully get some minutes in the Brentford game.

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  1. What happened to Skelly and Nwaneri?
    May be one or two of them are better than Jorginho and Kai Harvetz?

    I think we should use this competition to bleed the youngsters and see what we have.
    We don’t have the squad depth strength to go for this competition, the champions league and premiership title. I know fans want to see a trophy, but I do not think this one is necessary for now.

  2. Yes this is a good idea for us to be using our upcoming star’s to prevent our main man from injury and then the more those upcoming star’s are with there big team is the more they will be much upgrading I think this will help us in the EPL and the championship game

  3. Since Arteta took over the team seasons ago he has never promoted any academy prospect, I think the guy doesn’t trust in youths as Wenger was… With AW at the helm against Brentford we have seen a very different team from the main.

    1. Yes we had some success with that but when we lost with a second string team, Wenger was accused of disrespecting the competition. The boss can’t win either way.

  4. Great for them but how many youngsters get into the first team? It is incredibly difficult. ESR is stuck waiting for gametime. If you are bought you are definitely given a greater chance. Eg. Martinelli, Viera and Havertz. Doesn’t necessarily mean they are better.

  5. Walters and Souza may be “involved” tonight but hopefully they will get more than the 5 mins cameo afforded to ESR against Spurs.Surely he will start tonight?

  6. Arsenal should stop buying players from their rival CHELSEA. Their players are always fund of sabotaging ARSENAL in the fields of play

  7. Hi Gooners,
    I fully agree to some ideas of using few upcoming young players to get some exposures . It shd hv 3 or 4 coming in play and get the confidence going forward in 3 yrs time their confidence built in. But Arsenal had showed player like Balogun was ready to be in the 1st team but sold. I’m afraid this trend will go on whereby money making trend is happening. I was hoping he given a chance for one season to prove and sold. Well anyway I’m impressed overral how Arsenal has been performing but the NLD was disapointing.We shd have kill them. I just can’t see their fans singing happily going away with a draw.

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