Football genius says this transfer can make Arsenal champions

He was not talking about Arsenal and our surprise signing of Petr Cech from Chelsea when he said this, and we would need to have a medium with the ability to contact people from beyond the grave to get his opinion on that, but football has not changed enough in the last 35 years to make what the late great Brian Clough said on the subject of goalkeepers any less relevant to the current situation.

Cloughie is still hailed as a football genius by the Forest fans and who can blame them when you consider that he took the small club from the midlands from the second division, as was, to the pinnacle of English football and then on to back to back European cup triumphs. I still hear England fans call him the best manager we never had.

Anyway, back to keepers, and Clough often spoke about how his signing of Peter Shilton from Stoke in 1977 was perhaps the most important transfer he made. It was not just Shilton’s catlike reflexes and athleticism in goal that made him so vital to that Forest team though, but the way he organised the players in front of him and gave them extra confidence.

Back in the day Clough said, “With Shilton in goal, it gave everyone more confidence. It spread through the side … The defenders felt safer, and the forwards thought if we could nick a goal, there was more than an evens chance that the opposition wouldn’t score at the other end.”

I am not saying that Arsene Wenger has been trawling through old quotes from Brian Clough to get some hints on how to win the Premier League title, but I do think that the way a top class keeper helped Forest to achieve those amazing years of success is very relevant to Arsenal’s situation this summer.

If Cech can bring the extra confidence and organisation to our defence as Shilton did, as well as his shot stopping and general keeping ability, then this one transfer could be as big for us as the signing of Thierry Henry or Dennis Bergkamp. And how cheesed off will Jose Mourinho be then?

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  1. OK, again a stupid title. So, you have no clue basically what Clough would have said about transferring Cech but you know for sure this is what he meant.
    Hear this title people : ” Football genius SAYS this transfer can make Arsenal champions”. He does not say it but you know, he said it to him because he put that in the title.
    Fu ck you!

    1. This is indeed a brilliant article
      by a very wise and astute
      person who has an amazing
      knowledge of all aspects
      of football.

    2. Agreed, this site used to provide a welcome respite from all of the sensational headlines and bullsh!t stories doing the rounds… Sadly not anymore… Should have known it was the beginning of the end once it became mandatory to include at least ONE ALL CAPS word in every title…

      Go back to your roots and provide some real content, not 20 garbage posts a day… Quickly falling to the level of Caught Offside, MIU and all those other shite sites…

      1. Excuse me, but SOME people actually enjoy the transfer rumours, and you know, some of them like Cech, Podolski, Ozil, Sanchez, etc turn out to be true. JustArsenal report EVERY bit of news or rumour regarding our club.
        Secondly, you are quick to criticise one post and say this is representative of every post. That is not true. Just look at the last 20 posts (as you mention that number). SIX are telling you about transfer rumours, the other FOURTEEN are the insightful real content that YOU prefer. Get your facts right before slandering my website please.
        PLUS, capitals can used for EMPHASIS!

            1. I doubt you had a point. If you really wanted then you failed with the post above. But hey, what do we know. Let’s click on the damn title. There’s a saying : when people keep telling you are drunk is better to go and get some sleep.

              1. For someone who seems to hate justarsenal you seem to spend a hell of a lot of time on here….
                My point is that I aim to cater for ALL Arsenal fans which means covering ALL Arsenal News rumours and points for discussion. Maybe you should spend less time insulting people and discuss their opinions instead….

                1. Touching a nerve? Not open to criticism? You should then probably ban my user then. Maybe i will find it too much of a hassle and not create a new on. You win in both situations. If you think that whatever was in the article is an oppinion (let alone one deserving any discussion) then I am afraid to tell you that you actually lost it. Or maybe you are too greedy. who knows. I don’t really care to be honest.

  2. Liverpool fans want Lacazette….. We are Linked with Jose callejon…… THIS IS INSANITY

      1. The newspapers said Morgan Schniderlin was off to Man U, and that J Martinez was off to A Madrid. The papers have not always been right…but there’s no smoke without any fire.

