Forest v Arsenal Review – Arsenal are out and Wenger will be fuming!

Arsene Wenger was very brave to make so many changes in our first defence of our FA Cup trophy, and it certainly evened up the quality of the side. In fact in the first 15 minutes it was Nottingham Forest that were creating all the chances and they came pretty close in the first 10 minutes.

After 15 minutes it looked like Forest were even more in control and Ospina was forced into an excellent save from a shot that went right across the goal and was clearly aiming for the bottom left corner of the net but Ospina got down brilliantly to get a hand to deflect it past the post. Three minutes later Forest were deservedly in front from a brilliant freekick that was straight along the goal-line and Ospina was nowhere near it and a free header put in in the net from a yard out.

At least that gave Arsenal the proverbial kick and they went forward in earnest in search of the equalizer. The Gunners got a very dubious free kick at the side of the Forest box and from the resulting melee our unlikely FA Cup hero Per Mertesacker was there to poke it into the net. 1-1 and game on – with only 20 minutes gone. Already Arsenal had had 5 shots on goal and Forest had had 7, showing how open and attacking the game was on the pitch. An excellent Cup match was in progress!

On the half hour mark Forest did a trademark Arsenal tactic and broke away and Bereton controlled the ball brilliantly but his shot was blocked by an alert Ospina. But Arsenal kept attacking and Nelson, AMN, Iwobi and Danny Welbeck were passing it around well on the left of Forest’s half and the Gunners were looking much more dangerous again.

But Forest fought back immediately and Ospina got injured going down to save, but just 2 minutes later as half time was imminent, Forest incredibly took the lead again with a brilliant volley that left Ospina stranded on the floor scurrying at air. God knows what Wenger was thinking up in the stands, but he quickly got up and went down towards the dressing room…. Arsenal have a tougher fight on their hands than they expected!

The second half started with a bit more urgency from Arsenal after Wenger’s half-time talk, but Forest soaked it up, and on the hour mark Forest came back into it and came very close to their third goal, but it didn’t matter as two minutes later Holding brought down Bereton down in the box and Forest had a penalty, and Wenger couldn’t even complain to the referee from the stand. Obviously Arsenal don’t do penalties and suddenly it looks like we are getting close to being knocked out of a competition that they haven’t lost in for three years.

Wenger brings on Nketiah in the hope of another miracle from the youngster and with 20 minutes left it could work, but only if they can actually get a shot on target. The first hour produced 10 shots each, but Forest had 7 on target while Arsenal had just the one, from Mertesacker, which is why we are losing 3-1!

You would think Arsenal would be attacking like hell at two goals behind but the next two chances fell to Forest again and the Championship side are looking much fitter and hungrier. But there was yet another twist with 12 minutes to go when the Forest keeper takes the ball off Danny Welbeck but somehow spills it and gives the Arsenal striker his first shot on target, which trickles over the line. Arsenal are back in it and could this be another brilliant Arsenal comeback in the last 10 minutes!

Two minutes later Welbeck had a chance of a header in the box, but spent more time trying to work out how to get a penalty and the ball went straight back down the other end. The winger skips past an immobile Mertesacker and drives into the box where Debuchy takes him down and Forest have yet another penalty and Kieran Dowell makes it 4-2! Wenger will have a field day after this game as the players try and get the shot disallowed for a double touch when he slipped on the spot, but the linesman says no, and the goal is allowed.

Then Forest have a man sent off as Joe Worrel goes for a loose ball, but gets entangled with Elneny who came from nowhere and goes flying. Second yellow and off! This is a classic cup tie but the Arsenal fans will be fuming, but not as much as Wenger! Arsenal nearly made another comeback with two minutes of stoppage time remaining but the keeper gets a finger on it thats just enough to clip it towards the post. Walcott tries to catch up with it but just gets there too late and really Arsenal have had their last chance.

No matter how much Wenger complains about the decisions, Forest were absolutely brilliant, too good for the Arsenal reserves. Perhaps Wenger should stop complaining about refs decisions and start looking at why he made ten changes to defend his FA Cup crown….

Maybe he has rested players because he is concentrating on the League Cup this year?



  1. Salmonella says:

    Alexis , Ozil please leave this Joke FC

    1. Salmonella says:

      And the funniest thing is gonna happen when we sign Evans & maybe an attacker & fans are gonna say WE’LL WIN THIS & WIN THAT
      It is very clear we’ll finish trophyless & outside the TOP 4 this season…
      Next season same old same old

      1. Sue says:

        We’re screwed for the forseeable

        1. Muffdiver says:

          I haven’t felt this screwed since my two years in Brixton prison

          Hate dropping soap now

        2. jon fox says:

          No Sue , an understandable reaction from you and others BUT today will now prove to be an important staging post in the clubs decision to sack him in MAY. Today will be a blessing in disguise. mark my words! I would have gladly lost the 2014 Cup Final against HULL , if it meant him leaving that May, which was widely considered likely at the time. One poor refs decision in our favour , awarded us a corner, which actually was a goal kick to Hull, from which we equalised at 2-2 and went on to win in Extra time. But for that decision, I believe we would not have Wenger now. Seen at that time as a blessing BUT actually , a curse. TODAYS DEBACLE WILL BE THE EXACT POLAR OPPOSITE, a blessing in reality, though perceived in the moment as a curse. PERSPECTIVE HELPS GREATLY, TO SEE THE TRUTH.

