Football is back! What are your expectations for Arsenal?

After three months off, football will be back this week as the Premier League looks to conclude this season.

Liverpool has basically already won the Premier League as the Reds are just two wins for them away from winning their first league title in 30 years.

However, Arsenal still has some things to play for as we look to win the FA Cup and to also end this season in a European place.

Mikel Arteta has reinvigorated this team and brought back some confidence among us as fans and we can only hope that they will return to play even better than they did before the break.

As a fan, I hope that we can shock everyone and finish in the top five and of course, that we win the FA Cup.

I do understand that these are lofty expectations, but as a fan, I have nothing but positive expectations for my team especially after seeing how much we improved in the new year.

I hope that we can start with a bang by earning a surprising win at Manchester City this week and then continue from there in our next three games, which will all be away from home.

Looking at this end of the season from a positive angle, what are your expectations?

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  1. I don’t have any expectations for the rest of this season. Nobody knows how playing behind closed doors is going to affect us and the other teams. We’ll just have to accept where we finish after these games and not moan and criticise Arteta and the team. Hopefully, when we start next season things might have settled down a bit and with a bit of tweaking we’ll have a reasonable squad to look forward to the next season with.

    1. Agree with you, I too have no expectation of this team as long as Ozil, Xhaka, Mustafi, Luiz, Socrates, Kolasinac names are there on the team sheet. “Top 10 Trophy ” or a “Top 17th Trophy” is good enough with these players . We lost our plan B when Giroud was sent to CFC, we lost whatever little passion we had when Ramsey walked away. It will be very hard to inculcate the Arsenal core values in these footballers cause except AMN , none have been here more for long. And Ozil is totally irrelevant to the club and it’s DNA based on his recent performances. On a brighter side, looking forward to Auba getting the golden boot this year too.Hope he does, he deserves it.

    2. Same, Declan. Squad full of incompetent players. Why expect anything from them? Time to be realistic about where this club currently stands.

  2. Just to finish above the spuds will do me and play some entertaining football.

    Hopefully MA can work some miracles with this squad and let me enjoy watching THE ARSENAL again.

    I already saw it as a write off when ‘good ebening’ was in charge.

  3. For Mikel to continue working his magic…. spring a few surprises… play some decent stuff…. and it would be lovely to finish off with a trophy! COYG

  4. Not big expectations just qualifying for champions league and winning the fa cup…🙄😂🙄

    1. I want to see improvements,commitment and to finish as high as possible and go as far as we can in the FA cup but what I am looking forward to is the transfer window,hopefully a good clear out and few but the right players signed and keeping hold of Auba and continue to support MA who hopefully will be backed by the board,owners….!COYG

  5. focus on the basic and one game at the time

    build up a good core of players…..the spine of the team….

    this is something we do not have at the moment

  6. Wow how good is the ref if that is penalty I don’t know. Not much is going to change with refereeing like this red card for Luiz but not even a foul for Nketia what is it that the refs don’t like about Arsenal can someone tell me after the red I was done. Another poor referee performance.

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