Forest were outstanding – Arsenal were simply not good enough

For the first time ever under Arsene Wenger, Arsenal were knocked out in the Third Round of the FA Cup, and the disappointment was palpable especially as we have been the holders for the last two seasons.

Wenger was not shy about praising our Championship opponents, he said: “Overall, you can congratulate Nottingham Forest for an outstanding performance. They were sharp, won decisive challenges, were always dangerous going forward and I would say they deserved to win today. It’s as simple as that.

He was also quite scathing about the second-string but comprised of very experienced international players that he had picked for the match. “… I just think that we were not good enough anywhere, not at the front and not in the middle or at the back. We paid for it and they looked sharper, had more chances and that’s all I can say. Nottingham Forest had an outstanding performance today. We couldn’t fault any individual performance from Forest today. ”

The boss admitted that he had made changes to save his first team from being overly fatigued, but that doesn’t excuse the performance of the players he did pick. “We had a very difficult schedule, many players were on the edge and we play again on Wednesday. It was nearly impossible not to make [changes]. I can understand that the selection is questioned, but it would also be a little bit of an easy excuse because we had eight or nine experienced international players on the pitch today. Even against a Championship team, we played with all the respect and that would be the wrong excuse. 

I wouldn’t like to talk about the individual performances today because it’s disappointing that we lost the game. That’s all I can say. There are some days where you have to say, ‘Nottingham Forest were better than us’. Unfortunately that was the case. Of course that was disappointing and on top of that we have another big game on Wednesday. We have to focus on that now. ”

So I wonder how many of these reserves have a chance of being picked for the Chelsea match on Wednesday, not many I’ll bet!



  1. kev says:

    JUST IN:I told you guys yesterday that Juventus have offered Alexis Sanchez a 4-year deal worth £280,000 a week.He has still not decided on it but his preferred destination is Man City.
    I’ve had it confirmed today that City have tabled a bid worth £25m for Sanchez but Arsenal want to do a deal at £35m.
    I will update you guys with more as they come in.No news on Cristian Pavon of Boca Juniors and Malcom of Bordeaux today yet.

    1. kev says:

      We call Wenger delusional but some of us here are a special case.I remember saying here last season that we had better sell Sanchez and get a replacement yet some of you here were like ”We should keep because we have a higher chance of winning the EPL with him,Ozil and Laca and the money is not yours”.Were are all of you today?Isn’t it disgraceful already that a club will allow it’s best player to go for free and the fans accept it?
      Sanchez is world class but people look down on other players too much.Most of us here didn’t even know he was this good until he was given the chance here.How do you know another player can’t replace him and can’t do better if given the opportunity?If I was Wenger I would’ve sold him to City long ago last season.I don’t care if it would’ve been a Van Persie situation.All Utd needed was a decent striker to help them win the league but they got lucky and had a world class one.Utd were even favourites to win it prior to that season and if I’m not mistaken City beat them by only 1 point to win it.
      If Arsenal had replaced him with a quality player the excuse of Sanchez winning it for them would’ve been irrelevant since we would’ve had a quality player in his place.This is poor management all round.
      I also hope we don’t go for Lemar who would clearly be a waste of money had he been signed last season or this season for the quoted amount.He can replace Ozil but not Sanchez.

      1. gotanidea says:

        Most humans have double standard bro. Don’t waste your breath on people that like to waste their time cheering on other people’s glory, while there are better things to do in their and their family’s lives.

        1. jon fox says:

