Flamengo manager makes his position on Pablo Mari very clear

Flamengo manager wants Pablo Mari to remain in Brazil.

Arsenal was close to completing a move for Flamengo defender, Pablo Mari just a few days ago but the move looks dead in the water at the moment.

The defender had travelled from Brazil to London with the hopes of signing a deal with Arsenal, however, he disappointedly returned back to Brazil after both clubs stance seemed to change.

Reports have suggested that Arsenal tried to change the terms of their agreement with the Brazilians and that infuriated Flamengo.

While the player is keen on the move and both teams have reportedly returned to the negotiating table, Mari’s manager at Flamengo, Jorge Jesus has insisted that he would prefer to keep the player.

The manager admitted that the player could be on the move but he made it clear that he wants to keep hold of his best players including Mari.

‘Gabi [Barbosa] is not from Flamengo, he is from Inter,’ Jesus said per the Metro. ‘Pablo [Mari] is a Flamengo player. ‘There are two players that we really want in our squad.’

Jesus added: ‘Pablo had a great season, as most of them,’ Jesus said. ‘He has clubs interested in him, it is a subject to the board. ‘We really want to keep both of them here, we are very confident.’

The latest injury to Shkodran Mustafi has made it even more important that Arsenal buys a defender this month.

This is now becoming a saga. It would not be too bad if we were talking about a player valued in the tens of millions but we are not

Still, there is enough time for the deal to be done. Let’s hope sensible heads prevail here.


  1. gotanidea says:

    Just forget him if Flamengo are not willing to budge

    It’s safer to loan someone first

  2. Les Martin ( LeMmy ) says:

    What I want to know is how is it possible for the media to know what Arsenal have or have not agreed? Answer:-This is no more than idle speculation and because Arsenal always keeps quiet on these matters. The media make up any old tosh.recall the world and their dog said Arsenal were skint last summer then Arsenal spent £130 . This of course proved the media fabricated the whole story.
    All they had to do was say Arsenal haven’t paid this money because they’re skint. And off we go again !!!
    Media lies 0-6 Arsenal.

    1. Les Martin ( LeMmy ) says:

      Printing error £130 should have read £130 million quid

      1. jon fox says:

        Yes, I think we rather realised that but thanks anyway!

  3. Glorious says:

    Arsenal board is at fault over this transfer saga, for a player to leave Brazil for England and our club is now dilly dally on the transfer details is very bad omen with the management of Arsenal contract negotiators.
    The player in question is better than most of our present CB having watched him in a competitive match. What is wrong with Arsenal negotiators, they want the loan deal but not permanent transfer even at £7.5million, this is truly penny wise and pounds foolish on the part of the management. But, l hope they will go back to the negotiation table and accept the terms of the contract, even if Pablo Mari happen to turn out bad,(which l doubt) it will not be in excess of lost to the club or by a lot affect our spending power by the summer.

  4. Sean Williams says:

    I feel shame at how incapable our management team is. They are treating Arteta like shite because they can. How can they not give him the players that Edu and him need. Sack the management ot Vshambles, and Sanllehi and leave it to Edu and Arteta.

  5. Mogunna says:

    This is a pure Kroenke cheap greedy tricky act!

    Arteta asked for Koulibaly, we asked a loan to Napoli (who wants 100M) but on a payement plan as for Pepe. He knows Napoli can’t accept, he tried same on Umenfaco who liepzig wants 50M for, then went to Bayern who asked 15M, same loan BS, tried to trick Flamengo, expecting 7M, okayed, flew player all the way here thinking he’s signing; Kroenke wants to pay 5M!

    That’s all BS, there’s no money allowed to Arteta! Now Mustafi out. Kroenke just doesn’t care for anything but us at Stadium to make him few billions before he outa here!

  6. Mogunna says:

    Now let’s be very careful. This is done with, Barca looks to replace Suarez, but Paris now needs to replace Cavani; Auba ex coach is in Paris, making him first choice to replace Cavani!

    1. Gabie says:

      Who cares about Barca & PSG as long as we keep Auba and get centre back . Media likes to talk about Arsenal last seasons yet have been said that Arsenal doesn’t have money what happened after . We signed players and who was a fool ? Media

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