          1. Sue says:

            Not sure I can wait till May Jon

          2. jon fox says:

            We willprobably have no choice but to wait. But here is a small chance , if this campaign against him increases in volume and demonstations at Emirates, that he will go earlier. I CANT WAIT EITHER.

          3. Tdg1944 says:

            I so want to agree with you Jon. However, the chilling news this week is that Wenger may go on to the board and that he will want Arteta to be appointed manager. The puppet master and the marionette!!! I am so depressed by that possibility. I am absolutely looking forward to the reactions of the Wenger supporters after today’s truly “farcical” display.

          4. jon fox says:

            Tdg1944. I do not think the owner and directors would risk a novice with no managerial experience as next manager. I see a big future in the game for the highly intelligent and well respected Arteta but not as our next manager. A key factor is how much anti -Wenger campaign we fans , and esp ones who attend, can stir up against Wenger, with ground demos and banners etc. We need a campaign of defiance against the whole club set up, not just Wenger . But certainly MAINLY WENGER. I am convinced Wenger will be gone by summer, at latest. Worse results still from now on will help get rid of him and that is a small price to pay for the far greater good of his final exit. Good riddance too!

      2. Anko says:

        Pathetic manger, sloppy defence, and you said he will be fuming?

      3. gotanidea says:

        So far Wenger has done a very good job:

        – Premier League: Comparing how Arsenal, Liverpool and Tottenham play currently (and their forms), I think Arsenal would finish in the sixth or seventh position.

        – Europa League: The other big teams are waiting. Very slim chance to win it.

        – FA Cup: Got kicked out.

        – League Cup: With the way Arsenal play currently, I think Arsenal would get kicked out of this lousy competition as well.

        If Arsenal finish in the sixth or seventh position and do not get any trophy, I am confident that the board would dethrone him. Not necessarily kick him out, but maybe pushing him into a non managerial position.

        Let’s see whether the board are brave enough to do such thing, because Wenger must know Arsenal’s dirty secrets after working for more than twenty years and I think he won’t be hesitant to expose it if his position is threatened.

        1. AB says:

          I don’t think the board will do anything to Wenger unless there is serious dent to the finances.

        2. Fred says:

          He’ll say that the failure was down to uncertainty around the futures of Ozil and Sanchez like he said last season was on his future. Don’t forget Wenger is ALSO a master of excuses.

        3. jon fox says:

          Don’t you think, as I do, that those dirty secrets, you rightly refer to are owned by Wenger too? Not just the despicable owner and puppet and corrupt board. I am convinced , even more so after the sheer surrender and fashion of todays disgrace and the lunacy of the squad selected, that the owner and board are even now making plans for choosing his successor in MAY. WE ARE CLEARLY NOT GOING TO MAKE TOP FOUR AND THEY WILL SEE THAT NOW. . And will act, at long last.

          1. Robin Vanpayslip says:

            Stop being an attention seeker. When Arsenal are on a run of good results then you will be on here answering only to the top 2 or 3 comments so that you can get your attention seeking ways to be noticed. But then your posts will always be ‘you have no respect’. Today you change your tune and are apparently are anti-wenger…..

            I would say I am confused but that would just lead to an outburst of vitriol from you.


  2. Sue says:

    Oh come on he wasn’t ‘brave’ what a complete idiot picking that line up. Nice one Arsene, another new low. Resign or be sacked I don’t care which

  3. TheArsenalWay says:

    Walcott is the biggest piece of garbage at Arsenal!

    1. kev says:

      I felt Mertesacker was the worst player today and Holding next.There was no defence today at all.The formation too is another I hate and doesn’t really help us.Some of our players look so unnatural in this set up.We’re fitting square pegs in round holes atm.Why not go all out with 4-2-3-1?The game would have been different if we had done that.We have a terrible defence but they can’t handle our attack so that should’ve been our formation.

      1. TheArsenalWay says:

        Mert was just as bad as Walcott, the only reason I singled him out is because he was the highest paid player on the team sheet, there is no way he deserves to be paid over 100k per week with absolutely garbage performances like that. Its an absolute disgrace!

        1. gotanidea says:

          Walcott was supposed to penetrate and create havoc in the opponent’s defense area, because he played as a right winger and he is a natural right footer! Where have all his blistering pace and guts gone to?

          Might as well put Nelson (another right footer) as a right winger instead of Walcott, because Nelson was really lousy as a left winger. I think Holding was the worst player today, not Mertesacker, because he made a lot of errors.

