Flamini says Arsenal WILL improve with injury list! Is he right?

The Arsenal injury list was in full effect once again at the weekend and it was only the fact that Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain passed a late fitness test that Arsene Wenger was able to name the England international alongside Mathieu Flamini at the heart of the Gunners team for the tough trip away to Liverpool.

Wenger has had to recall Francis Coquelin from his loan spell at Charlton and was forced to use the young Frenchman at Anfield, although I am sure he would much rather have had a fully fit Ox or even one of the crocked Arsenal trio of Jack Wilshere, Aaron Ramsey or Mikel Arteta to call on.

We will never know, of course, but there is a good argument that with one of those first choice players available, Arsenal would have played better throughout and would certainly have enjoyed more possession and control and would probably have held on for the win or even increased our lead on the counter attack.

And that is just the central midfield area of the squad, while Wenger has had to cope with injury problems in all the others as well. So I am not surprised to hear our only fit regular central midfielder declare that the Gunners are bound to be better when the manager has a bigger squad of fit players to choose from, as reported by Arsenal.com.

Flamini said, “It would be crazy to think [we won’t improve] because we lost so many key players and having them back is very important for the team.

“We definitely need them because in the championship and the last stages of the Champions League, you cannot do it with 11 players. You need 25 so it is important for us to have them back.

“The season is going to be long and we are only just arriving at Christmas now. I am very confident in the team, very confident in the quality we have because we have a few top players.

“The most important thing is to recover well and be ready for the next game. In probably 10 days, we have three or four games so it is going to be a lot. We have to recover well for the next game and if we are ready, it will be fine.”

We will only know if the Frenchman is right once the likes of Ozil, Ramsey, Koscielny and Arteta are back of course, and they are all due back very soon. Do you think that Arsenal will be a different proposition when and if our seemingly never ending injury crisis eases off?

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  1. Yes! we will be a much stronger team, but flamini and the team must play better, and defend better which should be a priority everytime they take the field!

  2. Our defense has been poor and shambolic at times, and thats serious facts! If we want to finish in the top four we better get our act together!

      1. In that case I hope you aren’t using up a season ticket that could belong to someone who is interested in watching Arsenal play and could make some noise.

  3. We will improve IF our injury list improves, which it probably won’t. Interesting article in the Telegraph today about Arsenal’s injuries – over the past 10 years, Arsenal players have collectively had over 13,000 days out due to injury, compared with just over 7,000 days for Chelsea. Almost twice as much, bad luck?

  4. I noticed that after every bad game players with sh$t performance (e.g flamini, mert) speaking on Arsenal.com about how sh$t we were and how can we bounce back.
    Shut your mouse and start doing your job …
    stop this tranquilization speech

    1. By god I never rated Flamini as a footballer since the day we signed him … I was really angry about that because it blocked any DM signing and I took it as another AW trick to deceive the fans …
      He tries to make his presence by pointing, shouting and fighting … bad positioning, side passing, not needed tackles and unnecessarily yellow cards.

        1. Giroud has a goal every 83 minutes this season. Significantly better than Costa, only slightly worse than Aguero and probably better than any player ever to have played in the Premier League if it was to last forever. Obviously that run won’t last but to criticize him now just shows how little you’ve been paying attention. Just because he doesn’t skin 4 players before scoring you think he’s rubbish, there’s more to being a striker than that.

  5. more talkin, always from the ones we want to hear least.

    per, flamini and jack be talking way too much, considering they have cost us countless points.

    shut your cake holes an focus on your performance

  6. injuries are bound to happen…

    if the manager plans well we should be well covered….

    why is it always us.??

    Coz we have a poor manager…

    Wenger OUT!!!!

    KLOPP IN!!!

    1. If you were supporting Dortmund now you’d be saying Klopp aus, Wenger in. Are you sure you don’t want to change who you want to come in monthly depending on which manager has had a good month ? If Palace win a few perhaps you could call for Warnock to manage Arsenal.

  7. 9 injured 2 suspended 7 hardly played
    and half the playing X1 are not good
    enough while youth players are on
    the bench. 6-7 players Sanchez Wellbeck
    Cazorla Mertz Szcz Chambers Flamini play almost every game.
    QPR we must see some serious rotation
    or burn out will occur. Time for Podolski +Wallcott
    +Sanogo + Diaby+ Coquelin + Zelalem to start,
    Campbell more than nine seconds.
    Sanchez Chambers Cazorla and Wellbeck need rest.

  8. @davidnz

    I agree Sanchez, Chambers, Carzola and Wellbeck all needs a rest! Bring in Bellerin for Chambers, Podolski or Theo for Wellbeck, but at the moment I can´t see who should replace Carzola and Sanchez?

  9. No doubt, Arsenal will be stronger in the 2nd half of the season but we have dropped so many points it seems impossible to meet Chelsea even if we win all games which in itself is hardly possible.

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