Flamini – Beating Tottenham is always important!

Arsenal’s latest hero Mathieu Flamini is ecstatic about scoring both goals in the Gunners 2-1 win over Tottenham last night. It may be the first time he has scored a brace but it’s definitely not the first time he has played against Spurs, and he knows how important this fixture is, not just for him but especially for the Arsenal fans. “The two goals were for them,” he said after the game.

“They’ve always supported me, they’ve all been behind me and they’ve played a big role in my career. It was important for me to celebrate with them and nobody else.

“It was the first time I’ve scored two times in a game. [It’s good] to score against Tottenham in a derby in such an important game for Arsenal and the fans.

“For me [it’s special] to play against Tottenham in a game that has always been important in my career. It was my first game when I came back to Arsenal and to score two goals today and here was important for me.

“I tried to be a bit creative today. I had the opportunity, I felt that there was maybe a possibility so I went forward [for the first goal] and the ball came back to my feet. I scored with my left foot, which was also a nice surprise.”

“Today I want to congratulate the guys because they had a great game, a great performance and they showed a lot of solidarity on the pitch,” he added. “I think that’s important, especially after two defeats. Today we started with a new dynamic.

“This was my first start this season so it’s not easy when you don’t have a lot of competition [time]. What’s important is that we did well, I did well and now it’s important to recover.”

After two defeats in a row, last night’s win was more important than usual and will give the club a nice confidence boost before Saturday’s big game at Leicester. If we can win that one too, maybe we could say our season is finally back on track….

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  1. MF should play along side FQ and please remember Mathew is only 31 MA near 35. He adds a bit of still to Arsenal that others don’t. The OX needs to play a lot more because this lad is class but I think the manager holds our players back. AW personal life might be affecting his job not sure but he needs to stand down after 1 more season. Tbh I don’t see the big guns staying at Arsenal for to much longer AR AS MO I think they will go. We need players in and January should be the key

  2. Calm down fellas,we beat a very very poor tottenham side.

    Like Gabriel’s redcard on Saturday, yesterday’s game just masks the many failings and deficiencies we have at our club.Giroud who was supposed to lead us to league glory at the start of the season is looking lost and hopelessly out of form,Debuchy seems to have totally forgotten how to defend, Ox is still the same player he was when we signed him,no end product,Arteta would be better off coaching the U16s,and what is more alarming…… ALEXIS SANCHEZ. Just what ob earth has happened to him?? He’s gone from being a ruthless clinical finisher to a GERVINHO type of player,good dribbling and running, hopeless finishing.

    Credit for yesterday’s win but let’s not forget that this was supposed to be the season where we would finally challenge for the league, not the season of celebrating Flamini as our top scorer 8 games in.

  3. Great game from MF.Giroud can learn a thing or two from him.The lads need to be focused and be ready for that TRICKY Leicester tie.

  4. Did you hear MF? Dedicating the goals to the fans. His reason? “They have always been supporting me”. That means the players have not been reading this blog and so does Wenger. Most fans here have not been supporting him and even wanted him out. Ooh FM am sorry. For once you made my night. I will always support anybody that wear the shirt to do well for my own good.

    1. Exactly. You can actually extend this to every player at the Arsenal. People here have very short memory. I said it and I will say it again : as long as they wear the Arsenal jersey I will always support them. Did the same with Bendnter, Adebayor, Nasri, Fabregas etc. No reason to stop now. And these players did much harm after they stop wearing Arsenal outfit than Flamini.

  5. Every time the OX plays he bangs at least 4 shots in. The kid is a dream with the ball. I would play him on the wing for a few games and TW on the other with A S in the middle. I would rest ozil and Rambo a little because they are reaching out for to much instead of just playing basics

    1. Oxie is aggressive…

      hes has the acceleration and the pace

      he loves to take on players…

      he needs to improve on his crossing and finishing and he will be good….

      he should go on a season loan to gain that experience and practice

      At Arsenal we cant afford any mistake or risk

    2. One never dribbles at all, the other dribbles but has no end product. Both Ox and Walcott are not good enough for a first team spot, truth be told. Walcott is more productive with cutbacks and floating in corners and free kicks in dangerous areas.

      Ox doesn’t even want to run for half a game he needs ot get fit more. That dribble of his yesterday in the 2nd half summed him up, take on three players and then plays a cross field ball that goes for a throw in for the opposition.

        1. WHy should I do that, just because I criticize Arsenal players? hierry Henry did it yesterday after the match, when he said Flamini was the only one that can get out of that game on a positive note. Is he DIV because he didn’t say that about the other 10 players?

    1. I will just like when I said Coquelin was going to be a good player after the Southampton game last season, but you peeps though he wasn’t? Making jokes like he isn’t even good enough for Freiburg or Charlton how could he be at Arsenal. How many games can you think of where Ox or Walcott played good for 70 minutes atleast in their whole careers at Arsenal.

  6. Doesn’t the rise of coqulan remind you of flamini when he first stepped into the squad that went to champs final?

    He also had to get game time at full back before owning the fm position

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