          1. jon fox says:


      2. Chris King says:

        Dude did you watch the game?
        That’s the formation that just lost 4-2 in the 3rd round of the FA Cup. Also Alex Iwobi is the most useless excuse of a footballer that has ever played for Arsenal FC. Watch the game up until the 35th minute, there were only two occasions when he didn’t lose possession after he was given the ball.
        He was specifically targeted and could not find an answer. He constantly lost territory and eventually was pushed back to be replaced by Nelson ruining our formation. He never tracked back, wasn’t interested in intelligent build up and in general should never play professional football again.

        1. sfgunner says:

          chris king – well said, iwobi was a disaster,

        2. Tdg1944 says:

          Who are these 2/3/4 people who oppose these posts? I do respect your opinions but I am flabbergasted that you hold them!

      3. Bur says:

        Kev i pointed this out prior to kick off. I am no graduate of football but I know shit when it’s in front of me.

      4. The Defiant Man says:

        Holding this year makes a huge defensive mistake every 50 – 60 minutes he plays. Not Premier League material just like Chambers (well, Chambers might become good enough for a bottom table team). If those appearances had been in the CL or PL instead of Europa and English cups, Arsenal would have received roughly 7, 8 goals due to his lack of focus or silly decisions in just a good handful of games. Today he cost us 2 goals, so maybe he’ll have a whole good game afterwards.
        But Debuchy is also at about one huge defensive mistake every 60 – 70 minutes lately, so whoever coaches defending has to leave Arsenal. Which means that all jobs are actually safe.

    2. RSH says:

      Is it even worth mentioning how trash Iwobi is, or do we always just assume every time his name pops up on the team sheet?

    3. Ali davidson says:

      Walcott never be a recycle items,just a garbage. Once a trash,always a trash.

  4. Lord Banter says:

    WOW! I think I’ve seen it all. Speechless at the depths that we’ve fallen into. Thank you Wenger!

    1. Anko says:

      Even Forest came with a game plan and we walked right into it because of this manger that refuses to see a different way to playing! I wish Arsenal good luck for the rest of the season

  5. Tatgooner says:


  6. Elliot says:

    Had a feeling we would lose this. Not watching this team and manager anymore, it’s too depressing lol.

      1. Muffdiver says:

        I had that feeling than realised I was sat on my woman’s pet pug fifi…..

        Rip fifi

  7. Roy says:

    Look on the bright side,it will hasten the departure of Wenger.Walcott,Iwobi etc.

    1. lcebox says:

      Can only wish for that im afraid

    2. TH14atl says:

      And who will be left? Who will we spend money to get? Who will want to transfer here?

      We’re in an oddddd place right now

  8. Tatgooner says:

    Are you not entertained?

    1. gotanidea says:

      At least the lineswoman is a cutie. A good looking English lady.

  9. DANDY GUNNER says:

    WENGER SHOULD BE SACKED. There is no excuse this is a very dark time for Arsenal FC and its Wenger who has brought Arsenal to this low level in football.

    1. Bur says:

      You are 100% correct. He bought this dung and persists on playing it. My oh my what a calamity!

  10. Innit says:

    All hail our glorious leader Le Proffeseur
    He’s a genius innit

  11. #Tiredofthis says:

    Wenger has no reason to say jack, all of the dramas are consequences of his flipping choices. He has had chance after chance to right past wrongs and failed to do so on every occasion. Constantly rewarded for under performing, as long as they get theirs eh! If you want a change you know what to do.

  12. Tatgooner says:

    This amazes me but you can be sure wenger will stay here for atleast another 5 years

  13. ThirdManJW says:

    Classic Arsenal! We need TWO GOALS in the last two minutes, plus the four minutes stoppage time, and guess what the tactic is…keep possession of the ball, with sideways, and backwards passes. Not once, did we just launch it into the box, and just go route one after going 4-2 down. Why didn’t Mertesacker just go upfront at the end?

    This season has been absolutely shocking, and the defending is full blown Sunday league standard now. I would love this to mean the end of Wenger, but in reality, Kroenke has probably said to Wenger he has a job for life!

    1. jon fox says:

      I am sure todays surrender and disgrace , along with all the rightful campaign of abuse against Wenger, which is not going away but will increase, together with our likely defeat in LC by Chelsea will force the club to act against Wenger in May. I BELIEVE THEY ARE EVEN NOW PLANNING HIS SUCCESSOR. Kroenke can see his investment being damaged and that is key. An almost certain 6th place -or even lower- many points behind 4th place- will be the last straw. BUSINESS PEOPLE CAN SEE WHAT IS HAPPENING AND WILL SACK HIM . I AM THEREFORE EXTREMELY HOPEFUL!

  14. arie82 says:

    From premiership big 6 team, only we who used second/reserve team, and only we who lost it.
    So arrogant at first, but so embarrasing the end…

    1. Abel says:

      Perspective people,
      Terrible loss. No excuses. The line up was good enough to win the tie.
      Welbeck, Walcott, Iwobi, Niles, Elneny, Debuchy, Mertersacker, Holding, Ospina are all premier league standard players for Arsenal and should hold their hands up in letting the club down in the match. It was a learning curve for the likes of Reis Nelson and Joe Willock.
      If Wenger had played Sanchez, Ozil, Wilshere, Lacazette, Mustafi, or Bellerin and any of them picked up an injury, you’d all be up in arms.
      If you can’t field your subs against a struggling championship side, who would you field them against?
      The only indictment on Wenger is the fact that he doesn’t scout opposition teams and prepare for them accordingly. He approaches nearly every game the same. Only recently has he begun planning for top 6 opponents.

