Football is much more than just watching the game live

No one knows when football will return but it will return at some point and that includes all that comes with it, especially betting for those that love a punt.

Preparing for a match involved so much, it was never a case of channel hopping to see what was on, you knew in advance the time and what TV channel the game would be on, punters would visit their favourites betting review sites like or statistical sites like Soccerway and of course, waiting on Twitter for when the teams were announced.

But it did not finish there, food and drink played a very important part for some, a roast on a Sunday or if it was a Monday evening, a pint down the local with your mates.

Then there was the clothing, it was obligatory to put on your teams top when supporting them, even if you were watching the game alone. Of course, this would not be everyone, but I would bet that a large number would do so.

Win or lose one had to listen to the post-match interviews or read the match analysis via BBC Sport or whatever website you would get your fix from.

After that, some of us would then jump onto our favourite fan sites like JustArsenal and vent our anger or celebrate with like-minded fans via the match reviews.

You see, it was never just about the match itself, it was the build-up, the predictions, reaction to team news, the betting, pre-match interviews, what to order from the takeaway, which mates to invite around or what pub to visit, the endless debating about the teams’ performance, the manager’s decisions, VAR, the list is endless.

Naturally, we will have to wait until it is safe before we can experience all these feelings once again, peoples health has to come first, including the players, staff, TV cameramen, stewards, cleaners, anyone that is involved, but that does not mean we cannot yearn for a return to the good days of football.

Not everyone wants a bet, not everyone wants a curry and a pint but that does not really matter because everyone has their own little thing, even if it is just plopping oneself down on the sofa all alone with a cup of tea, that is still a routine, it is still what makes people connect with football.

Football will come back and slowly but surely we will all revert to type when it comes to enjoying the game we all love with an unbridled passion.