‘For me, he doesn’t go down as a legend’ Keown slams Ozil

Martin Keown says that Mesut Ozil has been undermining Arsenal with his tweets and the German will not be considered a club legend when he leaves them.

Ozil has been sidelined at Arsenal since March last year as he failed to break into their starting XI under Mikel Arteta.

They haven’t registered him to play for them this season, and in recent days, there have been talks of him leaving the club.

Ozil remains one of the most divisive players that Arsenal has had, and he played some role in the FA Cup successes that they have achieved in recent years as well as a terrible performance in the final of the Europa League in 2019.

He looked uninterested in the games that he last played for the club, and Arteta rightfully made the bold decision to axe him from his squad.

As he gets set to leave the club, Keown says he cannot be considered an Arsenal legend.

He admits that it is a shame for a player like Ozil not to be getting playing time at the club before adding that he has been undermining the club with his social media activities.

‘It hurts me that a player of that talent can’t get on the football pitch, it’s a crying shame,’ Keown told talkSPORT.

‘For me, he doesn’t go down as a legend, because he doesn’t match the energy and determination of legends that I’ve seen at that football club.

‘If he had [Kieran] Tierney’s determination, coupled with that ability, he might’ve gone down as the best player ever to play for Arsenal.

‘He’s become calculated in the way that he’s undermining the club with tweets, and I think it’s now time to go.’  

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  1. We already had a player who coupled Ozil’s ability with Tierney’s determination, his name was Cesc Fabregas and even he’s not remembered as the best player to ever play for arsenal by most.
    Honestly people overrate Ozil’s football ability so much – it’s like he’s seen as having this godlike ability if only he’d try harder. He’d be a great player if he put the effort in, as great as Fabregas but no better; he wouldn’t be like Messi or Zidane or Maradona or whoever. Sorry, I just dont see what others seem to see – he’s good but not *that* good.

    1. Enough already with these lies about Cesc Fabregas. He was nothing special at Arsenal no matter how many times you bring him up. He won just ONE FA cup in 10 years to Ozil’s four. So what else did he accomplish for the club?

      Besides, he dumped you and Arsenal like trash and went to play for other teams. Talk about loyalty.

      1. ICW please don’t insult fabregas, Ozil has never been good as fabregas, Fabregas is miles ahead of ozil. Ozil is good but not anywhere as good as fabregas.

        1. Lenohappy: That’s your opinion and you are entitled to it. However records are records and no one can deny that. Show me where Fabregas accomplished more than Ozil and I will be convinced. Mind you he played 10 years for Arsenal to Ozil’s 7?
          And yes as an Arsenal fan I lost all respect for the guy when he left and the way he left. He was home grown and owes the club everything he knows.

          1. What was your issue with the way he left? It seemed like he stayed longer out of guilt because Wenger needed him. It’s not the only time the best player in the side left because he couldn’t win anything here and we didn’t address it by buying recent players.
            What he achieved was being the captain of a side that was somewhat competitive, especially in the 07/08 season which was almost certain to be a PL title until the Eduardo injury. Ozil has 3 FA Cups and doesn’t come close in terms of impact.

      2. I’m talking about the quality of the player. Cesc was the best player and leader in some better sides than Ozil’s played in at Arsenal and they just didn’t win much for a number of reasons. I don’t believe Ozil’s ever been the best player at the club in his time here, certainly not the most important.
        Cesc didn’t do anything wrong in leaving. Don’t understand what your issue is there. Had the same problem as RVP – club didn’t do enough to help them compete. Didn’t give up and sit on a big contract and stop trying – he left to go an win something. Ozil doesn’t care about playing, it’s clear.

    2. Nope, Ozil’s ability was real. For some tike he was the third best player in the world behind the 2 superstars of this era. You might have seen him struggle at Arsenal and might have concluded because of his early decline, but he was legitimately someone who was more talented than Cesc. Thats not to say that he was a better player at Arsenal than Cesc, because Cesc was someone special at Arsenal.

      1. Sid I agree Cesc was someone special at Arsenal. Demeaning Ozil for not winning trophies while praising Fabregas does not make sense. Ozil won 4 FA cups at Arsenal to Fabregas’s one and Ozil did it in 3 years less than Fabregas. Fabergas left because the team was not good enough while Ozil remained loyal to the club. So if one does not like Ozil, it is their right but spreading inaccuracies in the process is not.

