‘Flipping Martinelli’ blamed for England international’s latest injury

Mark Lawrenson has claimed that Liverpool star Trent Alexnader-Arnold’s latest injury is down to Arsenal’s Gabriel Martinelli.

The Brazilian has been in top form since breaking back into Mikel Arteta’s first-team plans, wreaking havoc on opponents’ defences, and it was no different when we took on the Merseyside club.

Martinelli was in fine form from the off, and had Trent hard at work as he attempted to nullify the threat posed down the left-wing, and the defender has now succumbed to a hamstring injury after that clash, and Lawrenson has claimed that is most likely down to the Arsenal man.

The former Red said on the OffTheBall YouTube channel: “He’s injured, isn’t he?

“He probably got injured because flipping Martinelli was twisting and turning him all sorts of different ways in the Arsenal game.”

It wouldn’t be a shock if the damage was done by having to chase the relentless Martinelli about the field, and it will be no surprise if more players were to succumb to injury after being run ragged by the energetic forward.

Do you agree that TAA’s injury is likely down to facing Martinelli?


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  1. Klopp is still searching for Trent Alexander-Arnold who was last seen in Martinelli’s pocket.

  2. What a trash talk! So he expected Gabs to do an Ozil type Dissapearance and let them win hands, down? And what should we do with the way Saka is brought down? Go to the courts? Disgusting comments by Lawro.

      1. I dnt think he read the whole article, he probably just read the headline and jump into conclusion

      2. Hey come on!
        TAA use to go forward like a TGV and is always providing ball from the wing and he makes a lot of efforts for his job attacking and defending.
        This injury would have happen one day or the other and its only coincidence.

    1. You mean when Özil was pushed into the starting line up at Anfield by Emery after being left out for months, he was set up to fail, but he was man of the match, with us scoring five, remember the backheel assist to AMN, and we still went out? Damn you, Özil!

  3. I actually feel Loro is praising Martinelli. The pacy and precise Brazilian youngster gives defenders nightmares. Arsenal is so lucky to have him and more so because Martinelli has publicly stated that he wants to stay with Arsenal as long as possible.

  4. This is a straightforward talk. What’s with those angry with Lawro?
    Trent actually had a tough time on the night.
    If we add a front man who is equally dangerous to these guys, we will do exploits.

  5. He will twist more players soon but I just hope he will play more with the team then, he will be more complete.

  6. Am happy with gabi mat he is always tearing apart his opponents like a scissor. He made it again to TAA

  7. There is either a solution to a problem or a problem to a problem.

    Martinelli and Trent Arnold are in the seconf category.

    Martinelli is a problem to problem called Trent Alexander Arnold.

  8. Yes, when super quality meets “Per excellent” quality bows. Sorry Arnold. See you next season. Meet with you again at the “Capitol when Greatness shall be deposed” “Fair is foul and foul is fair” “Beware the ides of March” “Arsenal on the rise” sad news to those on the mountain top.

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