Forget a new striker, Arsenal have more pressing needs in the transfer window

Arsenal’s main focus this summer should be on signing a quality No. 6 and a highly versatile winger.

Some Arsenal fans will ask, “What’s your problem with the club signing a top striker?” I have no issue with the club signing a competent striker, but what happens once we do? Does Kai Havertz return to midfield? We cannot have Kai Havertz back in midfield, as it was a major factor in our league loss; in nearly every game we lost, the German international played in midfield.

Before considering a striker, we should prioritize acquiring a DM such as Bruno or Onana, as well as a dangerous winger. Looking back on the last few months of the season, we certainly established our stride.

With Partey at No. 6 and Declan Rice in a free role, we flourished. Even if Partey stays, we need to ease him out of the team because his injuries prevent us from fully trusting him. We need someone who can play his role as well as he does, and this new DM can join Rice and Martin Odegaard to form one of Arsenal’s strongest engine rooms.

Aside from a DM, acquiring a top versatile winger such as Pedro Neto could be worthwhile; the assists the Portuguese ace could bring to this squad would undoubtedly transform Havertz into a 20+ goal scorer. Neto could play on either the right or left wing, assisting Arteta in refreshing his attack as needed. If we sign a striker and have not recruited a top DM and a flexible winger, we might struggle again.

What do you think?

Peter Rix


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  1. The reasoning for not buying a striker is strange – if we get one, havertz will play in midfield, and we play worse when he’s in midfield? If that’s the case, surely he’ll have to compete with the striker, find another role that works, or lose his starting place?
    I agree we aren’t desperate for a new striker because havertz has been good there, but we can’t stop improving the side because of a feeling that havertz has to be in the team at any cost.

    1. because Havertz has 19 g/a in 17 games since moving into the cf role. Why would you disrupt that when its easier to improve the team with a winger and cm. Yes there are better cf out there than Havertz but unless we getting Kane or Halaand its marginal. A player like Wirtz or Eze on the left improves us more than getting a new cf. A new dm to replace the injury prone Partey and we are good to go.

      1. I don’t disagree with you – what I was saying is that the reasoning presented in the article neglects the possibility that havertz could lose his starting place. It suggests we can’t buy a striker because it means havertz will necessarily play in midfield, which makes us worse, when in reality we could continue with the midfield from last season and havertz could drop to the bench.
        I’m not saying that’s what I want, I was just commenting on the reasoning.

  2. We don’t have a capable backup striker!

    Nketiah and Jesus have shown for years now they are incapable of being a striker.

    Havertz can’t play every game, so we need someone to rotate with. We don’t need to spend 100 million, just bring in someone capable to rotate.

    A winger is not a priority!
    LW is Martinelli and Trossard
    RW is Saka and Jesus

    Where is the need? A backup striker is needed much more, I agree with DM, I would say at least 2 midfielders.

    Stop with Neto; injury wreck and underwhelming overall. Why spend a massive fee for a bench player?

    His fee could get a fullback and backup midfielder.

  3. I agree generally with your views.
    But I would add a quality right-sided CB to complement Saliba. It’s not every day you get the luck of having your star defender play every game through a season without injury.
    More so, we’d take the domestic cup competitions more seriously this term; in which case we’d need to rest Saliba for those games.

    1. With Timber and Tomi who are both comfortable at right CB, why do we need a back up for Saliba?

      1. What makes you think so? Have they played there for you to see before?
        This is no time for experimentations and excuses. We need to start winning things please.

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