For the attention of Arsene Wenger – from an Arsenal Fan…


Despite the disappointing results of the past decade it appears fans of Arsenal FC, including myself, are powerless when it comes to being able to force through desperately needed changes because of Arsene Wenger’s entrenched position within the Arsenal FC hierarchy. I do not want to start listing the heartbreaks of the past years but would like to draw Arsene Wenger’s attention to the following:

1 For some reason your tactics, if any, have remained frozen in the past and you must act in the best interest of this club by moving up to the office and letting a younger and success hungry manager take over the club;

2 My education teaches me that whenever things go wrong in my life I should look at when they were going right and return to that path. This is what I think you should do.

3 You may very well be the most educated coach in the BPL but managing a football club is not in the domain of intellectual flexing and refusal to abandon tried, tested and failed approaches to winning titles. It need not involve so much philosophy;

4 In the last few years you have been damaging your reputation with your double speak and inability to rise up to the challenge. Just imaging writing an exam twelve times and failing. Who would give you one more chance? But this is precisely what you have achieved against Jose Mourinho of Chelsea. A man of your finesse, intelligence and refinement should be able to sit down, carefully evaluate the situation and act in the best interest of the club;

5 The damage to your reputation is reaching corrosive levels and you have yourself to blame for it. Everyone in the world seem to know that you cannot win anything in modern day football without a solid defence, a shield in front of those defenders in the form of reliable defensive midfielder and a striker to deliver the goals. You have, with due respect, stubbornly insisted on defying these known fundamentals and it would not have been a problem if you have proven the whole world wrong and won something. The problem is that it has not worked and it is time to look at what works;

6 Remember the Invincibles. Re-examine that team, look at their strengths, physical and mental abilities, and skills and start working on rebuilding a team like that today. You need players who viewed playing Man. Utd. As the equivalent of going to war!!!!

I hope you will see the letter in the light in which it is written – out of concern for Arsenal FC. An entity that both of us love.


VIDEO – Arsene Wenger’s post-match interview…looking depressed…

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  1. at least he is concerned… that enough?
    “”on being 11 points behind Chelsea…
    Of course [it’s a concern]. I cannot say it’s not a concern, it’s a big concern because the other teams have won their games and we haven’t. I cannot say it’s not a big concern.”

  2. Why do we begin all the seasons so poorly? Looks like last year’s start to the season was just a blip. Hope we recover well.

      1. No fear NY. It’s just that this was the right time for the team to peak. We lost/drew so many winnable games. Like, Lescieter, City, Spurs, and now Hull. It’s not tactics or players. It’s just the team form.

    1. Last season was because of Ramseys sudden flourish…. He loses his form the whole team goes with him..

      It looks like Sanchez might be the shining star for us this season.

      1. @GOONSTER
        Sanchez raises the bar each and ever time he touches the ball. Campbell and Bellerin are also exceptions who should be given space and pitch time to shine as well.

      1. Tend to agree re: Ramsey. He was on fire and couldn’t stop scoring in the first 10-12 matches.

        “Usually because we are adapting to loosing a big player”.

        May be this time we are adapting to big player coming in? Sanchez looks a bit of the boil regarding passing to team mates.(Just my observation).

  3. i just saw wenger on french tv, he said “80 percent possession and a draw, its 2 lost points, if one cant see that then better notplay football”
    while i appecite his comments, i would have ended the phrase by “i realice now that possession dont in us games so i will rectify that NOW with the team i have NOW and not wait until January”

            1. @th14
              So true. Possession with purpose is what counts. We have the pace to rock anyone out there at the moment. Yet we’re still playin tinker ball through the middle and gettin “dispossessed” and scored on.

  4. OT…..The Ox needs to continue taking shots from our side the box…..nobody else in our squad does it…so many other teams in the BP score deflected goals or goals off the keepers rebound….Our players don’t even follow up when one of our players takes a shot coz they are not used of our players taking shots….It’s another way of finding goals and clearly we need to find other ways of finding goals coz our narrow attacks are so predictable…..In my humble opinion, this is the reason why Wenger is getting so much carrot from supporters, coz we need to be versatile in our attacking….right now we are a 1 trick pony with no new tricks….cmon Wenger I have been a loyal supporter of yours 4 so many years but lately you have proved me me wrong for supporting you…..

  5. Well written, but I think it will fall on deaf ears, my fear is as follows, it will take a loss in money for the manager and board to change, this will only come if we finish out of the top 4, but knowing the board they would still give home a season to try again, I feel very sorry for Sanchez, he is total quality and deserves better,most of the other players look settled , turn up give70% and get paid, no matter what level you play at you should come off the pitch thinking I gave everything, how many of our players could say that, they lack motivation, player for player we are as good if not better than athletico Madrid but they have a manger that gets 100% out of every player, Klopp is the same, but why would they leave their clubs to come here with a boar that cares about money not entertainment , Wenger was a lucky manager he inherited a top defence now his luck has run out

  6. Looks like muppets from far and wide have jumped on the WO band wagon. F**kn couch potato managers and bar room pundits need to get a clue and get off the cult of cognitive dissonance jock…

