Flamini holding up Arsenal transfer plans?

It will come as no surprise to Arsenal fans to hear that Arsene Wenger has been trying to find a way to get the French midfielder Mathieu Flamini out of the club. Ever since his younger compatriot Francis Coquelin burst back onto the scene for Arsenal about half way through last season, Flamini’s days have been numbered.

And now we have the Spanish club captain Mikel Arteta fit again, the chance of the Gunners finding a place in the first team for the former AC Milan man are almost non-existent. But Flamini still has a year to run on his contract and with a reported weekly salary of around £60,000 a week, the Daily Mail is reporting that we have failed to find him another club.

Apparently the Turkish champions Galatasaray were keen but the transfer has not been done and their window closed last night. Could this be what is stopping Wenger from bringing in a new central midfielder, such as the young PSG star Adrien Rabiot?

If so, surely we can persuade some club to take Flamini on loan, perhaps even Galatasaray. If he is not going to play, why not do whatever it takes to free up his place in the Arsenal squad?

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  1. ArseOverTit says:

    In Europe’s top 5 leagues, only one club haven’t signed an outfield player this summer. Guess who it is?

    As for Flamini, sell him for spare parts over in Deptford.

    1. kenyanfan says:

      trending here in Kenya is
      # WengerOut
      flamini is a idiot..he knows Wenger has no plans for him but wants to stay and pocket salary for nothing

      1. muffdiver says:

        Kokorin, Kokorout, in out in out shake it all about. Little season loan and you turn around, that’s what it’s all about.

      2. Budd says:

        And then people wonder why Kenya is still third world. Instead of doing something constructive they focus on Wenger.

        1. Kotte says:

          You fool mind ur language!

          1. Budd says:

            What is the problem? Is there anything wrong, incorrect in my sentence?

          2. rkw says:

            Nah just the idiot ramblings of someone who knows little about football and even less about development challenges

          3. Budd says:

            Uuuh, tough words. You will have to enlighten us now how you see these two issues.

          4. rkw says:

            It’s just arsenal and I will just stick to exposing the bs of the colonel til he buggars off back to his beloved France where he can enlighten whoever is willing to listen with his bs philosophical ramblings … I hear they like that kind of thing over there!

        2. muffdiver says:


          no need for that budd.

          1. Budd says:

            Need for what? When you hear that Kenya’s biggest problem is Wenger you kind of know why things are as they are presented.

          2. eloaking says:

            The problem is not that your statement is wrong, the problem is in our understanding of the statement. Transfer deals are the trending news in UK today, does that imply that transfer deals are UK’s biggest problem?

          3. Budd says:

            Apparently they are, isn’t it?

        3. kenyanfan says:

          Kenya is a third world nation bit believe me we work hard and give our all to build our nation.we live happy,sleep happy and wake happy just like anybody else including me. its not our wish to be a third world nation.its always a dream for all of us to be among the best. I tell you you’ve made me shed a tear for my lovely country because I know we deserve better than that..as arsenal fans,regardless of where we come from we have one mission and target.a successful team.we from diff nations but that doesn’t separate us brother. we are one world. one people.I got nothing against you.

          1. Budd says:

            Excellent. Now get on cracking. You need to work harder.

          2. SoOpa AeoN says:

            @kenyanfan……….just ignore the Lad!

        4. kenyanfan says:

          Kenya is a third world nation but believe me we work hard and give our all to build our nation.we live happy,sleep happy and wake happy just like anybody else including you. its not our wish to be a third world nation.its always a dream for all of us to be among the best. I tell you you’ve made me shed a tear for my lovely country because I know we deserve better than that..as arsenal fans,regardless of where we come from we have one mission and target.a successful club.we from diff nations but that doesn’t separate us brother. we are one world. one people.if arsenal makes it,its for the joy of all.its a collective achievement..I got nothing against you.

        5. SoOpa AeoN says:

          Jeez!…….could u be anymore be Less Rxxxxx? ….. What does Kenya got to do with Arsenal?…….Dammit 4 the Love of Wenger!

        6. greekgunner says:

          Admin wtf is that??

    2. Cappieee says:

      How can millions of fans be Unhappy at the same time because of one man(WENGER). This is totally UNACCEPTABLE…

      1. tatgooner says:

        pirez once said arsenal are happy with top 4
        gazidis said that arsenal are willing to give up trophies for beautiful football
        pirez also said this(forget about sanchez ozil and cazorla. giroud is arsenals best player)
        no one is coming. arsenal has been no 4 and will always be so long as mr wenger is in charge

      2. kenyanfan says:

        ooh no..not now again.am in trouble..Google and yahoo have moderated me for continuous searches”latest arsenal transfer news” and am now being asked to fill in the security caption to probe that am humana..any other search engine? will wikipedia do?……4 more hours ..Wenger is a …..for the sake of his family let me hold my tongue..everyone is practicing to be a transfer speculator in here for arsenal. unknown journalists are becoming celebs by making up rumours and claiming to be connected to reliable sources..am planning to look for a part time job in one of these media houses(but only to write about arsenal transfers more so with two days remaining) it possible to link arsenal with anyone .just any one and attract attention.so simple….can even come up with a in existing players name from a in existing club..i.e a tittle like this..Wenger in somalia to seal a 234goals striker in 12games..Mzagre from Killers Fc is dubbed as the next Messi.

