Focus on our new American Keeper Kaylan Marckese (Arsenal Women squad Player Profile)

In recent weeks we have been focussing in on each of the players in the Arsenal Womens squad, hopefully helping to build your knowledge of this fantastic team.  Today we focus in on Kaylan Marckese.

We only have Midfielder Mana Iwabuchi left to focus in on and we will have covered the whole Arsenal Women squad.  We hope you enjoy this article on Kaylan Marckese and look out for our last ‘Focus In On’ article tomorrow.

Today we focus in on Kaylan Marckese (Goalkeeper No.18)

Born in 1998, in St. Petersburg, Florida, USA. St. Petersburg, Florida, USA Kaylan signed to Arsenal in July 2022, from Danish side HB Koge.

Marckese was Arsenals first signing of the 2022 summer transfer window, she was recruited to provide top competition for Manuela Zinsberger between the goalposts.

Arsenal faced Kaylan twice in the UEFA Women’s Champions League last season and she delivered two outstanding individual performances for HB Koge, sparking Arsenals interest as a club before eventually signing in late July 2022.

During her two seasons in Denmark, Kaylan made a total of 43 appearances and helped the team to successive Danish league titles in 2020/21 and 2021/22.


Kvindeliga: 2020/21, 2021/22

Icelandic Women’s Super Cup: 2020

Welcome to The Arsenal, Kaylan Marckese, First Interview

HIGHLIGHTS HB Køge vs. Arsenal UEFA Women’s Champions League 21/22 Koge 1 – 5 Arsenal

Totally understandable that Marckese caught the attention of Arsenal!  What a performance.  She definitely will be keeping Zinsberger on her toes.

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