Forget Arsenal it is Chelsea that has a striker crisis

There has been a lot of debate among Arsenal fans and talk in the football media about the striker situation at Arsenal. But for some reason the same can not be said of our big Premier League rivals Chelsea, despite them looking seriously short on fire power.

We still do not know if Arsene Wenger is just playing his cards close to his chest or whether he really is happy about the options up front of Alexis Sanchez, Theo Walcott, Olivier Giroud and Danny Welbeck, but I would bet money that Jose Mourinho would like to have similar options available to him at Stamford Bridge.

We saw once again in the Community Shield that without Diego Costa, Chelsea can look pretty toothless. And when Eden Hazard has a below par game as he did against the Gunners at Wembley, the Blues are in big trouble. Willian is a decent player but he scored just four goals from 49 games in all competitions last season.

Mourinho has been taking about getting Falcao back to his best and trying to big up the Colombian but he did not look any different to me than the shadow we saw for Man United last season. Remy is a back up striker at best and so Costa´s dodgy hamstring must be a real worry for Chelsea fans.

Let´s just hope that the Spaniard´s injury is not enough to make Jose sign another striker in the transfer window. If he doesn´t, which strike for4ce would you prefer?

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  1. Just get Cavani now that di maria has gone to PSG. Cavani = hold up+pace+dribbling skills+clinical finisher+game winner+big name that scares opposition defenders

      1. What makes you think that? Falcao’s knee injury prior to the world cup ruined his career, before that he was one of the best on the planet. Cavani hasn’t had any major injury scares in the majority of his playing career so it’s clear that you have a Ligue 1 bias. Cavani’s goal scoring record in Italy & France in the past 5 seasons is superior to that of Benzema’s. Either Benzema or Cavani would be a major coupe, both world class.

      2. We can have all the 4 that you mentioned:
        1). Cavani
        2). Falcao
        3). Benzema
        4). Nothing


        Seriously, I wouldn’t mind any of Benzema and Falcao but I prefer the former.

  2. but we should have seriously got rvp back… Van girl is talented in making extremely gud players rubish(rvp, di maria, falcao) so dnt look at his spell under the girl..he, rvp, is among worlds 10 best stl

  3. So cavani is available. didn’t know PSG put him up for sale. Remember ManU could not force Real to sell Ramos, nor was Real able to force ManU to sell Degea

  4. They sold Mata who had goals in him and that kid from Basel looked good and maybe only needed a manager like Wenger to get the best out of him. It is attacking midfield were we are stronger than Chelsea. Mourinho will get a couple more I reckon but they will be defensively sound also and there doesn’t seem to be too many of those about. Reus, Pedro are the stand out ones and Id hate to see them target those two and get them. Bale would be another but I cant see Madrid letting go. I wouldn’t be surprised if Mourinho does target another striker but like I said I believe attacking midfield they need something more. If I was a blue supporter Id be a little jealous of the Arsenal at the moment with all their fluent attaching charisma and them running their club the way it should be run.

    All this bloody Chelsea talk is annoying me so Ill finish by repeating Chelsea are shit Chelsea are shit Chelsea are shit Chelsea are shit Chelsea are shit Chelsea are shit Chelsea are shit. And I don’t give a shit who they sign ..or how many trophies they try purchasing.

  5. if we can get either Cavani or Lewandowski they would both be upgrades to our current striker choices. If we cant get either one of those two, and i know these players are almost impossible to get, then we should try our lick at Reus or Goetze or Greizman.
    A single World Class player coming in between now and the end of the window would really charge the fan base and the squad and it could help tip the league to our favor.

  6. I have no doubt that we bringing someone, but who? I really dont care who chelsea gets, just want additions for forward and defensive midfield.