  15. AB says:

    Thanks AKBs for bringing our cup to this level. Anyone who supports wenger and this management is an enemy of arsenal. Wenger was in the stands today but he is the one who has put this group of players together. I have been following arsenal since 2009 and this is the worst season in terms of our performance for me. Other more experienced fans, have you seen anything worse than this.
    Would be extremely disappointed if every single fan in the stadium in the next game doesn’t have a wenger out and gazidis and kroenke out poster.
    I hope I wake up tomorrow to wenger sacked news.

    1. RSH says:

      he’s survived 8-2/10-2/6-0… this is childs play for Arsene Wenger

      1. lcebox says:

        lol exactly

      2. AB says:

        Agreed RSH. That is the sad truth. I am still hoping the banners will come out in large numbers.

    2. Skills1000 says:

      Honestly, I am almost shedding tears. Wenger deserves a sack this minute. Ancelloti and Mourinho were sacked before. These two won the Champions league more than once and still got sacked by their clubs. Wenger has no dignity. He should be sacked NOW. I’m depressed. The CEO of AFC should do his job. In fact, the person in charge of sacking the person in charge of Sacking Wenger, needs to be sacked.

      1. lcebox says:

        lol nice

    3. Tdg1944 says:

      In answer to your question of whether longer term fans have ever seen a worse display – on a personal level, over the 61 years I have watched them, “NO, I haven’t seen a worse display”.

  16. King says:

    Elneny, Walcott, welbeck, iwobi please leave ! Time for Wenger to step down.

    1. gotanidea says:

      Wenger and Walcott only please…

    2. The Defiant Man says:

      You forgot Holding and Chambers.

      If you think those are ever going to be top 6 material, you’re simply wrong.

  17. Uzi Ozil says:

    Oh Arsenal…….

  18. gotanidea says:

    Arsenal used 4-2-3-1 again and it sucked again! If they want to accomodate wingers like Walcott and Nelson, they had better use 4-3-3 for a change:

    – Welbeck: He should have dropped deeper to get the ball and help the midfielders when his teammates could not supply him with good passes.

    – Walcott: As a natural right footer, he should be able to penetrate from the right wing easier and link up with Debuchy. He has scored 65 league goals for Arsenal, but the goals were made in twelve seasons (!) and he still cannot link up well. Arsenal should find a more skillful and more talented right winger that does not afraid to dribble past the opponents.

    – Nelson: He is also a natural right footer and was expected to cut inside as an inverted winger in the left side. But he could not do that and only worked better when switched to the right side.

    – Iwobi: He is getting worse and he was really lacklustre today. Have to be benched and train harder.

    – Willock: Still not good enough to be Arsenal’s central midfielder.

    – Elneny: Defended well as a DM, but could not create creative passes.

    – Maitland-Niles: Played well, but not as energetic as usual. Maybe he was tired.

    – Debuchy: Played good as a right fullback, even though he is still rusty. Got punished for Traore’s dive.

    – Mertesacker: What should we expect from a retiring defender? I hope his replacement is quicker and more aggressive.

    – Holding: Made many errors today. Have to be benched and train harder.

    – Ospina: Did what he could. No error today.

    Happy to see Lehmann and Armand Traore (he was supposed to be Ashley Cole’s replacement) again today.

    1. Sue says:

      I love Lehman!

    2. RSH says:

      that wasnt a dive by traore. its embarrassing that we always think we’re hard done by with pens when the WBA pen was the only bad call recently. we just stink at defending.

  19. Lupe says:

    Wenger is a clown for selecting this team and not even bringing the big boys incase it went wrong. I guess he is tired of winning the Fa cup.. Lol. I saw in this game two poor teams, making mistakes right, left and center. Its a shame one is a premier league team. Most of these players are not good enough and should not be any where near arsenal. But before i slate these players further, wenger shouldn’t be anywhere near arsenal either. Wenger out!!! I can’t believe you trusted in mertesacker who at the begining of the season wanted to retire because he had doubts in himself but you kept him because it is cheaper to do so.. wow just wow. Walcott, welbeck and iwobi should be playing in southampton together or even in a lower team, such poor players that have even regressed more under wenger. I am so angry not because we wouldn’t win the Fa cup this season but because of the way we were dumped out with embarrassment. Wenger please take off these chains you have put arsenal fans in by leaving at the end of the season. And don’t you even dare to blame the referee. Wenger out!!

    1. ks-gunner says:

      when you realise how much those three even earn, lol

  20. TongaBull says:

    Stupid AW

  21. Ivan says:

    Although I am depressed about the result today it is not this that really annoys, after all this can happen to any team on the wrong day. No the thing that drives me mad is we see the same thing too often. Lots of possession with our tippy tappy football, hardly any clear cut chances and we cannot defend. This is a direct result of the dinosaurs crap coaching. Sack him now, not at the end of the season.

