Flamini addresses rumours of him taking over at Arsenal

Mathieu Flamini is one of a few footballers who have managed to use the wealth that they gained from their playing days to set themselves up in the business world.

The former Arsenal midfielder is the co-founder of GF Biochemicals, a company that is the leading producer of levulinic acid and derivatives all over the world.

While he is yet to retire, he has the money to do so, and there were rumours that he might return to Arsenal and take over the club one day.

The Frenchman has now addressed that, and he claimed that he has no immediate plans for a takeover of Arsenal.

He added that he has been in football all his life and he will certainly remain close to the sport, but he didn’t disclose how involved he would be in the game.

Asked by The Athletic, as reported by Goal.com, whether he expects to launch a bid for control at the Emirates, Flamini said: “No!

“Don’t ask me how I’ll be involved in football, because it’s not something I’ve thought about. But, definitely, it’s something which I’ve been part of forever in my life. I will always want to be part of this community.”

Arsenal fans do you think he would run our club better if he took over from Stan Kroenke?

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    1. I think if he really wants to buy arsenal he can, Kroenke is a business man and if you offer him what he can’t refuse then I think he will definitely sell. I don’t know how true this is but Flamini is said to be worth 14billion and Kroenke is said to be worth 8billion.

  1. At 36 he is a billionaire, reserved, humble and very intelligent, anyone is better than kronke, i wonder why jayz havent as he is a shareholder.

    Dangote, world richest black man said, he will when he is done setting up his oil refinery in lagos nigeria, i heard its 95 percent complete.

  2. Almost any human on our planet would run our club better than the remote “couldn’t care less, no liking for football or fans” multi billionaire who controls and harms our club.

    So yes, as Flamini IS a separate human from Kroenke, he WOULD BE a big improvement.

    1. Agree with you Jon, but I do think he has been badly advised over players worth and contracts – so not all his fault, as I would blame gazidis more than him.

      Hadn’t heard this rumour about Flamini, but as he has said NO!! I guess the case is closed.
      An excellent servant to the club I should add.

      Still pinning my hopes on Dangote, who I see as a very rich man by the way, has anyone noticed that he is appearing more and more in the world news arena?
      It seems he is getting nearer to completing his project in Nigeria, so who knows?

      OT Just read that Elney has tested positive for the corona virus!!!

        1. It had to happen, especially to The Arsenal.

          At least the report says he is not showing any symptoms, but I assume he will have to self isolate for the agreed time span.

          Why we are playing these meaningless internationals during a world pandemic is anyone’s guess…of course it’s all about the money I know…if the clubs stood up and made a stand, perhaps sanity might have prevailed.

          1. To make matters worse, the news comes just after Admin published an article that Leeds had received an injury blow!!!!

      1. KEN this major difference in your philosophy and mine is the cause of so many of our disagreements. As you know from our chats, I always hold the person who OWNS the club and who is therefore in the prime position and duty of care, to hire and fire correctly and not to employ a disastrously bad CEO and leave them there UNHINDERED for years to ruin the club they own.

        Your philosophy blames that CEO as the prime reason. I MOST blame the owner, who failed in his duty of care to the club HE owns.


        An owner who chose to be hands on and note live in a remote continent thousands of miles away, would not be “badly advised” as he would be there to se the problems for himself. Wouldn’t he!
        As for DANGOTE, I guess many of usare pinning our hopes on him riding to the rescue but I see that as unlikley, as if he TRULY wanted to buy us, he was already easily rich enough to have done so long before his refinery was being built.

        IN MY EXPERIENCE OF HOW BIG BUSINESS ACTUALLY WORKS, those who take action rarely talk and advertise about it first and simply arrive out of the blue to complete a deal.
        Pray I am wrong but doubt I will be, with DANGOTE.

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