“Forever an inspiration!” Saka sends heartfelt message to Wilshere after he says he might retire

Bukayo Saka has sent a message to Jack Wilshere after the former Arsenal midfielder admitted he has considered retirement from football at just 29 years of age.

The Englishman has been clubless since he left Bournemouth at the end of last season and has struggled to find a new club to take him on.

He left Arsenal in 2018 because of his persistent injury problems and joined West Ham who had to release him because he is hardly fit enough to play matches.

The midfielder has been training on his own and hoping that he would find a new club soon.

With the transfer window nearing its end and no club showing an interest in his signature, he told The Athletic recently that his kids are asking him why no one wants to sign him and he might actually retire from the game soon.

He led the way in being one of the talented players to break through the Arsenal academy and Saka says he will always be an inspiration to him and urged him to remain hopeful of bouncing back.

Saka told Wilshere on Instagram: “You showed all of us at Hale End [Arsenal academy] it was possible to make it at Arsenal.

“No matter what, remember how highly we all think of you! Forever an inspiration! You’ll be back.”

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  1. Jack is a perfect example of talent without hardwork may not be enough. He would have had a successful career but he wasn’t serious, he allowed the fame and money to get to his head.

    1. What a stupid out of touch comment @Lenohappy.

      Wilshere was one of the most hard working players on that pitch in every game. He was a bulldozer kind of player. Always going in sliding with tackles all over the place. He would get back from a long injury but straight away got into sliding tackles. Always pushing his team forward. Didn’t player safe side ways football, his first option was to push forward when in possession. When out of possession his was out there hustling the opposition for the ball.

      The kid was a committed player every time he was on the field. He was also a leader type as he had that hot head bit of Rooney about him.

      Everyone know that Wilshere’s career stagnating was all due to his fragile body that was always prone to injury. And every time he got injured he would be about for months and months at a time. Wilshere, Diaby, Rosicky, Vamaelen etc were injury prone players. How was that their fault?

      And weren’t some of us even begging wenger to stop Wilshere from going into tackles and running about too much?

    2. Judgemental statement without substance. It’s not about his discipline, it’s about his body. Being prone to injury is not by choice. Abou Diaby suffered same fate and there’s been other athletes like that. Empathy is key here.

  2. He should remember when he was living a reckless life, and it’s a big lesson for upcoming stars to remain focused and humble while climbing the ladder of success

    1. Can you offer to elaborate on some of the reckless things he was doing in his life that contributed to him becoming an injury prone player?

      1. Goonster, though I agre with you and think the post from Lenohappy was daft and wrong, I do believe that JACK had a social lifestyle that was not a maturely professional one during his younger days.

        Too late, he realsied his mistakes. His many injuries were mainlydirectly caused because he was too stupidly reckless, ie brave but foolhardy, in diving into 40/60 tackes while being a small player.

        His determination to win betrayed his body. Smoking and drinking were also stupid things to do for a professional young player.

        He learned but too late and now he is paying the unfortunate price. He will always be a Gooner and in our hearts, BUT he brought much, not all, but much, of his misfortune on himself.
        For full perspective, although I feel sorry for him, as a prematurely finshed millionaire(if he is finished), as I feel far more sorrow FOR THOSE HELPLESS UNFORTUNATES FLEEING THE TALIBAN.


        That is surely the fuller truth put in proper context, Id say!

        1. jon, I agree his lifestyle choices outside football, were not the smartest (smoking, drinking, partying); however Jack Wilshere is a cautionary tale for Arsenal’s management to look after young prospects and not play them into the ground. The playing pressure and resulting injuries to his young developing body didn’t help his career longitivity.

  3. He was such a talent
    Arsenal I thought, prided themselves on pastoral care but there also has to be some self responsibility too.
    Bad luck with injuries so if JW does retire, I hope he finds a new path and a worthwhile career off the pitch

  4. I wish him good luck really. Too bad Arsenal is not at a state where they could risk signing him as a player.
    He should start getting coaching badges, I would suggest, but he knows better for sure.

  5. I feel for Jack so badly

    HE was great when fit, how we could use a player like him in our squad now.

    It’s just a massive shame that his ankles are made of glass.

    I really do wish him all the best, i know how depressing it is in his position.
    Hopefully he can get a new club and start working towards his future by getting his badges done, as i do believe that with his injury record, we all know its terrible, he will have to retire early.

    Plan for the future Jack

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