Football reporter reveals why he thinks Arsenal could win the league

The last two matches have been Arsenal’s hardest of the season if you ask some fans.

They have ground out a 1-0 win against Bodo/Glimt and Leeds United without particularly playing very well.

The last win against the Whites came with a lot of luck and it is a game Leeds will feel they deserved at least a draw from and it would be hard to argue against.

They gave Arsenal a game to remember and even missed a penalty before succumbing to a 1-0 loss.

Arsenal has shown remarkable grit in these two games. Their performance in them as well as the luck they have had makes Daniel Mathews think they truly could win this league.

He writes in his column in The Daily Mail:

“At Elland Road, Mikel Arteta praised his side’s ‘resilience, fight, character and courage’ and there is a swelling body of evidence that this Arsenal team are less fragile than before.

“They are making a habit of winning without playing well, scoring soon after conceding, standing up to tough physical challenges and never settling for less than three points.”

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Beating Leeds and Bodo shows we have what it takes to have a good season, including some luck which will go a long way to help us.

However, we cannot bank on that and we need to prepare to win more convincingly, because luck runs out whenever it wants.

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  1. We are capable of real progress if we go out and out to get a good cover for Partey and a winger in January.

    The defense is doing a great job even with Gaby’s errors. The stats speak for themselves.

    With a little effort we can still keep the first position for a while

  2. If the whole raison d’etre for JA posting reports such as this one, which are already read by some and not by others, then I suppose I can just about understand that unambitious agenda.

    But , IF JA is trying to post interesting ideas and thoughts of its own, then what it does at present is, in football legue table terms, equivalent to Forest or Leicester in quality.
    No wonder they appeal almost all the time for new and fresh writers!
    With an honourable few fan exceptions, who write now and again, this site is as STALE as two week old bread!
    And that is my own honest opinion!

    1. @Jon fox, I do enjoy some of your constructive criticism, but I would also love to read an article written by you on JA.

      1. I have written many . I know you have not ben on JA very long One will come when I have one I wish to write , which will be soon.

        One problem I have , longbenark, is that I HAVE A GREAT DEAL I would LIKE to write on wider football issues than only and simply on Arsenal, but Ad PAT IS NOT KEEN TO ALLOW THOSE KINDS OF ARTICLES, MORE IS THE PITY.

        I have a very differenrt life outlook than many on JA.
        EXAMPLE: almost entirely alone , I passionately advocate FAR lower salaries for all Prem players, to be fair to fans who pay far too much.

        Many others would LIKE this ,but stop short of advocating it, as they do not believe it can ever happen.
        I DO believe it can and it MUST, for football to survive long term ahead. Much of the writing on JA is far too shallow, repetitive , semi literate , boring and says nothing of any real substance.

        If I were running JA, I would actively encourage articles that think outside the box AND on wider foball related subjects than just about Arsenal.


        There is insufficient actual news on just one club and that is, in part, a key cause of the shallowness of writing, esp by inhouse writers, on JA.

        1. Yes Jon, and I thank myselfevery day that You don’t run JustArsenal.
          Not EVERYBODY likes the same sort of articles that you do, and as you know I cater for EVERY Arsenal fan, with Arsenal news from every single source we can find.

          You can please some of the people some of the time…. etc.

    2. @Jon, not as stale as your constant repetive comments. If you don’t want to read articles about pundits comments, then read the title and move on why don’t you?

  3. At the beginning of the season after winning at Crystal palace I predicted we could make a big scare this season without actually winning the league.

    Fast forward to present ten match played with us sitting on top with four points clear, still along way to go, one thing for sure if our current position holds until January and with a throw of the dice the gaffer handed a decent war chest, anything possible could happen in the scheme of things.

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