Football Manager simulation of Premier League season sees Arsenal finish above Wolves and Tottenham

Arsenal has made a fine start to 2020 and the Gunners are on course to end the campaign even higher up the Premier League table.

However, with the suspension of the Premier League season, no one knows when this campaign would be completed.

But the Gunners have been training as individuals and fans will hope that they continue where they left off when the season resumes.

Football.London decided to see what the season would end like for the Gunners using a simulator.

The used a saved file of the current season until when it was stopped with the correct remaining fixtures as well on the list and ended the season with the Gunners finishing in an impressive position.

Arsenal is currently ninth on the Premier League table, however, when the games were simulated with Football Manager, Mikel Arteta’s side finished the campaign 6th on the league table and just two points outside the top four.

They achieved this feat by beating Watford, Aston Villa, Tottenham, Wolves, Norwich City, Southampton, Brighton, and picking up a draw against Liverpool and losing to Manchester City.

Mikel Arteta would have performed a miracle if he can manage his Arsenal side to get these predicted results.

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  1. Why not toss a dice instead! More interesting than this tosh! Who needs players and a crowd when we can decide everything by computer and avoid crowding together. In fact, lets sell the stadium and the club and use a computer form now on, We need not pay real players either then ! Lets do away with real humans altogether and let robots or computers run the whole world. UGH!!!

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