Football safety consultant against the restart of the Premier League season

A prominent member of the Football Safety Officers Association has urged the Premier League to put life before money and avoid restarting the campaign as soon as they plan to.

The Premier League has been suspended since the start of March as the coronavirus outbreak spread around the world.

However, plans are underway for the competition to be restarted next month despite the coronavirus still claiming lots of lives in England and across the globe.

One of the major reason why the Premier League is pushing for the campaign to be restarted is because they face paying almost a billion pounds back to broadcasters if they don’t complete this campaign.

They are already slated to lose more than £300 million when they restart the campaign without fans in the stands.

However, former Blackburn safety officer and a current member of the Football Safety Officers Association John Newsham has urged the Premier League to put life before football and stop their plans to restart the campaign.

Newsham told The Guardian: ‘Nobody’s life should be jeopardised because of money. If a match has to be abandoned or can’t be played due to safety concerns, it is irrelevant that it is due to be broadcast on Sky. 

‘It is a worry for me if the TV money is at the back of people’s minds. Lives come first, it has nothing to do with money.’ 

What he did not mention of course is that if money plays no part then every industry will stay closed, mass unemployment and severe poverty will follow and many more will die than have done via Covid 19 but then he would not get his name in the papers if he picked on pubs or zoo’s or theme parks or holidays and so on.

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  1. TODAY May 13th has seen more traffic , more public transport users ., more people out walking and more dog walkers, plus several other categories involving people being out and about, than yesterday.

    After the PMs FOOLISH LOOSENING OF LOCKDOWN, NOW EXPECT A SPIKE IN DEATHS IN TWO OR THREE WEEKS FOR CERTAIN. THIS WILL BE IN TIME TO STOP THIS EVIL AND INHUMANE IDEA TAKING PLACE! But how foolish of Boris and his advisors who will pay the price, as folk have long memories.
    IF BY ANY CHANCE THIS EVIL PLAN ACTUALLY GOES AHEAD, FOOTBALL WILL PAY A DREADFUL PRICE THAT MAY EFFECTIVELY MORTALLY DAMAGE IT OR AT LEAST SEVERELY SET IT BACK FOR YEARS . When greed ovrcomes humanity anddoingwht is right, the law of life decrees the perpetrators will pay a high price for their foolishness and greed.

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