Flamini thanks Wenger for his business success – but wants more football now!

The Arsenal midfielder Mathieu Flamini is on his way to being (most likely) the richest ex-footballer in the world when he retires from football as his half-owned company GF Biochemicals goes from strength to strength in the world market, and is now in fact the world’s largest producer of an oil replacement product called levulinic acid, which is set to revolutionize the worlds dependency on oil taken from wells.

But at the moment he is still desperate to continue his playing career and is looking at options of where he could play next season having finished his contract at Arsenal. “Business is something I developed on the side of football and will probably be in my life after football. But today I am a football player and I dream about football and I eat football every day,” Flamini said. After a long and successful career at Arsenal (twice) and AC Milan he will certainly have enough offers to carry on playing for a few years yet albeit at a lower level.

It was while he was in Milan that he met Pasquale Granata and came up with his business idea. As he explained to the Financial Times: “[Granata and I] were both very concerned by climate change and we wanted to do something about it,so we started meeting scientists at the Polytechnic University of Milan and started research to develop that technology.”

“When I think about when we started the company, and now see that we have also offices in Holland, America …  all of that for me is adrenalin,”

“It is stimulation [that] has pushed me to keep going and to move forward.”

“I took a lot of risk when I started my football career, but I believe there is no successful story if at one point you didn’t take any risk,”

“Arsene is a kind of mentor for me. He is someone who will always keep his calm, and I have learnt from him never to take a decision in the heat of the moment.”

Wenger has certainly needed all of his calm this season, despite finishing in our highest position for 12 years! But he must be proud of his prodigy Flamini, who has copied his formula for getting rich and successful, and also honouring every contract right until the last day….


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  1. OT: LiverpooL threw away the best two chances of their Lives tonight

    1) A chance to Lift a major trophy in a very Long while

    2) A chance to pLay among the ELites in the champions League

    its so unfortunate they were outclassed…….Had hoped they would pull through with this one

    1. @SA
      For real. They ran themselves out in the 1st half, looked real good too. Sevilla absorbed it all and came back deadly. Man what goals….

  2. klopp has made some progress with a pretty mediocre squad but with no midweek football he will concentrate on the league …another reason we will need to bring in 4 or 5 players next season
    … the whippet, ox or campbell, mert and gibbs need to go along with the retirees …ramsey too in my books but aint going to happen … but will the frog look at the 350 grand a week spent on giroud walcott and welbeck, match it to one of our worst goal scoring seasons and think…hmm something doesnt add up …i sadly doubt it

    1. I will say goodbye Flame.

      Admin, you wrote on Xhaka today and I read this report “Speaking at a press conference following the announcement of the Swiss national squad for Euro 2016, Xhaka was quizzed about his proposed move to Arsenal and he’s quoted by Swiss newspaper Blick as saying:
      “As of today I am Gladbach. But London is beautiful city – and Arsenal is an awesome club “. Should I start celebrating?

      1. Really? Where did you get the news dude? I check the Blick online and didn’t understand one hell word they’ve wrote about. Off course, it’s written in German language. Or should I call my cousin Mesut to translate it?

    2. @rkw
      To be honest, I see the same Liverpool, playing the same way, that Rodgers had them playing, minus Steven Gerrard…

  3. Really? Mathieu Flamini is a half owned of GF Biochemicals? Then why the hell he’s kicking the ball for? He even can buy Arsenal for fun. Well not this Arsenal, but Arsenal Disarandi of Argentinian league. I’m sure his money can buy their majority stocks. LOL!

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