  22. Me says:

    Oh come on – chin up everyone.
    Its nice to see another of Wenger’s “big ideas” fail spectacularly.
    In fact, its just nice to see Wenger fail spectacularly.
    After all, as Mourinho so accurately observed he is a specialist in failure…
    But the worse thing is – everywhere else, at every club he would be fired.
    But not at Arsenal.
    Who reward failure…

  23. John Wick says:

    We are an absolute embarrassment, absolute rubbish performance as usual.. this team is a mess, the club is a mess! Out of touch old manager who once was a legend who now is a laughing stock.. rested his entire first 11 not even some security on the bench a squad full of youngsters.. this has to be the final straw but this is Arsenal so new contract looming for wenger! 4 penalties conceded in a week? All scored of course our keepers don’t work on that in training that’s apparent! Can’t believe people was slagging off Jonny Evans saying they rather have holding well maybe now they’ll see Rob Holding is completely out of his depth and Mertesacker shouldn’t be anywhere near a football pitch completely owned by a teenager! Rumour has it Wenger has earmarked the legendary Mikel Arteta to be his successor my god Arsenal football club is slipping off the radar dark dark times ahead.

    1. Abel says:

      Welbeck, Walcott, Iwobi, Niles, Elneny, Debuchy, Mertersacker, Holding, Ospina are all premier league standard players for Arsenal and should hold their hands up in letting the club down in the match. It was a learning curve for the likes of Reis Nelson and Joe Willock.
      If Wenger had played Sanchez, Ozil, Wilshere, Lacazette, Mustafi, or Bellerin and any of them picked up an injury, you’d all be up in arms.
      If you can’t field your subs against a struggling championship side, who would you field them against?
      Xhaka, Ramsey, Coquelin, and Cazorla are all injured, hence very limited midfield options. Wouldn’t risk an injury prone wilshere who is our only fit CM.
      Sanchez and Ozil need rest and an injury to either right now would be disastrous for obvious reasons.
      Lacazette is also carrying an injury and was not risked.

  24. Rkw says:

    Even stoke have a modicum of self respect but not the corporate club par excellence … Time for fans to stand up

  25. COYG_CA says:

    Unless AFC announces a strong manager replacement with some $$ to spend, you can bet the players on last year contracts WILL be gone, Wilshere included!

  26. Gily says:

    Arsenal is such a terrible joke taken too far. Mchew

  27. dutchy says:

    What a f*cking sh*tshow. Well rested team, had a lot of time to prepare for this game, what do they do: NOTHING. 3 shots on goal, worst passing game ever, sooo slooow in every department, have they ever heard of position game? With 15 minutes left i still thought: okay, forest is tired, now there gonna try something: NOTHING. 2 stupid penalty’s. Stupid header by Holding, Elneny doesn’t even try to close down. The first goal summed it all up. Wall in the wrong place, nobody with the forest player, Ospina didn’t see nothing. This team and manager should apologise to the fans for this absolute nightmare of a football game.

  28. COYG_CA says:

    The one trophy we could’ve still won this season and he doesn’t even bring any starters for at least the bench if needed? Didn’t Kane start for Tot today? And we got Theo . . . JOKE!!!

  29. raymondo says:

    After 67 years supporting this club, this has to be the lowest point. No excuses. We were woeful!

    1. RSH says:

      nah, we’ve definitely hit lower points. Even Chelsea/City have been taken out by lesser opponents in FA Cup. It’s coupled with the fact that embarrassing displays are monthly rituals for Arsenal, and we are getting worse and worse. There is no hope in this club until major changes are made. But nobody cares to make them as long as the profits look pretty.

  30. ks-gunner says:

    Well, where are those deluded Akb fools who made something like Wenger even possible? A scenario like this comes to happen when you make a person bigger than the club, and now we are forced to live with the consequence of such idiotic worshipping

  31. Karis says:

    So why is Wenger resting the first team? For premier league?, (no chance), europa?( he plays reserve team),…..

    1. Ignasi says:

      Exactly. Feels like he’s on a mission to sabotage the season.

      Why does he have so much continued faith in below average players?

      1. lcebox says:

        l dont think its as much the players fault tho some are brutal but tactics and training by Wenger

        1. Ignasi says:

          Oh, i meant in addition to the non existent defensive tactical training.

    2. The Defiant Man says:

      he’s gonna play them 3 days from now in the semis of league cup, rested, so that we can win at least one silverware this year as the fa cup is going to get even tougher now that klopp, mourinho, conte, and pocchetino all need it.

      I would have made the same choice as wenger, except i would have put 3 – 5 – 2, as you’d have to be mad or senile to think the “5-mph Mertesacker” and Holding could do the job alone.

  32. Ignasi says:

    Genuine question:

    What does Wenger and Bould do in training?

    1. Ivan says:

      No doubt like a lot of grandads the dinosaur bores the ares off the players about how things were so much harder back when he was young, how he walked miles uphill to and from school and that he could buy a new suit for a fiver. He certainly does not coach them in defending.