    3. disgusted1 says:

      Well the best news of the day is the plan protest and boycott sounds awesome you all have my support really wish i was there.

  2. Dee@ease says:

    How is Flamini holding up our transfer plans?this is fully Wenger’s fault he has no plan and waits until the last day for a lucky break

  3. Mortall says:

    Arsenal fc got no ambition at all.

    1. Gunner says:

      its not arsenal fc, its Wenger thats got no ambition..

      1. YingYang69 says:

        We will no the truth when we finally do get Arsenals next signings ..whenever that may be :(. If our eventual next signings are jaw dropping well then we will know that he meant every word of only signing special players ..but if the next one or two barely stand up against Schneiderlin Wanyama Draxler etc ..or on a par with them well then we know that he failed to plan and seriously let the fans down. Every PL club has signed at least five shiny new toys whilst we got one, one of the best all the same, but not enough.

        1. Fatboy Gooney says:

          There’s still time to sign wanyama but I doubt it,
          Because of the way he demanded to leave,
          Just like sterling. .. that’s what put Wenger off from signing him.

          1. gmv8 says:

            I don’t think Wenger would sign him if Southampton held a leaving party for him – only if he came at 80% discount. Schneiderlin was perfect for Wenger, yet he did nada.

          2. gmv8 says:

            You don’t know what to believe in the press, but everything seems typical Wenger so far. He made an offer and refuses to budge. how many times have we been in this situation before? Hazard? Suarez? Mata? Higuain? Bring back David Dein – we need a negotiate who can negotiate, and devolve power from Wenger.

            Keep on thinking about rewriting a Christmas Carol, with obviously Wenger buying someone on transfer day, to the delight of the downtrodden fans at the end. I can’t think who would play the ghosts ATM though…

      2. eloaking says:

        For you to keep an employee who has no ambition means you do not have one yourself

  4. arsenal369 says:

    Bob you really need to stop writing articles! Especially when your sources are the Daily Star and the Daily mail!

  5. juhislihis says:

    Can’t take it anymore, I give up on the transfers..

    Let’s see what else this site can offer.. hmmm yes.. ‘date sexy Russian singles’.. hmmhh okay, why not? Let’s give it a ago!

    ‘No Man Can Resists Russian Beauty!’, can’t argue with that! BOOOM!

    1. juhislihis says:

      ‘Single Girls Are Waiting For You’, they are?! What am I waiting for! I’m cumming, babes!

      1. ArseOverTit says:

        Why can’t you keep your mind on the job at hand!?

        Maybe you are?:)

  6. reddb10 says:

    remember when flamini would not renew his contract and ended up leaving on a free so that the club that put him on the map did not make a penny.
    Bringing him back was an insult to every gooner out there and he will not go anywhere because thats just who he is.

  7. AD says:

    i m just crying…no hope at all
    why is wenger so sadist what he gets from this..
    if he thinks that spending huge amount of money would b risk lets just take it atleast one time…worst would b that v won’t win anything for that matter v r nt winning anything this season…
    4th place and fa cup is nt what i where my standard for arsenal lie
    its so annoying seeing city buying players nt win epl bt to win champions league….
    pathetic frm wenger and board has no balls…

  8. leo says:

    not signing a striker is understandable but a cdm nonsense wenger is trying to get rabiot for 16m when for 20m we could have had kyrchowaik

    wonder what excuse the wenger fans are going to come up with + Our best players might do a Van Persie next summer sanchez/ozil

    1. Fatboy Gooney says:

      Arsenal’s reported pursuit of Paris Saint-Germain striker Edinson Cavani has broken down after the club refused to pay his £50million asking price, according the Daily Mail’s Rop Draper.

      1. Fatboy Gooney says:

        Might as well put another 10 million to that 50 and release Higuains clause

        oh well. .. F##k you very much Arse’O’ Wenger ?

        1. leo says:

          they are giving it one last try hope we can get it done

          1. muffdiver says:

            not a chance.

            not a even slight chance

          2. Fatboy Gooney says:

            I hope so mate. .
            I really do hope wenger pulls out a miracle from that tight crack of his….. I mean wallet ?

  9. chinaka1 says:

    Arsenal refuse to pay Cavani asking price.

