‘Forget Allegri and Arteta, Rodgers would continue Arsenal’s exciting style’

Paul Merson has claimed that Mikel Arteta and Max Allegri should be overlooked by Arsenal in favour of Brendan Rodgers.

The Gunners are on the lookout for their first new manager in over two decades, and are believed to be confident of wrapping up their chase before June’s World Cup in Russia, and there is plenty of speculation on who will be chosen to take us into the new campaign.

Mikel Arteta is linked with a shock appointment, given he is yet to experience being the manager of a club, while Max Allegri is also strongly linked with the job, but Paul Merson has other ideas.

“Personally, I think Arsenal would like Mikel Arteta to get the job but I’m not sure the fans would have that,” he told his column.

“He has never managed before and doesn’t have much experience.

“I still think Brendan Rodgers is the ideal candidate. He plays the right kind of football and has proved he can handle the pressure of a big job.”

Merson added: “They are obviously looking at Juventus boss Max Allegri, and there are plenty of Arsenal fans who would love him to take over, I’m sure.

“But that’s George Graham football. Keep it tight and nick a goal. The Italian way. It won’t be free-flowing.

“It won’t be the sort of football Arsenal fans are used to.”

The former Gunners midfielder added that he doesn’t expect Wenger to quit managing this summer despite knowing he will stop doing so in North London.

He added: “Wenger will carry on. It’s all he knows. He doesn’t have anything else in his life apart from football. He won’t be able to say no to another job.

“Everton? It wouldn’t surprise me if he ends up there because he will think: ‘I’ll show you, Arsenal.’”

“It might appeal to him to take another Premier League job and stick it to his old club. If he went to Everton and things went well he could end up finishing above them!

“That would be a nice way of showing them they were wrong to push him out the door before he was ready.

“But I think two years at Paris St-Germain trying to win the Champions League before he retires would suit him better.

“One last big challenge like that and then he could probably move upstairs and put his feet up. I’m sure they would let him, they love him there.”

Do Arsenal need to consider a new style of play in order to move forward? Would Arsenal fans be happy to see Brendan Rodgers come in this summer?

Pat J

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  1. pires says:

    No thank you ,bring in Rodgers would be idiotic…

    1. pires says:

      We need a top notch manager ,i mean not Arteta or Vieira.Ancellotti has PUBLICLY Saïd that he is intersted so what are we waiting!!?

      1. Mikekobi says:

        The club want a more younger manager, if not why are they mentioning the likes of arteta and Vieira, but i hope we get allegri

    2. gotanidea says:

      What if he has changed his style in Scotland?

      Ranieri failed at Chelsea, but he came back to England with a completely different football style and won the league spectacularly

      If Rodgers fails again, Arsenal can kick him out even before the season is over

    3. Shortboygooner says:

      Agreed. Rodgers is pants to put it politley

  2. gotanidea says:

    Allegri’s style is not fully defensive and his team is still enjoyable to watch, because they like to use fast wingers

    I don’t like to watch Rodgers’ Liverpool, but he might have picked up new things in Scotland. If Rodgers, Arteta, Tuchel or anybody is appointed, Arsenal can give him two seasons to prove himself

    It would be exciting to see different football style from any of those candidates. If they cannot give us entertaining football shows, Arsenal can always replace them at anytime (like what MU and Chelsea have been doing)

  3. Eddie Hoyte says:

    Please anything but a parking the bus coach. if what Allegri will offer us is Parking the bus then I’m not interested. We need a coach who’ll take the whole team serious like Guardiola did Man City.

    1. Ozziegunner says:

      Allegri is not a “parking the bus coach”.

  4. ThirdManJW says:

    My personal choice for our next manager is Simeone, but I understand fans reservations about his style of play. I guess Allegri is the best option in many ways, because he delivers defensive, and offensive football, and it’s not bad on the eye. I just think the club as a whole, could do with someone like Simeone. People would genuinely be scared of him, and he certainly wouldn’t put up with the attitudes some our players have.

    Rodgers isn’t a bad shout, but one cannot judge him on what he’s doing at Celtic, because we’re talking about the Scottish league! They were awful in Europe, so Rodgers isn’t doing a lot when faced with quality opponents. I also feel he wouldn’t be confrontational enough, because our players really need a big boot up the backside!

    I feel style of play shouldn’t be a criteria when appointing our next manager though. Someone who is a proven winner, a competitor, and with a wealth of experience is what we need to look at.

  5. Goonerbri says:

    Rumour has it allegri has already accepted. Out or respect to Wenger there will be no anouncment till after our final game . Not sure if I’m happy or not.

