Folarin Balogun wants first team football not another loan

According to Sky Sports News reporter Dharmesh Sheth, Arsenal striker Folarin Balogun is currently assessing his options as the summer transfer window approaches.

Sheth suggests that the 21-year-old, who had a highly successful loan spell at Stade Reims in Ligue 1, scoring 21 goals in 38 games, may push for a departure from Arsenal later in the summer.

Balogun’s desire is to secure a position as a team’s primary striker, and he is not particularly inclined towards spending another season out on loan.

It is important to note that Balogun still has two years remaining on his contract with Arsenal, so the final decision regarding his future will be made by the club.

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Balogun could be something special and it will be a great shame if he moves to another club and becomes one of those players that we look back on with regret.

While it is up to the club to keep or sell one thing is for certain, if the report is accurate, is that he will refuse to go out on loan and the question that arises then is, will it be fair to keep a player in the squad against his wishes?

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  1. Excellent Article. He is however, Undervalued by Arsenal at £30 million. If he was a 21 year old Barcelona or PSG player who had scored 20 goals he would be valued at £80 million. Because he plays for ( haven’t got a clue how to sell ) Arsenal, he is undervalued at £30 million. Why do Arsenal sell their players so cheaply? They need a new salesman to sell both Teirney and Balogun at £60 million each including the addons. Or at least a high percentage sell on clause or a cheap buy back option.

    1. Very well said! It boggles the mind why Arsenal have not yet rectified this glaring flaw in their front office. Inserting a buy-back or sell on clause when you can’t get a high-priced sell seems to be a foreign concept for Arsenal management 😱.
      Letting Balogun walk for £30 million is horrible business. He’s a home grown physical striker that deserves a chance to show what he can bring physicality to the aerially-challenged output of our 2 strikers Jesus and Nketiah.
      If Balogun fails to impress in preseason and first half of the season, only then a decision should be made to loan him out for the rest of the season with an option to buy.

  2. Why are there no posts of readers opinion printed? This is unusual for justarsenal to disappoint its readers of maybe it’s just a tech issue? I hope I am wrong.

  3. This situation is caused by keeping Eddie instead of letting Balogun be the reserve striker in the past season so we could see what he’s got.

    Now we are stuck with 2 below par strikers and a 3rd striker wondering why he didn’t get a shot with Eddie being average and now starting to doubt his future at Arsenal.

    It’s no secret that MA either wants you to be starter or you’ll rot on the bench. Theres already been an article with the FACTS of lack of rotation. So why would you want to try prove yourself when you’re unlikely to even get a genuine chance?

    If you knew you’d get a chance then you wouldn’t mind but if you are unsure you are going to get a chance you’ll want some assurances naturally.

    1. @ PJ-SA
      Exactly on that point of rotation (or lack of), I think he is going to be sold despite it being a PR disaster for US owners selling a USA international striker.

  4. Keep Balogun, send Nketia to France on loan. Let’s see how it pans out with Nketia in France also.

    1. Olisaekezie, there is an irony in what you suggest and it is a novel idea too. I don’t think anyone else has suggested that option, so it is unique and interesting.
      However, paying Eddie £100k per week would be a ridiculous thing if MA & Edu then decided to send him on loan. An interesting idea though. Personally I think they should bring Balogun back for the pre-season games and properly assess him to see if he has really improved.
      The best thing for Arsenal would be that Balogun REALLY has improved to the point where he is seriously good enough to play, we can keep him and at the same time purchase a top quality CF that he can challenge for a place in the team.
      Unfortunately although Eddie Nketiah is a very likeable lad, I doubt if he will ever be quite good enough to play a major role for us. It’s a pity.

    2. Olisaekezie, Beautiful food for thought.

      Evgunner did you remember when Man United send Sanchez on loan to Inter Milan, if my memory is correct not even half his wage bill Inter paid while there.

      Some real strange things do happen in football.

      1. G – I was BIG into Alexis, what a player. He’d get into my all-time Arsenal team, but no one would agree with me because he wasn’t with us for long.
        G you don’t scan through all the posts that you can find on various topice do you. I seem to always have guide you to the messages I send you when we are on different shifts.
        Did you see my post responding to your early morning call 2 a.m.) – when I would have been fast asleep ! It’s on the “My verdict Arsenal need Saliba” topic.
        Also did you see my post to you about your Arsenal holiday mates in Jamaica ? I’m not sure where you will find that one, but it’s on a page about a recent topic. Look ‘pon it !

  5. My word, surely am going to look them all up and respond to them all maybe under a later page that you don’t miss it.

    Thanks Evgunner

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