    1. Muzzi Ozcan on twitter is still linking us with a massive move and he is yet to get anything wrong this window, breaking news before anyone else.
      Wenger and Arsenal always play their cards close to their chests. Still going to be a few twists and turns yet. If Lacazette is indeed a real target for us, we’re obviously a better destination than Liverpool

        1. I was thinking Reus, which would of course be a terrific move, but hearing Wenger talk about Sterling and how we didn’t move for him because we have “plenty” who can play out wide (he named Theo, ox, alexis, even Jack…). I now think we may see a ST join.

          Benzema seems like the man Wenger truly wants. Really hope we don’t put our eggs in that basket for Benz to stick at Madrid, now that would be an epic failure on our part. Given Muzzi Ozcans links to Germany could it be at all possible we’re trying to buy Lewandowski? He certainly doesn’t seem nailed on to stay at Bayern.

          1. What happened to all the “Aubameyang to Arsenal” folk? They’ve suddenly disappeared.
            if Arsenal are going to do any more business this summer, it’ll be for Lacazette.

            1. Well you know so much about Arsenal with all your insider info etc etc… How come you’re now just taking part in the guessing game?

              1. Oh hello Charlie.
                Wasn’t aimed at you, although I did see Lewandowski brought up this morning by yourself………… That would be good wouldn’t it?

          2. What happened to all the “Aubameyang to Arsenal” folk? They’ve suddenly gone incredibly quiet.

            if Arsenal are going to do any more business this summer, it’ll be for Lacazette.

          3. Honestly I’ve been trying to dig around for days.. And there has supposedly been a few reports. The Arsenal thread on Reddit is actually a pretty good read sometimes.
            Haha there’s a few funny stretches which involve quite a bit of imagination!! One of his supposed close friends walks around with a camera zooming in on rolls royce’s. (Reus – Royce) haha pretty funny.
            There was also his supposed deleted tweet aimed at Reus fans by Muzzi – ‘@reusfans I am going to come get your player! Then watch you cry!’
            There was also mixed reports that he appeared on a radio show saying it was a forward who’d fetch a fee of over 40mil. To me that narrows it down to Draxler, Goetze, Reus and Lewi in terms of players we’d potentially be after.
            The Goetze agent comments could have been preparation for all the ‘couldn’t stand competition,’ ‘needed to go to a weaker club’ or whatever if is supposedly unsettled at Bayern. We could have already enquired, just a bit of potential damage control.
            Draxler’s the supposed long-term target we supposedly had a monster bid (over 35mil) rejected in the window we signed Ozil.
            Then there’s of course Reus who we supposedly had a deal in place for just before we signed Sanchez..
            Lewi’s a pip-dream, honestly cannot see it happening especially with him being their only real striker.

            Just my tentative speculation and two cents.

            1. A 40mil+ forward in the Bundesliga**
              Or.. Possibly Alaba. Versatile as they come. Throwing megabucks at someone who’d strengthen LB and cover Le Coq seems very Wengerish.

            2. Ozcan is a Gooner, let me just put that out there. What intrigues me if I was to accept his credibility for a second is his phrasing of our apparent deal…..”Transfer of the season” is a strong sentiment, seems beyond what you’d label a move for Draxler or Gotze don’t you think?

              Just my take however, given Muzzi is a fan we all see how carried away some can get labeling this or that player. It would well be Lacazette who in my book would NOT be singing of the summer by a long shot, however decent he seems. Time is the great revealer as ever, would really just like a tangible deal to be hopeful of. Too much secrecy with Arsenal sometimes.

          4. You could interpret it that way, but on the other hand you could also interpret it as “we have plenty of players in that position cause I just agreed a deal with a certain world class LW”

  3. Well, then you yourself is the genius, because the old nice Clough didn’t say anything about Arsenal.
    A part of the wrong title, I do believe that Cech could bring confidence and stability. In fact, I felt the same way with Ospina last season. But, Cech should offer much more.
    We need consistency that run from August to May to coup the title, and the goalie sector (I hope) are already running to it. COYG!!!!