    1. jon fox says:

      I have heard no such rumours, so where have you heard them? Do tell! If there is a realistic chance of Allegri, I will be drinking champagne by the bucket load in celebration.

  6. Sue says:

    I do not want Brenda!!

  7. Ken 1945 says:

    I live here inScotland, Gods Own Country, after moving up from Essex 17 years ago.
    I have visited some of the grounds such as Livingstone, St. Johnstone, Queens Park, Arbroath and East Fife.
    Believe me, the people are great, but the football is, apart from Celtic, first division standard at most.
    Next year might change with Gerrard and Rangers, along with Aberdeen but all three clubs would not compete over a season in the Championship.
    Their vocal support is fantastic, along the lines of Liverpools Kop but that’s about it.
    That’s why Rodgers cannot be judged from his time with Celtic for the Arsenal job.
    He has had no challenge whatsoever and he also has the biggest transfer budget.
    Just remember CL and then Europa performances.
    No way should he be ever considered in my opininon.
    Merson? I just cannot take this man seriously, especially after his managment record at Walsall was it?

  8. Arsene destroyed Arsenal says:

    Everything I am reading is pointing strongly at Arteta and it makes me sick to my stomach. Really I got heartburn.
    Not that Arteta might not prove to be capable, he might or he might not I can’t judge that … yet. But what I can judge is the lack of ambition that our board is showing by taking this type of gamble.
    There is Allegri, Enrique, Ancelotti, Jardim, Sarri with deep experience and success under their belts. There is Negelsman who has achieved wonders in Germany
    There is even Viera who is much more experienced and much more loved than Arteta – so if it is Arteta I will not be surprised but will feel sad about the predictability of our boards lack of ambition. Once again I do hope to be wrong and welcome Allegri with open arms.

    1. Andrew E says:

      I hope you’re wrong!!

  9. Andrew E says:

    What is Merson on? I think he is winding up Arsenal fans and trying to be controversial. Does he ever check his facts before making comments? For example, he said Allegri’s style of football is typical Italian, keep it tight and nick a goal. Has he bothered to check, Juventus’s record this season so far?
    Played 36 W29 D4 L3 GF84 GA23 GD61 Points 91. Even the ‘Invincibles’ didn’t win that many games, score as many goals or get the number of points and Juve have 2 more games to play.

    Serie A is not a one team league like Brendan Rogers’ SPL, you have Torino, Roma, Inter, AC Milan and Lazio etc. Roma knocked out Barca in the CL and gave Liverpool a run for their money.

    I hope AFC don’t take the cheap option and for for Rogers or Arteta. Nothing against Arteta, he just has no experience apart from being Pep’s assistant.

    Do us all a favour Merse just check your facts before you open it!!

      1. Ozziegunner says:


    1. Andrew E says:

      Sorry, I meant ‘go for Rogers or Arteta’!!

  10. John0711 says:

    Personally my first choice would be Julian Nagglesman
    Because of his reputation
    Jardim would be another
    I want us to spend money however, we cannot keep up with city and Utd so we need another way both these manages can do this

  11. jon fox says:

    Merson is a likeable fool but hardly the brain of Britain ! I would totally ignore his musings and personally generally do. He is fine for having a laugh on Sky Tv on Weekends and that is about it.

  12. Innit says:

    Why stop at Rodgers? We can go even lower. Moyes, McClaren, Mick McCarthy?

    Seriously, Im happy with any of these Allegri, Ancellotti, Conte, Nagelsman, Enrique, Simeone, Jardim, Low. Any one of these would be an improvement

    Allegri is my fav though

    1. Arsene is Out says:

      Low was fired from Fenerbahce in Turkey before he got Klinsman’s assistant job for Germany. He is not a proven club manager. Nevertheless I would prefer him over Arteta any day.

      1. tony says:

        no one ever said this bfor.low is one of the best tactician ever. i dont think he will be interested in arsenal as madrid is looking for him since 2006.

        1. Rudy Garcia fan says:

          Low will not be The Arsenal’s manager. We can aim high instead. Even Enrique has not achieved in difficult circumstances, much like Ancelotti, while Simeone is the worst douchebag in the managing cesspool in every way possible (seriously, Mourinho is now a decent bloke compared to Simeone).

          There are loads of those who have achieved as underdogs, though:
          Nagelsmann, Jardim, Rudy Garcia, Sarri.
          And Allegri can greatly improve any team as he’s famous for fashioning his team’s tactics based on the personnel available.