    1. davidnz says:

      Fair enough 50 mill for
      a 28 yr old is too high.
      Not totally sure
      about 16 mill for Rabiot.
      But he could be a cover for injury prone Wilshere
      and a possible replacement for Cazorla and being 21
      should easily recoup his fee if he moves.

      1. chinaka1 says:

        Davidnz Cavani has 6 solid years to play at a top level league. So Why can’t we pay the 50m? He’s a world class striker and what we NEED ATM.

        1. ArseOverTit says:

          Because we bought Wellbeck for £16M last year and he is the best!

  10. leo says:

    we had 3 months to sign a striker & wenger waited & waited for benz should have tried for reus/higuian but still anything can happen from now till 6 pm not expecting big but hoping for a surprise

  11. Paros says:

    I will try my best to be patient till 6pm n if nothing happens, then my nxt hope will be for Wenger not to sign a contract extension but to step up or down as it will mean he has no ambition

  12. Invincibles88 says:

    wenger is a total disgrace to arsenal fc. and majority of the fans are just deluded basing their arguments on wenger’s past glories.

  13. evans says:

    Months hv became weeks.

    Weeks hv became days.

    Days became hours.

    Oh God ,,,,I think U for letting us pass through our normal anxious n depression tyms once more.

  14. leo says:

    OR Wenger didn’t buy anyone because he wants a fresh squad next season for a new manager could that be a reason klopp etc ?????????????

  15. moneytalks says:

    Lets start the Wenger out protest at the emirates stadium, press conference, outside Wenger’s house, in front of Gazidis and Kronke. Tell them u are not renew season tickets, stop buying

    1. leo says:

      there is one planned at 7 pm today feel free to join in many fans have agreed to it

      1. Gigi2 says:

        you should put banners saying that gooners wished we had more signings, but snce we didnt all gooners around the world are SURE that we will win trophies because Wenger is SURE that he can do it with the current SQUAD. otherwise all gooners are SURE Wenger would resign if he doesnt fulfill his OWN decisión-based objective

  16. evans says:

    Months hv became weeks.

    Weeks hv became days.

    Days became hours.

    Oh God ,,,,I think U for letting us pass through our normal anxious n depression tyms once more. hmmm.

  17. ArseOverTit says:


    1. ArseOverTit says:

      What? I got sauces in Heinz and pasta!

  18. evans says:

    Months hv became weeks.

    Weeks hv became days.

    Days became hours.

    Oh God ,,,,I think U for letting us pass through our normal anxious n depression tyms once more. hmmm.

    admin,,,, am finding it difficult to post here.

  19. evans says:

    Months hv became weeks.

    Weeks hv became days.

    Days became hours.

    Oh God ,,,,I think U for letting us pass through our normal anxious n depression tyms once more. hmmm.

    admin,,,, am finding it difficult to post here. hmmm

    1. DesiGunner says:

      Dude we got it !!!!!!

  20. antiwenger says:

    I started complaining long ago about our lack of activity this transfer window and I remember some folks saying ‘Calm down, it’s only the first month of the window ‘…….I would really love to see their faces now

  21. chenrob2 says:

    Wonder what the mood will be like if after this shambles of a transfer window we drop points against Stoke next weekend?

  22. _mxrky says:

    Vincent Kompany : Oh i’m playing giroud today he’s such a threat with his pace and power and great finishing ability. I have t be at the top of my game today!

    1. Jim A says:

      His one two with Monreal broke the game open at the Ethiad last year. Nice try though.

      1. _mxrky says:

        We have another delusional one who believes giroud is good enough. He is not andhas not been for three years. Many other strikers would be able to do that and far more

  23. Fatboy Gooney says:

    F##k it!!
    Offer the spuds 50million for Harry Potter ?
    I mean kane.

    Just to piss them off!.. you know!
    Take the frustration out on the them c###s ?

  24. moneytalks says:

    Wengerout Wengerout Wengerout I want to hear that everyday until Wenger is fired or resigns.

    1. Fatboy Gooney says:

      Wenger is out .. ..of the country,
      Someone told him about the lynch mobs 7 O’clock meeting

      1. muffdiver says:

        arsenal dont do lynch mobs…more slightly miffed gentlemen

  25. Brada b says:


    1. Big Gun says:


      1. Brada b says:

        Y u being so disrespectful @biggun how about u #STFU face reality u stupid lad i didnt even disrespect ur an aw as s licker go stick ur head up aw as s dumb lad

        1. medvet says:

          Big gun AKA “2 faces” is back……..