    2. gotanidea says:

      I predict a training day or a match day is just another day at the office for them. Show up, pretend to work until the working hour is finished, then collect the salary at the end of the month.

    3. Me says:

      Play with each other…

    4. lcebox says:

      Get GG back start tying thr rope around the denfenders afain make them work as unit i say….

    5. GoonAR says:

      lol good question

  33. inkfight! says:

    Awful team selection – and paid for it, absolutely terrible performance.

    4 penalties conceded in the last 3 games. Don’t think I’ve ever seen that before. Thank you for your constant bitching Mr.Wenger. Having said that, 3 of those 4 have been pretty soft and pretty sure Debuchy won the ball for the 2nd penalty today.

    Lastly, is it just me, or is Danny Welbeck one of the worst players we’ve seen at the club in recent years? And we’ve had some shockers. Sure this guy has pace and strength but everytime I watch him play, it’s like it’s the first time he’s playing football. Falls over, poor touch, no passing range and absolutely ZERO footballing intelligence.

    1. gotanidea says:

      In my opinion, Giroud and Walcott are the worst footballers I have ever seen in Arsenal. Very limited skills and movements as attackers.

      Luckily Giroud still has height and strength. Walcott only has pace, but he often gets offside-trapped.

      1. sfgunner says:

        oh, gotanidea- you made the cardinal sin, being critical of giroud, even though he only scores about 13 gps in EPL, his fans will thumb you down if you’re critical… even though he is inconsistent. goes long stretches w no goals, you can not be critical of giroud…

    2. Ignasi says:

      For future reference, refer to danny welbeck as ‘bambi on ice’.

    3. COYG_CA says:

      Danny? What about the statue Theo? To top it off, NO BACKUP PLAN, probably no plan at all. Bet they “prepared” by having a bit of a kick about with the reserves and were told, ok, go out and win, that’s the plan boys!! Many have said it, and I must agree, that was an embarrassment.

  34. Larry says:

    I said last night that Walcott ibowi are not good enough. The team Wenger put out were more than good enough too win. Wasn’t the managers fault. If you have to play Sanchez and ozil today were going nowhere. Walcott hang your head in shame.

    1. Tdg1944 says:

      “Wasn’t the managers fault” !!!!!!!!!!

      1. Larry says:

        Lack of afford from the players

  35. Vlad says:

    Goodness gracious… where to begin with this one? Defense – shocking. Holding, Mertesacker, and Debuchy should not be allowed nowhere near the pitch. Midfield – horrendous. Elneny provided absolutely nothing going forward, and was just as bad helping in the back. Offense – complete joke. Walcott, Welbeck, and Iwobi are just plain bad. As for the kids – well, they are just that, KIDS who are nowhere near ready for this level of football.

    1. gotanidea says:

      I remember some fans on this site consider Nelson to be as talented as Mbappe. Yeah right. Mbappe >>>>> Nelson.

    2. lcebox says:

      ln fairness Debuchy wasnt as bad as some others …. was unlucky with the pen tho did leave mert exposed a bit.

  36. Shinoda says:

    I don’t want to sound pessimistic towards my club, but I knew we would lose. It’s not even about the team sheet but pure incompetence from the management. I didn’t even watch the game, I couldn’t risk my heart being broken again with a mediocre performance. If Wenger isn’t sacked in the summer, we are done as a football club. I hate Kroenke so bad & I want him out but I will be so happy to see Wenger gone. God bless Arsenal.

    1. Ignasi says:

      I predicted 1 – 0 to Notts forest, but could have been 9 – 2.

  37. taiwo mamud says:

    After all, Wenger is not a coach l took him to be. very arrogant, inept , clueless and lacks passion for success. Many dead woods in the team. Walcott, Mertersaker, Debuchy, Elenny , Xhaka , Ramsey , Chambers and Giroud are poor qualities and must go. Please , l need to be educated and enlightened on how many years does lt take to build championship team?
    Assess what Klope and Guardolia are doing with their teams.
    Wenger claimed he didn’t need s director of football and he knows all football in the world, but he has been recruiting mediocre players year in anf year out. Arsenal transfer policy and approach are the worst among the europe elite teams.
    For Arsenal to rise again and earn respect of all and all , Arsene Wenger must go first , before a new anf meaningful rebuilding of Arsenal can take place.

    1. The Defiant Man says:

      You are wrong.

      According to all experts Arsenal have not only spent the least, we have by far the worst squad of top 6. Now look at the points. How much behind Liverpool and Spurs are we? Do you think Klopp or Pocchettino or Mourinho would reach top 4 with our current players?

      Arsene is overall still excellent in coaching if we take into account the individual quality, but he should not touch anything else. His biggest mistake is paying fringe players salaries that no one else would and then giving them a 5 year contract. If Arteta comes, he’ll get sacked within 6 months unless Arsenal starts getting rid of dead wood now and buying better replacements (Here’s looking at you Walcott, Iwobi, Holding, Chambers, Welbeck).

  38. Sandeep says:

    Buddy i am really sad today don’t know what to do.

