“For the first time in a long time” Arsenal fans relish beating Tottenham

Arsenal gave their fans something good to be happy about after beating Tottenham in the north London derby tonight.

The Gunners headed into the game after beating Olympiacos 3-1 away from home in the Europa League.

Spurs were also in fine form ahead of the game and it promised to be an exciting watch.

Arsenal started the game like they meant to go on and put Spurs under pressure from the beginning.

The visitors took the lead against the run of play, but Mikel Arteta’s side displayed fine resilience to haul themselves back into the game.

They won the match 2-1 and kept their slim hopes of making the top six alive.

The club took to their Twitter account at the end of the game to tweet about the game and captioned the link: “WHAT A WIN!”

Clearly delighted by the outcome of the game, some of their fans took to the comment section to make their feelings known. Here are some reactions:

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  1. Great win deserved win, better team than the defense minded
    catch them on the break spuds. Dangerous play, off the ground, not in control, fouled Laca and despite the begrudging pundits we got the penalty and the win. lamela had on two occasions in the first half kicked our players but that never gets a mention, blind ref again. So to win our next four games would put us in a good position for the run in.COYG.

  2. A win’s a win, especially against the team down the road. The disappointing aspect is that Arsenal should have cruised home, especially against ten men. True the opposition stepped up, but Arsenal were playing like headless chickens towards the end. The final result was more like a mid table team scaping away to get a result against higher opposition. The reaction by our fans was obvious joy and relief but it would have felt like a let down had the Spuds hustled a draw. Everyone would be saying this is why Spuds have character and Arsenal are where the deserve to be.

  3. We were far the better team, and Spurs were very lucky not to concede more.

    Despite that dominant victory, clearly Arteta is rubbish, he has no plan, awful in attack, I don’t know what our style is? Sack him, and get someone experienced in! Haha!

  4. TMJW- just SEVEN DAYS AGO PAL we somehow drew a game against Burnley that was easier to win. I don’t recall much of a plan or attack in that game.
    But, credit where it’s due, he picked a very young midfield in a must-win game that we completely dominated for 75 minutes. After that we somehow allowed 10 men to have a field day, and nobody would have been surprised at all if we had thrown away 3 points. So, PAL, if you feel Arteta has finally cracked it, then you enjoy the moment. There is still a very long way to go before I’m convinced.

    1. Mikel had cracked it from day one but had to make do with who? the vanishing wizard (btw has vanished from Fener too) for the first season, Willock, etc. From day one he wanted Aaour but had to do with Willock. The day he moved the wizard out and Willock on loan to make space for a real ball carrier – Odegard, you can see the results. A proper MF of Partey, ESR, Odegard. Xhaka – kudos to him for a great game, but a mistake is around the corner in the next game, so not convinced.
      And, don’t tell me Arteta is responsible for Leno’s or Xhaka’s errors leading to loss in valuable points or else we would be challenging for top 4 by now Pal!

      1. @Loose Cannon- if Burnley was the first time we had made those mistakes then you put that down to one of those things and move on. But it wasn’t though PAL was it? Because if it was we would be in the Top4 would we not?
        And how long exactly did it take Arteta to change his tactics and formations this season PAL? Because when he realised how wrong it all was he had no choice but to change. But I will tell you what PAL. Blame it all on Ozil. FFS even when he is not here some and on particular youjust cannot resist bringing him in to help the lightweight argument your attempting to put across.Look at how many goals we have scored in the League this season and it tells you everything about why we are where we are PAL

  5. Great result, and a fantastic display in the first half. We were very unlucky to go in at half time level, but equally, we were lucky to score a deflected goal right on the stroke of half time.

    A good second half up to the point where we had a man advantage.

    It was a penalty, whatever the pundits might say. The ball was still in play, it was not as though Lacazette sliced the ball out of play with his miskick. The ball hardly travelled and he still had a chance to get the ball back when he was clearly fouled.

    Whether he could have actually got to the loose ball is debatable but not the point, he was denied the chance to do illegally. Penalty all day long! We were lucky that the miskick was so bad! If he had made more contact with the ball, it would have gone out of play , and no penalty!

    However, our display after they went a man down is very concerning. We could have easily came away with a draw instead of a win, and Kane was unlucky not to score. What the hell was Leno doing in that free kick? Also, with a man advantage, why did we let them play out the reminder of the match in our half, in which they very nearly scored?

    Nevertheless, A very good day for us and for Arteta. However, it is too early to announce him as the second coming, or even that the process, whatever that might be, is working. Despite beating Spurs, we are still 10th in the league, with next to no chance finishing in a CL spot. That said, if we can finish in a Europa League position, then I would say that the ‘process’ is working.

  6. Mou be like…
    “Who cares? It’s a nothing game.
    See you in Europa.
    We’ll crush you down there.”

    And then he’ll still say we never beat him when it mattered.

  7. Loving all the tweets I’ve seen from our former players, out in force celebrating!! Wrighty’s was brilliant, Sweet Caroline 🎶

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