  26. sanmi.marvellous says:

    #WelcomeToArsenal @Cavani


    1. muffdiver says:

      pipe down u douche

  27. Big Gun says:

    Comment from the Guardian on transfers:

    I read the comments of supporters on forums and YouTube (perhaps not the most level-headed sources of information) and modern day fans are like babies. There are now massive numbers of Arsenal fans who want Wenger out because he hasn’t panic bought someone on transfer deadline day. In fact, I don’t know why I’m mentioning Arsenal, because Man Utd fans want van Gaal out, Liverpool fans want Rodgers out, Tottenham fans want Pochettino out, Everton fans want Martinez out, and even Chelsea fans are starting to turn on Mourinho.

    If it was left to supporters in this day and age, every manager would get sacked in the PL apart from the manager that wins the league, but if he had a mediocre start to the following season then he’d get the bullet as well.

    1. Fatboy Gooney says:

      So we are not far behind the Spanish then? ?

    2. sevenitti says:

      Strange thing me and many others have been against Wenger for a very very long time then, nost jusr the last 16 hours?

  28. Mo1 says:

    If chelsea have bought the defender i think they have from reading, the one who was an absolute rock against us last season what a bargain they have 4mill. oh and we end up with 16mill chambers lol

    flamini aint holding anything up stop being delusional, Wenger was never going to buy anyone.

    got to luv being an arsenal fan 😉

  29. ras911 says:

    Worry not lads! It’s almost all over

  30. sanmi.marvellous says:

    #WelcomeToArsenal @Cavani


  31. arsenalkid1970 says:

    Hi is still a good player but again it’s down to AW not playing him. Times last season we were up and then lost a game but if AW would have shut shop taking a foward off and parking the bus my eyes no one better to help the back 4 but again no pig headed

  32. lupe says:

    Arsenal are the ONLY club in Europe’s top five leagues not to sign an outfield player this window. unbelievable right.

    1. ArseOverTit says:

      Back where we started with my 1st post;)

      Still hasn’t sunk in!

      1. lupe says:

        I still can’t believe that we are the only club.. We have the most delusional manager in Europe and that’s a fact. I still don’t know why wenger didn’t sign Jackon martinez and schneiderlin. Martinez is a proven goal scorer, he even scored like 8 goals in the champions league, instead he kept trying for players we all know clubs wouldn’t sell. How about carlos bacca, or is he saying giroud is better than these two. It’s time for him to retire.

  33. sam-afc says:

    Can you imagine if we didn’t even sign Petr čech!
    Wenger is just repeating the same old mistakes I’m afraid. The fans know We need 2-3 world class players to compete. But Wenger thinks we have enough. When we are only 2 injuries to key players away from being in the sh*t as per usual.

  34. ArseOverTit says:

    Here is another piece of Twitter gold:(

    Players signed this summer: Barcelona (With a transfer ban): 2 Arsenal: 1


  36. fred cowardly says:

    We could have got Jackson Martinez for half the price and he would have loved to come here. He openly said this, that he grew up an Arsenal fan
    Just saying

    Anyway, if we get Rabiot then he will be good backup to Coquelin at least. With Coquelin, Rabiot, Wilshere and Bielik, our Holding Midfielder future would look good.

    However, without another prolific CF or winger we will once again fight for 4th place.

    Shameful if that’s the case several hours from now

  37. sam-afc says:

    Matt le tissier just hit the nail on the head. Wenger has to much blind faith with our current team.

  38. fred cowardly says:

    £50 millon for a nearly 29 year old is not good business but on deadline day you have to pay the extra money. This is what happens when you wait and gamble

    Cavani is NOT as prolific as Ibrahimovic or Benzema. Actually, he misses easy chances quite often but beggers can’t be choosers

    As commented above it may be better to pay over £60 millon for Higuain’s release clause. Higuain is pretty much same as Cavani but a couple of years younger.

    Anyway, if we don’t get either Cavani or Higuain or get someone like Welbeck, it will be shameful

  39. Georgement says:

    I do blame arsenal fansliving in england. He cant try this rubbish in nigeria. Here,alot of fans will gladly pay for one boko haram militant to do the needful

    1. ArseOverTit says:

      Is he willing to travel at short notice?

  40. royalman says:

    I hv searched yahoo, Google n everywhere, behold no new player coming to d emirate. I am not happy,

  41. Tas says:

    Ibrahimovic will come and save Arsenal from world embarrassment if not

    I’m starting rehab centre for depressed, stresed Arsenal fans special offer for advance bookings for January, pls sign up before this “window” of opertunaty will close as high application is expected

    1. ArseOverTit says:


      1. Tas says:

        That’s what the papers are saying now

        But never mind that do you feel stressed? Do you need help?

        1. ArseOverTit says:

          I said it before the window even opened;)

          Glad they are catching up..

          More Twitter gold:

          Media posted by The True Geordie

          Feel for the #Arsenal fans on #DeadlineDay it must be like being Jehovah’s Witness kids at Christmas!

  42. SoOpa AeoN says:

    @kenyanfan……….just ignore the Lad!…his words would come back to bite him!

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