  4. am so worried that Wenger is fooling us with the past two seasons marquee signings of sanchez and ozil.and spicing it up with cech hence we still patient for the same but look..all good players are getting snatched by our rivals. higuin is in talks with man utd.
    And here we patient with the Wenger go slows bcz we believe he will pull out a last minute surprise…knowing Wenger,am worried because Wenger will never change..i respect him.i love him as our coach.but he has a weakness..he’s so stubborn..i have no hopes for a DM any more..but for heavens sake we need a STRIKER..we all know that..and not the so linked £19m callejon!!!

  5. Stupid write-up, that being said, can someone please wake Arsene Wenger from sleep, world class players are almost gone. What on earth did we do wrong in supporting Arsenal? Why is Arsene Wenger treating us fans without respect & consideration. I’m sooooo pissed…

    1. Wenger is busy with Asia tour. You know, making money for the club so that we may actually bid for a good striker. Why don’t you go support Manure? They signed all your heroes. If you have second thoughts why you supporting Arsenal then you should not wait and show them that you are the boss of your feelings and support a real team, like Chelsea or City. What do you think? They do business early in the window so you will be much more relaxed. Eh?

      1. I thumped you down … you don’t tell people to go off supporting other teams to defend your hero manager

        1. Why not? These little sh!tes that think they know more than Wenger are clowns. If it was so easy to go out and buy a bunch of world class players without disrupting the team or inhibiting growth, then I am sure he would do so.

          If they are sooo upset, they can go support a team that doesn’t let them down by spending mega money on mercenaries. City sounds perfect for them.

  6. A low injury count would
    give Arsenal at least
    five more key players
    through out the season

  7. I actually didnt see where Clough talked about Arsenal in your pointless article (maybe i missed the line, but i doubt it).
    Your title should have been “How To Cheese Off Mourinho”.

  8. Okay some speculation over this annoying fella Ozcan’s statement:
    What qualifies as the signing of the season?
    1. Highest transfer value?
    2. Most unexpected/unobtainable target?
    3. The best signing due to fit for the club and how it will improve them?

    I ask are we about to sign Aguero, Ronaldo, Bale, Messi, Suarez?
    Highly unlikely so who could it be?
    Cavnni, Reus, Benzemma or Hiuguain, (hopefully not!).

    Come on Mr ozcan give us an update.

    1. Interesting question – what constitutes the signing of the season. Monetary value must be linked but it doesn’t mean you cant get him at a good price. Like with Sanchez, well worth every penny and Id even go as far to say a bargain.

      Position we know more often than not is linked. Forwards earn the big bucks and command the highest prices. Usually the strikers, but lately the striker slash winger is the highly sought. Bale the worlds most expensive, after him it is Ronaldo. Stirling 50m. How much will Reus go for?

      Di Maria, 60 odd mil etc etc. I think if we are to make the signing of the season it will be a striker or a striker come winger. Narrows it down a bit but still too many to make a safe assumption. The ones which will pop into most peoples minds are Lewendowski – Reus – Cavani – Benzema – Higuain – Di Maria – Pedro – Draxler? – Lacazette? – Bale wishful thinking? – Zlatan? – Goetze – Ribery

      Still, could we purchase a central midfielder or a defender which could constitute signing of the season. For many I would say yes. Vidal I know allot of fans would say just that… sos. Hummels I believe many would say the same. For me Godin or Bender could prove to be a signing of the season. Maybe to get a better idea would be to go over some old quotes from muzzy to see how he described previous transfer moves.

  9. Stupid title but what is said is true. A class keeper does instill confidence and belief in a side. Ospina helped us last year but his weakness was exposed several times as we conceded from headers more then anyone else in the league. Ospina just lacks the size to go up and claim a cross. Cech is going to command his line and his 18 yard box giving the whole side confidence.

    Are we title worthy with this signing alone? I think not. We need another proven goal scorer, whether that be from the right wing or as a central striker is up to wenger to decide. It sounds like it’ll be a striker from his most recent comments.

    I’m my opinion theo through the middle, Alexis on the left and a player like reus, lacazzette, Pedro, or gotze on the right would be a lethal attack. Özil would be picking passes for fun.

  10. I for one liked the article.
    Jeez according to some people we can never use a dead persons opinion after that person died…or use a quote in the situation and apply the theory…
    I am guessing nobody here cares about Socrates or Pitagoras (not the one commenting…the real one )

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