Forget Alexis, Ozil and Wenger, THIS is Arsenal’s biggest concern

There has been and will continue to be an awful lot of talk among Arsenal fans and in the football press about various behind the scenes goings on at our club, but right now the manager and the players need to focus on the next match and taking all three Premier League points from our home game against Manchester City.

Once again, though, and as usual, the manager’s team selection and our chances of winning are going to be hampered by the Arsenal injury list. We are definitely going to be without three big players in Cazorla, Lucas Perez and Petr Cech and there are doubts over the fitness of a few more.

This is nothing new, unfortunately, and a report in The Mirror has confirmed that the Gunners have by far the worst record in the Premier League. Out of the 11 teams who have been constantly in the EPL since 2011 we are way out in front with 10,285 player days missed due to injury or illness.

That is about two years more than second in the list Man United and way more than double the bottom club on the table Chelsea. There may be other problems at our club but you cannot ignore the fact that this is not helping us one little bit.

Sort that out and I firmly believe that everything else will start to slot into place.


  1. muffdiver says:

    the manager has made this a stomping ground for millionaire playboys with great football talent who only give half the effort, which is just enough to gain top 4.

    sanchez is the anti of this , which is why he sticks out so much in this team
    no wonder he wants to leave

    anyone who comes here will lose there edge under this regime
    sanchez is the absolute exception here. his upbringing is a huge factor in this though
    truly humble beginnings

  2. ArseOverTit says:

    The injury list is a problem as are our training methods, warm ups/warm downs, general training and recuperation methods due in no small part to Wenger and his appointed staff.

    That said we have far bigger problems like a owner and board who do not care about the club and its performance and ambition on the field as long as the bank tills roll. This Wenger (unfecking believably) may remain at our club.

  3. AndersS says:

    No, our biggest problem year in and year out with Wenger, is that he can’t organize the whole team to defend. So any team attacking us will score goals. It will be a miracle if City score less than 2 goals, and what are the chances of a win, when they score 2-3 goals or more?

  4. gotanidea says:

    The Mirror’s statistics about Arsenal being the leader in the unavailability of the players due to injury or illness clearly shows there is something really wrong with Arsenal’s football system. Instead of making major changes, the players are forced to work harder with the wrong system.

    Arsenal should hire other directors, manager and staffs that can create a better system, like what Barcelona did after the Van Gaal era. Rijkaard came and Barcelona’s system went through big changes. Manchester City is trying to do it as well, starting from Pellegrini. If Arsenal is stagnant, I am not surprised if someday City would be ahead of us.

    1. Jansen says:

      “… If someday City would be ahead of us.” That’s a joke right???? City has been ahead of us for a while now.

  5. frank says:

    I said this years ago. There is something seriously wrong with either their warm up, training, recovery, etc. The first thing Fabregas said when he moved to Barcelona was how different the training was. Another one of Wengers outdated failings.

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