Football or Soccer, how’s the sport perceived on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean


Football/soccer is considered to be the most-watched and bet on game in the entire world. It is the sport which earns profit in billions from tournaments and bets. With a prestigious long history, football/soccer has earned a special place in the hearts of people from both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. With increasing interest in the beautiful game of football/soccer than ever before and a global audience to cater for the number of betting options associated with football it can sometimes feel daunting.

Every UK bookie provides football betting, as all sorts of sports betting including football is legal in not only the UK but most of Europe. Even though the US only has a few states that actually allow sports betting online, they love soccer and also to bet on it. In almost every country of Europe, it has been observed that football betting has continued to increase in popularity over the years. That is all thanks to online sports betting. This article will discuss how football/soccer is being perceived in America and Europe:

Soccer in America

Soccer in the United States (US) is governed by different organizations. The centre based organization – United States Soccer Federation  – regulates most levels of soccer in the US. The national teams, professional leagues and amateur leagues fall under the jurisdiction of the United States Soccer Federation. More than 25 million people play soccer in the United States; one can imagine the love of soccer among Americans. The highest-level men’s professional soccer league that takes place in the US is Major League Soccer. Major League Soccer (MLS) was first introduced in 1996 with only ten teams, and now it has grown to 26 teams. Soccer in Latin America is also very popular.

Sports betting on soccer in the US

Placing a bet on soccer is fairly new to the Americans if compared to the European counterpart. Betting on sports, including soccer, is legal in parts of the United States. To bet on soccer in the US, one has to find a site that will allow betting, and it would be wise to choose one that is set up out of the US,  so it would decrease any potential legal hassles with the site being shut down. Some might be aware that, technically, sports betting is illegal in the USA, but there are two angles to consider here. To cut to the chase, if you are trying to offer sports betting as a business to the citizens of the US, that is illegal in some parts of the country. And if you are just a player betting on a legal site, then there is nothing illegal about it.

Major Football events to bet on in the US

  • FIFA World Cup
  • UEFA Champions League
  • Premier League
  • Liga MX
  • Major League Soccer
  • La Liga
  • Bundesliga

Football in Europe

Football is in the blood of many Europeans. Association football is the most popular sport in Europe and most importantly in England. Europe has over 40,000 association football clubs, from which England holds the seat for most of them. The world’s first football club is from England, which is called Sheffield F.C. Europe is gripped to its core by football mania, every year from August to May, most bars in Europe show football matches, huge arenas start to host games while children start playing football on the streets. By now, it must be crystal clear how Europeans love football. World War II profoundly affected Europe’s football culture. Attendance at football matches was at an all-time high following World War II. The working-class people in not only the UK but in all of Europe knew that their life was precious and might be over at any moment. That was when the football pools took off in the UK, and it was also at that time when punters found loopholes to place bets in other ways.

Sports betting on Football in Europe

Online sports betting in most of Europe is legal. Many of the brands that operate the largest online sportsbook in the world are also from the UK or Europe. The reason behind this is that Europe and Britain both legalized and regulated online sports betting and online casinos much earlier than the US. The United Kingdom is one of the examples from many countries of Europe that regulates online gaming much earlier than the US. They have a strict licensing process set forth by the UK Gambling Commission for online gambling, especially for football betting. Every domestic league and cup competition in Europe has its unique traits when it comes to betting on them. What sets Europe apart in online football betting terms from the rest of the world is the sheer quality of the bets placed for domestic leagues, which are head and shoulders above those from elsewhere around the world.

Major Football events to bet on in Europe

  • UEFA Champions League
  • Champions League
  • Europa League
  • FIFA World Cup
  • Premier League



Football/soccer on both sides of the Atlantic had their own fascinating history and love for it. Betting on it is just a part of their craze for it. Both the European and American governments had a different approach towards regulating online sports betting, but they both came through, and after witnessing all of that we could say that, the future of football/soccer betting in both the continents looks bright.

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