Flamini in talks with Arsenal over contract extension

There has been little mention of Mathieu Flamini leaving Arsenal this summer despite the whole world and his dog knowing that Mikel Arteta, Tomas Rosicky and Flamini were all out of contract this summer. Matheiu was the only one of the three that actually featured in a few games last season and he wasn’t completely useless, and it seems that Wenger certainly hasn’t ruled out the idea.

Le Prof has made pronouncements on the departures of Rosicky and Arteta but has been strangely quiet on the subject of Flamini, but now it has been revealed in an intervew with a journalist in France that the negotiations are still ongoing between the two parties.

The only mention of the fact in his interview was: “While his contract expires in June, and its renewal is still under negotiation, he has already prepared for his “life after football” by investing a major part of his savings in a project that attempts to marry economy and ecology.

Arteta leaving has left a space in the holding midfield role, which has now been taken by Xhaka, and we also have Jack Wilshere returning to the squad after a year out, not to mention Ramsey, Cazorla and Coquelin (and maybe the Ox?) all vying for the two places in the middle of the park.

Do we really need to keep Flamini? And how likely is he to play if we do extend his contract?

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  1. Well i dont really care if he stays or leaves, he is squad/fringe player who can put a shift in there so, no problem with him staying for closing out games etc.

    1. @Krish,

      You get a lot of thumbs down, but I actually agree with you…Dont pay him more than 10k though, because i dont want to see starting and his wages should reflect his bit part status.

  2. What’s the meaning of this rubbish?

    Free up that space and wages man!

    & Focus on your GFBiochemical millions

    1. Well he is a tough defender and when he filled in for Coquelin he did well, also is a good left back that can fill in better than Gibbs,so Ye why not he also doesn’t get injured which is a good sign. Give him a spot. CB

  3. OT: Anybody seeing Xhaka and Rodriguez against the belgians at the moment?

    I know a single friendly match may not be a good criteria for determining the quality of a player….. But seriously, our next target (Rodriguez) really isn’t doing anything impressive i could think of

    and i can’t say much bout xhaka

    Djourou remains a flop…. Lukaku and shaqiri….troublesome

    1. There’s nothing to see here, at the moment! ?
      But like you said, its a friendly and the real deal kicks off on the 10th of June.

      “What a waste of money”
      ? Who said thattttt? ?

  4. This doesn’t surprise me at all ? as I have frequently
    suggested that this was going to happen ?

    1. I’m sorry to say this, but i think some personality at the emirates *winks* Loves worshipping Money



  5. Why not just promote Jon Toral to take up that spot????

    I don’t really see much sense in it although am not bothered about that….

  6. Flamini knows he’s not really needed…so why stay?. He better leave and find something else doing or better still look for a new club.
    OT: didn’t enjoy my time watching xhaka’s Switzerland vs Belgium.
    Hoping to seeing him influencing games in his nation and most importantly for Arsenal in the nearest future.

  7. I hope the writer of this item has been on the sherry. Why would you want your keep this man if the club has to move on.

  8. Wouldn’t mind Flamini buying the club, he’s made his money outside the club apparently, and there is no doubt that he has his heart in Arsenal, despite all the negative comments on here, and I would trust the future of our club far more in his hands, than the wigged wonder.

  9. Anyone ever seen Flamini coming on the pitch, and not playing his heart out, unlike some others in the first team? Ok – he may be a bit too enthusiastic on occasions, and on the edge of retirement, but if there was more of his spirit in the first team, we wouldn’t be coming in second place this season.

    1. By the same token, if there was more of his natural ability within the team, limits to what he can and cant do, we would be one sorry looking team. He knows how to stick a foot in, not great at timing it though. Ramsey tries very hard too, never shy’s away, but this doesn’t keep him from fans wrath. Still, I appreciate you sticking up for a Gunner who’s been around a good number of years, and is on edge of retirement. Also you were not wrong, his desire spread throughout would be very useful indeed.

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