  39. lcebox says:

    Whats worst thing is Forest looked much better than us no matter who was playing

  40. Gelz says:

    Well played Forest, they were up for it and had a plan, just ashame that it still won’t expose the failings of our manager to the board and who will still have a job in the morning. Well he won’t have the FA cup at the end of the season to save his other failings.

  41. Ali davidson says:

    Arsenal players destroy Arsenal FC from inside. Eg Debuchy. Nice one. So wenger will get sacked for poor form.

  42. Avenger says:

    Wenger is laughing all the way to the bank ….

  43. Me says:

    I feel bad for the club and its fans.
    But I am delighted to see Wenger fail – There is nothing I like about the man.
    So i am not really that bothered by it all.
    Talk about “legacy”
    Three championships in 22 going on 23 years is Ok but hardly what you would call a legacy.
    Ferguson had a legacy..

  44. Crispen says:

    Why is everyone suddenly upset about us losing in the FA… The last few years you have all been saying all we can win is the FA Cup… As if it’s a meaningless trophy.. What’s changed.

    1. Ivan says:

      It is more than this one result it is the accumulation of bad results. The lack of cutting edge and abysmal defending thatcomes through Wengers dreadful coaching.

    2. John0711 says:

      What’s changed simple we cannot even win the meaningless trophies lol

    3. Dangote Save Us says:

      what changed is we are not even good enough to win this meaningless trophy

    4. pires says:

      spot on mate.When we won it it’s a Mickey Mouse cup.And when we lose it’s the end of the world!!!!!

  45. Robin Vanpayslip says:

    The sad thing is that I thought this might happen. It was actually a plausible result. That is where Wenger has brought us down to…..

  46. Brett says:

    Dear Arsenal family. It is with a heavy heart that I announce with immediate effect my withdrawal from supporting Arsenal Football Club and any football related activities until Arsene Wenger retires or steps down from his current roles at the club.
    I can not continue to put my health and social wellbeing at risk because of an unrepentant individual.
    I thank you all for your love and support.

    Thank you
    Brett Mash~Euro

    1. Sue says:

      Think a lot of people will be with you on that!!

      1. GB says:

        Pi$$ off then and don’t bother coming back!

    2. Ivan says:

      I’m afraid it is not that easy Brett. Once Arsenal are in your heart like any addict you cannot stop.

      1. GB says:

        Obviously not in his heart, just pkastic

    3. jon fox says:

      Brett, I stopped going to games, early last season after going since 1958. I DID NOT DO THIS LIGHTLY, GIVEN WHAT OUR CLUB MEANS TO ME. But it is now poisonous, run by a corrupt owner, who cares nothing and lives abroad with a deceitful CEO who has spent many seasons lying through his crooked teeth to us fans. Worst of all w have a manager completely out of touch, who listens to no one but his own rather obstinate brain(if you can even call it a brain) and who is arogant beyond belief, incompetant as Donald Trump,( with similar mental frailty) and is ruining our once great and honourable club. We fans are treated as cash cows only and disdained by all in charge, including the Dickensian joke Chairman. They do not deserve our love and support and our money, whch WE, at least, have to actually earn. I am pledged never togive this club another peeny of mine while Wenge stays and am keeping that oath. Frankly our club is a basket case run by unscrupulous people and what would really cure it , long tern is RELEGATION , which would force a sale and a totally new brigade, who hoipefully woulf be honest. We have forgotten what honesty is, at all levels in this club.. BIZARRELY, AND AGAINST ALL LOGIC THOUGH, I STILL LOVE IT. FOR MY SANITY’S SAKE, I WISH I TO GOD I DIDN’T!

  47. jay says:

    well well well…I don’t know wer 2 start from… I jes don’t know y I love this club.things are getting worst by the day…no pressure from the fans

  48. Buddie says:

    I can’t blame Wenger solely for this loss, if Walcot, Welbeck, and Iwobi cannot perform a magic against Not’forest then they should not play for Arsenal again, except the reserves. Pathetic performance from the defence and attack. To be honest, the team selected should be able to win Not’forest with any kind of formation…

    1. COYG_CA says:

      You know, although I am pissed at not having starters on the bench in case needed – yes, that lot out there should be able to beat Forest! As much as Wenger makes me sick, many of the (International team level) players out there make me even more sick!! I still can’t get over how Theo just stood there, and let the other side just take the ball, which led to the 2nd PK. And after the player just stepped in front to take the ball, Theo continued to stand in the same place without any movement. I was yelling at the TV!! Although most AFC players sucked eggs, Theo was garbage!!! Pathetic!!