          I agree and double standards are in fact , hypocrisy. All humans – and I have lectured on this subject- are hypocrites to a small degree and in fact need to be, to function normally in this world. BUT, virtually all understand the key differences between every day hypocrisies and huge black lies designed to deceive and make money from others. I maintain the biggest and most sickening hypocrite, by a distance at Arsenal, is Gazidis. Directly because of his lies-and let us use that correct word, LIES, – fans bought into the new regime and life with increased prices at the new stadium, which was of course operative before Gazidis, but needed marketing (as the huge cost it indeed was), AND ALSO EXAGGERATED to get fans to accept long term mediocrity of new players. Which in varying degrees most of them did. Innocently so and thus most were duped. Some , a very few ,sadly still ARE duped , even now. Gazidis is a man of the cut and thrust financial world, which is an honourably run club would be a huge advantage and necessity . But in a dishonourably run club, it has become a huge danger and deception and I maintain it has killed and is STILL killing vital trust from fans. Two apt examples of these opposites, honourable and dishonourable men, are David Dein and Gazidis. The obvious fact, which most fans of course realise but fail to keep in the front of their minds, is that a huge and world wide fan base is the life blood that keeps life flowing through any huge club. Without a huge fanbase and keen , attending, passionate fans who care DEEPLY, no club is safe from decline. The real danger we at Arsenal now have, is that fans have become angry, diillusioned and -though we can never put exact numbers on it- there will be a loss of lifeblood, which can be very difficult to stem. Especially when those in charge are opportunists and shysters, intent on lining their own pockets and maintaining their power base, which they see as prestigious. Not many of them actually even want all that goes with being a billionaire. But most desperately need to ensure their already well heeled lifestyle at the least is maintained and to ensure their existing grip on power. POWER is a potent DRUG and when used by bad people, can kill. Trump and Kim Jung un are obvious examples. In caring and honourable hands – surgeons, doctors, nurses and SOME politicians etc.though , drugs(ie power) can enrich and save lives. Only very few Arsenal fans still refuse to accept the clear fact that bad people are making key decisions at our club. I mean of course the owner , board and esp CEO. I do not consider Arsene Wenger a bad person, in fact in his heart, quite the reverse. He has often shown great wisdom and is a paternal figure to many young players and has a lifetime in football. However, the problem lies that when otherwise well intentioned people come unduly under the direct influence and control of bad people, the inate goodness in them becomes impossible to carry out and when their own faculties fade, through age, infermity or supreme cosiness in their own long term position(or a combination of these factors) – which can dull their senses as to the need for a vital change of direction – this goodness is unused , wasted and therefore redundant. Bad people often pay good peoples wages, as at Arsenal. Cosiness and comfort is itself a real danger , as is sets a style,a trend, which is adopted by some, even MANY players,. It prevents dynamic and necessary action to change things utterly. In effect, this is where Arsenal is today. A dishonourable owner, CEO, board but with a well meaning but “trapped in cosiness ” manager. with reduced mental sharpness and whose keen senses of yesteryear are now almost effectively gone. Arsene Wenger in his first glory years, deserved and earned a rightful reputation for innovation , decency, setting of top standards in both lifestyle and morality. . He was also ,along with Sir Alex Ferguson, the sharpest tool in the box that Prem football had ever shown. But as sages know, time changes and we all change and our physical and mental powers diminish. It is lifes natural cycle and we are all powerless to prevent it. However , things also change for the better. We would not as humans ,have made the progress we have in the modern world, without new thinking , new ideas and innovation. There will always be both good people and bad people but bad people can be and in the end,usually are, overthrown by good people who really want the bad things to end. I say WE are those good people and should PROVE IT by taking the action to overthrown those bad people in charge at the club of our lives, of our hearts. Dare I say, of our souls!

    2. barryglik says:

      Why would City buy a near
      30 year old Sanchez
      with a million miles on the clock
      when they can get a 20 year old Malcom
      or a 22 year old or Thomas Lemar for the same price?
      City have already won the league, will make the Carabao final
      and boast a stellar cast of attacking riches.
      Sanchez to City is like Chamberlain to Liverpool.
      Arsenal would be laughing as we offload a pensioner and
      buy in a young star like Le Mar or Draxler.
      Pep is not that dumb..or is he.

      1. RSH says:

        money doesnt mean anything to city. If they get him now, they don’t have to potentially fight off PSG or anyone else who can give him higher wages. No pre-contract seems to be in the works either which means Sanchez still debating which team to join

  2. McLovin says:

    “We signed a Greek boy who looks quite good in training but apart from that, we have not done anything. Will we be out there to do something? Yes we will.”

    “A Greek boy”? This sounds like Wenger had nothing to do with this signing. And I believe this is great news, as the new lad is the product of our new scouting system.

    This would make me believe that whoever was in charge of hiring Mislintat and Sanllehi, didn’t confer with Wenger about this.

    I’m definitely hope that Wenger’s power is being limited and he is finally removed come in May.

    1. barryglik says:

      Letting someone sign one youth player
      most of whom never make it at Arsenal
      is hardly letting go of the reigns.

      1. Jens says:

        Mavropanos looks excellent. Bigger talent than Chambers or Holding, definitely.

    2. McLovin says:

      If the rumors are true, and he’s straight going on loan to Werder Bremen, then he’s more than a youth player IMO.

