“For me, he deserves more time.” Arsenal told to stick with Arteta

Mikel Arteta has endured a tough first full season at Arsenal after being made their manager in the last campaign.

The Spaniard helped them win the FA Cup in his first half-season at the helm and the club backed him with the signing of Thomas Partey and Gabriel Magalhaes, among others.

These players haven’t made the required impact on their results, but Arsenal has some of the best stars in the Premier League.

They have reached the semi-final of the Europa League, but if Villarreal eliminates them from the competition at that stage, it would mean no European football for next season.

This is because they are currently struggling for form in the Premier League and are languishing in mid-table.

The Gunners fired Unai Emery after 18 months and the next few months are important for Arteta because he can lose his job if his team’s form dips.

But ex-Premier League goalkeeper Paddy Kenny says the club should stick with him because it doesn’t make sense for them to keep changing managers.

He told Football Insider correspondent Adam Williams: “It’s a tough one. They might not even finish in the top half of the table.

“But how many times do you keep sacking your managers? A lot of clubs are too trigger-happy these days.

“Especially if you’re not going out and spending a lot of money, you do at some point have to stick with your manager.

“Like Man United did with Ferguson and Arsenal did with Wenger, you have to see how it goes sometimes.

“He’s an up-and-coming manager who has been under Pep Guardiola at Man City and, for me, he deserves more time.

“But how can Arsenal not finish in the top 10? That’s scary. Throughout all my career, Arsenal were always top two or three in the league.

“It’s not a good position that they’re in. It might actually be brave to not sack him and give him another year.”

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  1. Think he can thank the ESL shambles for taking away the limelight of another horrible performance against a awful side.

  2. Despite the poor league position making the EL semi final almost certainly assures Arteta of another season at least.
    Arsenal is on track to place 7th or 8th place. Even 8th might mean European Conference league football.
    A new manager might be the answer?
    We don’t know.
    Am picking Arteta is 75% guaranteed to be the gaffer next season and I am ok with that

    1. Obviously you don’t know the meaning of “guaranteed”…maybe you meant to say two thousand million percent

  3. I have been following his press conference. He’s carefully towing the party with glowing references to Stan and co. I guess I’d be sucking up to the boss if my performance was as poor as his has been!

  4. If we are happy with constant changing of the team with backwards and sideways passing, then by all means lets keep him for another season. People seem to think we have made progressions. From what? The manager instilled such an insipid mindset against Liverpool and Man City, it was embarrassing to watch. Our football has been dire this season and the players are just as culpable. However, isn’t it the managers job to lift his team, get his players up for games and play for Arsenal with pride. Sadly all those things have been missing. I’m happy we’re in the semi finals of the Europa League but really, who have we played who are any good. We have some really good players, it’s just that Arteta doesn’t know how best to use them. The PL is our yardstick and quite frankly we are extremely poor and that isn’t the boards fault, it the managers fault. Why would you give a graduate with no experience one of the biggest jobs in the England. That is the boards fault.

  5. Paddy who? Arteta has to get us European football or out. Kronk was going out on a limb to get euro football so he has to see Arteta out if we dont. Even then our shocking league form only gives him a short period next season to turn it round or out.

  6. I’ve just driven past the training ground (I live close by) and there are a few fans and what looked like the press at the entrance. I hear Josh Kroenke is over here to speak at the AST forum this afternoon and perhaps he’s at the training ground?

  7. Was never the right man. But if we bring in anyone else unless they are proven winners it will take time to rebuild imo. My preference is Vieira or Henry. But would mean restarting. Arteta will never take us to top 4 imo.

      1. I’d have to agree that although both were outstanding players for Arsenal, neither has made the big leap to management stardom

  8. If we could get Nagelsmann then I would send Arteta on his way. IMHO was a big miss to appoint Arteta over Nagelsmann who has proven he can build a squad, manage on a budget, and get the best from his players and develop youth.

    Unfortunately, Arteta has shown very little if any of these characteristics, especially with youth.

    1. Here, here…you know we’re on the same page regarding the possibilities under Nagelsmann

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