      1. sfgunner says:

        actually, this was as plain asday what result was going to be, you put a group of bench players who never play togethe as a unit, to play on the road, in front of a team that is energized and used to playing together, and you have all the makings of a dumpster fire, just becuz it was a road match means you put reserves on the bench to protect your arse… moronic managment…

  49. jon fox says:

    A blessedly good day for our club, for it means Wengers demise is now almost certain , in May though probably not before, sadly. The manner and way the team SURRENDERED, rather than just the result, will do for Wenger. I now feel feel like the banker Rothschild in that old black and white, who when all around were “shouting “sell, sell the shares,” as the price crashed through the floor, offered to buy all the shares , bucking the trend. I (though there will be some, but not many, others) can also clearly see that this result and esp the manner of it, along with the campaign of welcome vital abuse now raining down on Wenger, will compel the club to act. I expect CHELSEA TO BEAT US OVER TWO LEGS , STARTING ON WEDNESDAY AND HOPE THEY DO, since that will finally seal Wengers fate. Like all those who see the IMPORTANT things clearly, which is the vital necessity of Wenger going, this debacle today will soon be seen for what it is worth; namely an important staging post in forcing the club to throw out Wenger , in MAY. Though when it happens, in typical deceitful fashion for our regime , it will be dressed up as Wengers resignation , with possibly his health given as a reason, or some other falsehood, rather than the sack, But the Rothschilds among us will recognise the truth; it is the sack. THE BOARD AND OWNER KNOW THEIR INVESTMENT WILL DECLINE IN VALUE IF HE STAYS. A decade too late but welcome even so. And only then, my friends and fellow Gooners, we can at long last begin the long overdue cure, with a new manager who actually coaches, organises, demands effort and will not tolerate not caring and laziness and hiding on the field. Perhaps, even as recently as 2012, I would have felt sorry for him but for me he destroyed , rather than merely tarnished, his legacy many years ago AND I HAVE WANTED HIM OUT WITH A PASSION EVER SINCE. I will feel only elation and a mighty relief when he leaves in MAY, as I am convinced he will.

  50. GoonAR says:

    If this were the first time I would call it a “bad game” or “poor officiating” but why is anyone surprised? I expected to win but now when we lose to lower tier teams or average teams it’s just a part of current life at Arsenal.

    I also agree with “Buddie” above. No heart (or maybe talent?) from some players.

    Hopefully we can finish in a decent position this year in the league. Currently we look like a 5-7 place team.

  51. Steven Wilson says:

    What a farce this was today. By all means play the young up and coming players but be astute enough to have a plan b with lacazette, Sanchez, Ozil etc on the bench should it all go horribly wrong. Unfortunately this simple and obvious plan was not put in place and we now face a trophy less season outside the European places. We need a total clear out top to bottom and not a 30 year old defender costing best part of 30 million. Please board members, wake up and stop the rot

    1. The Defiant Man says:

      We have a bigger chance to win the league cup, especially now that the team has been rested.

      1. Lance says:

        Defiant Man: The team that lost to Forest was well rested too.

    2. Jakseth says:

      That’s surely the biggest mistake today.

  52. Sue says:

    We WERE the holders ffs…. it’ll be exactly the same on Wednesday……

  53. arsenal#7 says:

    I have watched this team now for the last 12 years religiously and although at times the team looked fantastic ,it also always looked as the next catastrophe was around the corner.
    Wenger has morphed to “like” the Abu Diary’s of the world hence Welbeck, Walcott, and also
    has never, once the invisibles era was over, understood what makes a great defender or the value they bring to the team. 4 goals against NF is criminal and the blame goes to the manager and the
    “old pathetic” excuse of a staff that he bullies around.
    Any team can almost score at will on us. Even Liverpool and Klop are getting the value of star defenders ex. Van Dijk who was linked with us almost centuries ago and never made an attempt
    to get him. Look at Pochetino spending big on players like Aurier,Sanchez. Other managers are
    light years ahead of this old fool in terms of planning and actually spending less in the end.
    140K a week for Walcott? OMG !!!
    35K for Mustafi ? Seriously folks we need a revolution. Or need to drink heavily and more often to watch this team.

  54. Phil says:

    How much longer FFS are we expected to tolerate this incompetence?The man must go NOW

  55. Robin Vanpayslip says:

    From the man that brought you 8-2, 6-1 and 4-4 Vs the spuds comes 4-2 to lower league opposition……

    1. Ivan says:

      And poor lower league opposition that were badly out of form themselves as well.

  56. sfgunner says:

    so, you go away from home, w a line up of players who rarely play as a unit, to play a cohesive unit who play together all season,in front of a hostile crowd, and you leave no first teamers on the bench in case this goes bad? really? i must say, i looked at that kineup and bench and immediately said, danger. he will blame it on s hedule, oh i had to rest…. to me this exposes many things, but upmost how the players we count on iff the bench do jot belong on a pitch vs a mid table championship league team. we need top to bottom changes, and not just players

  57. Bur says:

    We will still have “In Wenger we trust” idiots supporting him. It’s time to revolt and cut the blood to the board and that is stop the money going to their hungry pockets. Get them all out ta f..k

  58. lcebox says:

    Just like to say a big fair play to the fans who went to watch that crap and even the writers on here who cant enjoy writing these articles the way we are atm…

    Fair play to Ye all

  59. mysty says:

    gent know what did i say about the skyblue kit…. they are cursed…

  60. arsenal#7 says:

    We should leave Emirates empty for a while. Nothing else can hurt them.
    As fans maybe we should put out the same product this shit players and manager gives us: garbage

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