  13. Ronny says:

    Is it only me or is anyone else pooping their pants with the thought we could actually end up appointing miked Arteta ad our next manager?!
    Even if the lack of experience wasn’t a problem he’s too recent and we’ll known at the club.
    After all the familiarity and cosiness between the players and manager has been one of our biggest problems up until now.
    I feel that they want allegri but rightly so with the current sqaud and lack of cl next year allegri abd the like will want guaranteed large sums for the transfer market. I don’t see an agreement here happening at which arsenal plump for the more grateful and amenable Arteta.

    If we want youth and inexpri3nce at least go for nagalsman or Eddie Howe!
    I also feel they are trying to tap into guardiolas magic through Arteta, could work but high high risk and there is no way Arteta can no everything pep does as he’s years of experience.

    For me my favourites are allegri, sarri, jardine.
    hell even Rafa would do a job for us!

    No to Rodgers, Arteta, joachum low,

    It who should we try and poach from pl sides that have dropped? A couple of well drilled West Bromwich defensive monsters wouldn’t hurt!
    Arnautavich? Buckland, krychowiak?

    1. Ozziegunner says:


  14. Elvis says:

    Why is everyone worried about who the next manager will be…? They won’t be here for the next 22 years… I have a feeling the next manager will last only 2 seasons….

    1. Ozziegunner says:

      My worry is that the board will take 22 years to appoint the next manager.

  15. killamch89 says:

    Paulo Fonseca will be our next coach.

  16. Phil says:

    @Lexynal-my achievementsfor the day
    Helped an old lady across the road
    Mowed my neighbours lawn
    Played lead guitar for the local Salvation Army Band
    Said 22 Hail Mary’s(one for each year of Wengers Reign)
    Nailed the wife to a cross(because I forgot at Easter)
    Made a cup of tea for Jehovah Witness who knocked door
    Nicked lead of Church Roof
    Watched the Sound of Music and sang along to all the songs
    Drove to friends in Sheffield for the evening
    Sewed WENGER OUT badge on my scarf ready for Sunday
    Gone to bed early and said my prayers
    Hope Wenger gets soaking wet tomorrow
    Looking forward to 30 mile drive to Huddersfield al midday
    Dreaming of Wengers LAST EVER GAME

    1. Arsene is Out says:

      HAHAHAHAHAHAvery funny! One more day and then – something new begins!!
      Out with the old and in with the new.
      At last there is hope that something, anything might be getting better.
      I have been so sick and tired of going to Chelsea or Liverpool or Manchester and thinking it will be a miracle if we win this one. And if we do win one, like once every five years then end up celebrating like we are West Brom or something.
      It is time to re-establish ourselves as a force. It might take some time and more than one manager to get us there but at least we have hope.

  17. John Ibrahim says:

    how about Gerrard in future?

    SPL there is only Celtic and Rangers…..

    he will potentially be world class manager soon…

  18. John Ibrahim says:

    If Allgeri is given 200m to spend

    then we have a chance to win the title

    DM, CB, GK and pacey winger

  19. Adam Criniti says:

    Watching the replay of Hoffenheim/Dortmund and I wouldn’t lose sleep for one second if Gadizis and
    Co. appointed Nagelesman as the next Arsenal manager. Dortmund did run out a mash unit of sorts at the back but Hoffenheim play a very attractive brand of football that would resonate at
    the Emirates. The HH boss is young, charismatic and tactically savy well beyond his years.

    Him and Jardin would be my second choices behind Allegri

  20. Ronny says:

    @arsene is out.
    You mentioned ‘like we’re West Bromwich or something’ West Bromwich generally can or could defend!

    I wonder if well come up against another brick wall of a Huddersfield side on Sunday like their last 2 games. I hope they’ll play more openly now their safe for another year.
    Can’t bear the thought of being the only English side in all leagues to have not picked up an away point this calendar year.

  21. Ackshay says:

    If rodgers is made coach i for one wont bother watching arsenal challenging for the titles because we wont. he is an average coach, has no charisma, a revolving personality and it would be embarrasing for an arsenal fan to have a coach like him at arsenal.
    Given to select between wenger or rodgers even the most crazy wenger out fans would choose wenger thats how bad rodgers would be. If we want to take a risk, i would prefer Julian Nagelsmann or Vieira. Even if they dont succeed it would mean that board had the cojones of trying something new to rejuvenate the declining state Arsenal is currently.

  22. Sydney says:

    Diego would be an ideal candidate, he has shown that at atletico, makes the defence tight, brings the best out of players, tactical, works on a tight budget. Allegri would be great too, as for Rodgers, Arteta, I don’t think they can make it .

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