  3. Roxana Kelly says:

    How much longer do we have to put up with this mediocrity languishing under the guise of football??? It is clear that when Wenger arrived to take over the helm at Arsenal he changed the face of football, but how much longer do we have to keep harping back to the “Good Old Days” to keep justifying his tenure at the club? It is embarrassing week in & week out to watch our beloved club going through continual death throes because an individual has ceased to replace adequately the squad of 2003/4. He is bereft and has been for some time. Maybe players needed to be rested but the very least he could have done was have a strong bench. He may well have a great business head but I’m afraid we have enough of those on the board – we need a coach that wants to win trophies and wants to attract big players to play at this amazing club before it falls on its face like a sketch out of the Keystone Cops!! Wait a minute, it already is!

    1. jon fox says:

      A great post and sadly also desperately true. But well said and we need more to keep saying it and not putting up,with it.

    2. Ivan says:

      @ Roxana
      Great post.

  4. kev says:

    Tell him bro.One funny thing I’ve realised is that most young players have the potential to be very good players not world class yet you always hear ”this player has world class potential” as soon as any young talents are brought on board.”World class” is not for everybody.It’s for a few.That’s life.It’s like there are only two things which are the extremes;average or world class.The expectation on the youngsters are so much and you can feel the pressure on them at times.When they don’t make it you feel the disappointment among the fans.

  5. Sue says:

    Our reserves are absolute pants

  6. Uzi Ozil says:

    The club I fell in love with now irritates me.

    Thanks to Wenger and the board. We are a joke of a club

  7. barryglik says:

    To be fair the Carabao and the
    FA Cup are both nuisance competitions
    compromising top 4 aspirations in
    the League and European games.
    Arsenal losing to Forest was like United losing to Bristol City.
    Both were away matches where the Championship side played their cup final.
    Arsenal with injuries played a very young side v Forest
    with the Chelsea game midweek in mind.
    The game was sacrificed and the young players reputations
    were some what sacrificed but with the greater goal
    of resting senior players for future Premier league games
    and crucial Europa games to come.
    The game itself was even. A Forest defender fluked one goal
    while the second penalty was extremely lucky.
    Going out is actually a blessing in disguise with the busy schedule ahead.
    COYG 🙂

    1. RSH says:

      This is complete nonsense. When we don’t make Top 4, what will you blame? Arsenal have a massive squad, being paid large amounts of money and they cannot perform and the manager cannot put out competent lineups. Chelsea and City put out more competitive sides than us and they both have busy schedules coming up as well. Bad, pathetic excuses. And worse, you try to discredit a legitimate goal as a fluke, when the attempt was 100% intentional. Maybe you’re upset that none of the Arsenal players on the pitch are capable of doing that? Forest were better than us, and that is why they won.

      1. barryglik says:

        Chelsea barely scraped
        a draw at Norwich meaning
        yet another extra game for them.
        Liverpool scraped a home win v Everton.
        Spurs had a home tie v third tier opposition.
        Much will happen in the next 4 months mark my words.
        In May if Arsenal make top 4 it will be a major achievement
        leading to a contract extension for the manager.

    2. Jens says:

      thanks for being a sensible adult, barry. a rare thing here.

  8. Ivan says:

    This idea that Forest are an outstanding side is a joke and more Wenger spin. They recently sacked their manager because they could not buy a win. Forest are a poor team who were very short on confidence and yet we conceded four goals. The result was because we were very very poor not because Forest played like City.

    1. Sue says:

      Once again we make the opposition look like Barcelona

      1. barryglik says:

        Absolutely Sue.
        Nottingham in January is
        just like Barcelona in August.
        Sun sand sea.
        and beautiful football 🙂

  9. AndersS says:

    Forest only seemed quite good because Arsenal let them play their game. For God’s sake, they are near the bottom of the Championship, and they outplayed us.
    For me the most disgusting thing was, even though we played a young team they showed exactly the same lack of defensive organization and lack of desire and motivation as we see so often from the first team.
    The “Wenger disease” is spreading to all players. Someone, please put a stop to it!!

  10. Darthballz says:

    The team put out was good enough to win but they played crap I don,t blame wenger for that

  11. jay says:

    can u guys just stop this malcom many of u v even watch him play? we hype players too much,remember xhaka,mustafi,ospina,holding, z Malcolm,I rada go 4 nabil firker

  12. Larry says:

    Who cares I’m getting bored with all this lack of effort football and being linked with every player in the transfer market. And always ending up with more deadwood players and expecting different results

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