    1. As I travel to home games its 200 miles please explain the following
      As a WO person Why should I not be allowed an opinion
      Tell me why wenger has got it right the last 9 years or even this year
      What is your opinion ?
      I’m not happy with 4 th every year, when we played flowing exiting football, I tolerated 4 th but now it’s boring same old same old, no imagination
      If we actually had a manager that got the best out of Sanchez , Ox, corzola and introduced a couple of meat eaters we would challenge again , but due to a stubborn manager we launguish in the table

      1. @john0711
        Dude, I’m trying to deny you your opinion, whatever it may be. I’m just here defending mine…

    1. @Ronny331
      I see everyone and their buddy are tryin to make as if AW dissed her. He just beat her at her own game. Then she went on twitterama to get back up. She should have stayed in her lane…

      1. It looked like she ruined him…
        Theres no comeback as to why he failed to sign a DM and CB he failed horribly

  7. Really good letter

    I hope the last part about examining the invincibles is present in his mind. I’m worried about recent comments where he said Welbeck and Giroud can play together doesn’t mean Wenger really thinks in his deluded mind that that pair could be the same as Henry and Bergkamp.

    The season can be saved:
    1. Play Ozil/Cazorla in number 10
    2. January sign top defender and DM
    3. Sign top striker like Cavani, Martinez or Benzema. OR top forward like Reus or draxler

  8. Was wenger even world class ever ? Even my grandma would have won the PL if she was the manager of the Invincibles team. Wenger is just sheer lucky.plain and simple. Now when the real test is here of winning the trophies, building a team yourself and playing in a time when PL is no longer a two race horse, wenger’s real abilities is showing. And needless to say he sucks real bad. A fraud , a genius fraud he is.

  9. In Sanchez’s first full EPL games, he came with his Barcelona hunger of closing down and hunting for the ball.

    I remember him chasing down when he played as the lone striker in his second game, he was absolutely hustling the opposition player, he looks behind him and his team mates were jogging around the half way line, he was so bemused he was encouraging them to close down like he was..

    But still they all looked like a traumatized dog with it’s tail between it’s legs. They refused to press..


    1. @GOONSTER
      Spot the f**k on dude. And believe it or not, the only other player who was down with him for pressin the other team off the ball was Sanogo.

      1. At this rate i can see sanchez getting 30 goals this season, he already has 6 goals and 2 our next game i can see him in the scoresheet

    2. The worse one was after the his goal against southampton at the kick off he told everyone to concentrate a press high up the pitch. Everyone ignored him.
      He started pressing by himself looked back and signalled to everyone to push up.
      Everyone ignored him again.
      Then we conceeded and the bunch of idiots started pressing and trying to win the ball back.
      Must be so frustrating for alexis.

  10. We are, and have been for many years, a middle of the table team punching above our weight.
    A few years back when when Sir Ferguson said Arsenal were punching above their weight;
    he meant it as a warning.

    So bearing that in mind; finishing fourth this season will be an awesome achievement!

    COYG! Keep punching….. 😉

  11. Chairman of the board-we back arsene when he has a plan.we stay quiet when he doen’t.why dont you force? Coming out openly about this is a joke

  12. A question for everyone…Would wenger have won anything if he didn’t inherit the famous back 4/5.Pesonaly I’m not so sure.

    1. @goonergaz2000
      Does it f**kn matter now? NO!
      Stop reachin into the past to try and make some bullsh*t azz’d invalid point. Buck up, suck it up and STFU!!!

    2. Lazy revisionist bollocks. You can throw all the sh**te you need at Wenger at present or for the last 10 years – but pulling the rug from under what he did for our club 1996-2004 is spiteful, desperate bulls**t. You need to brush up on your AFC history mate. Arsenals famed defence had finished 5th/12th/4th/10th in the previous 4 full seasons before AW turned up on the doorstep. They then went 1st/2nd/2nd/2nd/1st/2nd/1st.

  13. The idiocy of wenger fans on this site beggars belief…. The man has delivered nothing but promises in ten years and the quality of our football has been going down for five…the only thing that has been on an upward curve is wenger’s pay packet … With manager above the club his string of mediocre results… 4th place and last 16 or even 8 of cl are just that…. Is the only foreseeable outcome which many of us have been saying for three years now… Arsenal fc can’t recover until Arsene bs is a spot on some distant horizon…that simple

  14. Wenger is a old man with arrogant mentality surely arsenal will see this and the next meeting will go down ugly somebody will ask him embarrassing question he leave crying on it that fool..
    The emirates stadium is meant for champions and chelsea NEED A NEW ONE and their supporters would had they changed to this stadium with all the debt they would have performed much better!!!scored 12 perhaps against the hull looks like the manager’s quality thinking style tactics could have been easily differentiated and no more support for Wenger would be more EVIDENT …

  15. It is too late now to turn this juggernaut around as he’s stuck in his ways and in a time warp. It will amount to a miracle if we finish in the top 4 this season! I think as you rightly said earlier on, he should move up now for Pep to take over or someone of that elk. Shame!!!

  16. The players don’t even look like they want to be there. I wonder what the board will do with Wenger if we are sitting lower than 8th after Xmas and 20 points off first.

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