    In truth i think we can win trophies without, but its a long season and its makes sense to be prepared

  7. Nice to hear a few ex professional players tipping arsenal for the title the Cech signing really is that big according to most

  8. Remy’s offside awareness was appalling. Falcao is a player searching for confidence. The odds are against him re-finding that any time soon, especially if Costa reclaims the undisputed #1.. But still, I think a little bit more caution needs to be taken when writing him off.
    But in relation to our own strengthening.. Personally, I think we’ll see a marquee attacker. I had my suspicions on who it may be, but honestly I have no idea at the moment. It’s gone a bit quiet on the Goetze front, Dortmund haven’t been anywhere near as public in their statements with Reus and Di Maria’s move to PSG may cause a bit of a domino effect like we’ve seen in recent years. Who knows?
    What I do know for certain, is that we conceded 1 goal in pre-season while scoring 15. Looking at our fixtures we’re more than capable of getting through August without any urgency in incoming moves. September and beyond is the priority, whether it’s tomorrow or deadline day I don’t think will impact our season, the important thing is that we find the right player to move forwards.

  9. How is chelsea’s injury crisis our problem… They finished 3rd last. 2 seasons w/out a striker…this time they 1 good and prolly 2 averagee strikers…we better sort out ours and chelsea alone

  10. Amassing! The must sign World class striker – Karim Benzema, Arsenal fans have all calmed down. But are awaken again talking about Cavani, Lewandowski, Griezmann, Higuain and even van Persie. What kind of desperation for striker is this when we have 3 strikers and other top forwards in our backyard. Can’t the top quality strikers we have be appreciated at least for once? Are Giroud, Walcott and Welbeck not top quality strikers at Arsenal? Arsenal can even afford to loan out their young striker Akpom. Let’s hope Welbeck will ovecome his injury and return to team soon to strike for Arsenal. I am not saying the Boss should not sign a striker if there be a geniue reason for doing so. But at the moment I can’t see any reason why a striker must be signed. It will intreast us to note we have top quality at the wings. Sanchez&Oxlade at left wing and Wilshere&Iwobi at right wing. The Boss used Cazorla at RW to play Ramsey as CADM. Cazorla should go back to his CADM role for West Ham. While Ramsey&Iwobi play at RW.

  11. If anyone had said after the cup final that with a few days to go before start of next season that the only changes to squad would be a new gk and a bunch of kids even I would have thought no wenger isnt that arrogant and stupid … Sadly it seems he is

  12. OFFTOPIC: Mourinho wanted Oxlade in exchange for Cech but Wenger refused. Now I know why. Lol. Seems Mou dreamed of Ox breaking his expectation. We still need a damn WC striker.

  13. I hope wenger doesn’t get carried away by the win. A striker is still needed.
    OT: JW really has to stay fit for himself and for the team, he is becoming a liability (ala diaby). Where is TR7? Miss him.

  14. Chelsea can no more go into the market for another striker than Arsenal can. Firstly – they’d have to sell someone as they already have a vastly bloated squad. Secondly, they would need to improve upon Costa (very hard) or buy someone who is happy to play second fiddle with another 2 strikers at the club, one of which has been talked up. Thirdly, the number of strikers moving is VERY low and Chelsea are not looking like the best prospect when they can’t guarantee anyone coming in game time (but they can guarantee money which is the reason someone would go there). They are not in a striker crisis – they are in a situation they’ve dug themselves whereby they only have 1 viable striker who can actually lead a stunted attack. Mourinho has to adjust tactics accordingly, that’s the real answer.

    Back to Arsenal though!

    I want to explain my thoughts on a striker in a short, quick point:
    We currently do not have a top tier striker. We have 1 CF, and 3 WFs. Those WFs can be used in the centre but NONE are world class CFs. In most positions on the pitch we have players who either are WC or have the potential to be WC. CF is the exception. Thus if we CAN sign a WC CF, it would be a great addition. BUT, if we can’t because they are not available, we have the quality and the versatility to still mount a title charge. It seems to me that no WC CF is available, at least not in a price bracket that is viable for Arsenal’s financial model. Thus I am not worried. Any WC player available to come in would be nice IMO. Well except a RW.

  15. This website at times seems to be more interested in pulling chelsea down than supporting arsenal.

    Might aswell rename the website to

  16. Mr Morinho, you must work harder otherwise you’ll be sacked by Chelshit for the second time

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