        1. Yeah, but Fabregas and Ozil at Arsenal, based purely on skill, impact and leadership are quite close, with Fabregas just piping it for me. I believe that Ozil’s arrival at Arsenal was not at the correct time maybe, same with Fab’s arrival at Barcelona.

      2. Fair comment. I guess I missed his best years at Madrid (I did see him a bit for Germany around that time) but what I mean is I just don’t see any special talent that Fabregas didn’t have, but maybe that’s just me (I mean just by watching how they play, the types of things they were able to do). I think Fabregas made a bad decision to join Barcelona and was unfortunate that Spain had just ridiculous talent (and experience) ahead of him in the national team, otherwise he may well have achieved similar status. Difference of opinion.

        1. For me they are almost equally special players, but Mesut edges it with his special vision. But if we only compare based on Arsenal, then Fab edges it over Mesut. But thats purely my opinion and these comparisions are subjected to opinions.

  2. If Ozil had the good fortune to play with Viera, Henry, Bergkamp , Tony Adams and Ian wright , he would be, unlike you, an arsenal legend.

    So why don’t you thank you lucky star and let it be because you sound jealous.

    1. Keown’s a legitimate club legend (for the Van Nistelroy incident alone). Has every right to talk about this and doesn’t sound jealous in the slightest, just annoyed at someone disrespecting the club as he sees it.

    2. Haha, Keown will be well remembered over Ozil, and actually bled Arsenal. He has nothing to be jealous of besides Ozil’s World Cup. He left everything on the pitch for Arsenal. if Keown and Ozil were on a team together he’d have Ozil crying in a corner every day from his frustration. Wenger babied Ozil to a ridiculous degree. So glad Arteta just booted him out.

      1. Lol..
        You guys shouldn’t stress yourselves.
        Ozil is like a god or idol to Icw and the likes.
        They can join him at Fernabache or wherever since its the player they Support

        1. Yes Ozil was like a god or idol till I read your post, then you become like a god or idol because you are so smart.

  3. As far as I am aware, not one fan has ever said he’s a legend.
    That would never have crossed my mind, anyway.

  4. Not a legend. He’s not even interested in Arsenal
    Right now he’s chasing Arsenal to pay him before he leaves to play for another club even though he won’t be playing for Arsenal again

    His greed is unthinkable
    Brady says he’s bad both in the dressing room and off. He’s poisoned the club already and wants to bankrupt it as well.

  5. I think this is not a straight forword argument n hence should be looked holistically .I like martin kweon, hardworking n dedicated in his time. He could pass for a legend but I’m not so sure about that DAT but I feel he’s been arrogant n hypocritical coz he can now bask because arsenal is on a good run now. Few weeks ago everybody was calling for ozil to be reinstated to d team coz we lack creativity n even d meanest ozil hater couldnt argue it n instead of getting ozil back arteta cave in to the obvious DAT we need a no 10 hence good lad smith Rowe was injected and in ozil defence his form dropped wen d quality in d squad deteriorated. I don’t want to defend ozil OK but I believe with quality players around him like we are having now, like he had with cazorla n co ozil will easily pass for a legend. And I dont want to compare ozil n fab. They are both great n fab loved the club very dear but we chased him away coz he has no quality teammate and so he can’t win trophy like van persie .That said, kudos to the team, saka,laca, Tierney n co

    1. “Legend” and “great” are two oft used and abused terms with regard to footballers.
      Martin Keown 332 games for Arsenal (4 goals), 43 England Caps (2 goals)
      Honours: Premier League Titles 3
      FA Cup Wins 3
      FA Community Shields 3
      European Cup Winners’ Cup 1 (1993-94)

    2. Tea, how is Martin Keown “arrogant” and “hypocritical” in his comments regarding Mezut Ozil and his contribution to Arsenal?

    3. Lol,,,this man’s funny, so this one thinks keown isn’t a legend too just like the fools comparing brady to Ozil on Twitter. Hello Mr Ozil, Smith Rowe was injured and that’s why Arteta didn’t use him, Arteta clearly values his contribution over your lord Ozil’s

  6. Ozil wont be a legend. The only players I might attribute that epithet to in this decade would be Cazorla and to some degree Koscielny. That said Ozil is/was a special player with wonderful talent. Sadly him and Arsenal were not a good match at the time he came. He would be a legend overall for his contributions to Germany and world football.

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