Forget Buendia – Arsenal have bigger fish to fry

Buendia who?

So if Arsenal fans have finally gotten over the fact that Emi Buendia has chosen Aston Villa over Arsenal, can we get to the facts that it really isn’t the end of the world?

As good a player as I think Buendia is, he would fit better into the Villa team than he would at Arsenal.

Why you ask, well because I do not think he would be a guaranteed starter at Arsenal, whereas he would be at Villa, and although he was a key part of Norwich’s team he couldn’t stop them getting relegated from the Premier League, although he managed to help get them promotion from the championship this season.

Stick any good player in the Championship and they will look like Messi, but as we know and as Buendia knows himself, the Premier League is a different kettle of fish to the Championship.

Although it annoys me to see we have been beaten by Villa in a pursuit of a player, you can’t help but think that Martinez may also have had a part to play in getting his Argentine compatriot to Villa and not to Arsenal. Well you never really know do you 😉

I know there have been talks in the past of Buendia to Arsenal but really, I am sure if you ask the board, they would rather get Aouar, their long, sought after target, than Buendia.

And if Lyon are looking for around £28m for Aouar surely Arsenal can drop that price if Lyon need the money that much. If they do accept then it could mean that our first summer signing could well be on the way quicker than we think.

As sad as it is to lose out to Villa, Arsenal couldn’t have wanted him that much or they would have entered a bidding war and given the player what he wanted.

But as one door closes I am sure another will open and this should definitely open the door for us to continue our pursuit and this time actually succeed in getting Aouar.

Here’s hoping hey Gooners?

Shenel Osman

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  1. Seems this article is an admittance of not understanding that Arsenal were thinking the same thing. Your using your own argument against you. Great! Buendia, is a championship player! Aston Villa recognized that they need someone because when Grealish got or gets injured Aston Villa don’t win games. I can’t remember last time Aston Villa won anything. I however, remember Arsenal winning something. I don’t understand why you think Arsenal missed out on him. Please explain. The ultimate questions is Buendia any good in the Premier League and, if he was that good, why did they get relegated.

  2. Wait for the New Wenger, Mikel Arteta & Edu to announce the new signings!!!

    ESR new contract (its like a new signing)
    Willock returns a new man (its like a new signing)
    Saliba (its like a new signing)
    Maitland-Niles (its like a signing)
    Mavropanos (its like a new signing)

    Can’t see us spending a penny! 🙁

    1. D4NN_UP, to be quite honest, I have no problem with Arsenal retaining all those players, even AMN, if he accepts that his best position is RB. Saliba and Mavropanos have performed well on loan and deserve a chance. if Willock was not an Arsenal player on loan to Newcastle United, many on here would be crying out to sign him, based on 8 goals in 15 games as a box to box midfielder. AMN as a RB was good enough to be selected for the England squad.
      Retaining and giving opportunities to these players will allow Arsenal to direct available transfer funds to positions of greater need.
      Arsenal being associated with every new shiny winger, or new prospect (whose performances often aren’t as good as players in Arsenal’s Academy is frustrating, when the shortcomings in midfield are so obvious. In the case of Emi Buendia, Arsenal realized thankfully that he was not what we needed and over the valuation they put on him.

  3. In terms of creativity in the past 3 seasons, Aouar is not fit to lace Buendias boots. Plus his attitude seems very toxic by his stepping stone comments.

    If we want a creative CM, De Paul would be the one. Then theres Neto/Raphinha/Pereira, 3 excellent players able to play anywhere in thr front 3.

    1. You realise that in one of those 3 years u refer to he was so “creative” that in 38 leagues games his team managed to score just 26 goals and earn just 21 pts resulting in them being relegated!!

    1. Players.

      Welcome to Arsenal transfer room
      Where is this guy that used to give us insider information on transfers and rumours

    2. Grealish and Kane ? Martines and Buendia chose the club on the up what on earth can arsenal do to get the other two ?

  4. Great article Admin Pat. It won’t be long before you go on to bigger and better things. For sure. WELL DONE!!! i

    1. If you were to watch him play quite often you’d understand what we could do with a player like him his all around game check his stats especially in the opponents half despite his young age he scores and assists control the tempo when to start counterattacks or makes his team keep the ball to release the pressure on his team giving them breathing space but his main asset is being able to receive the ball from his CB’ even under pressure with one touch to link with other midfielders further up the pitch even to his forwards but his main asset when he receives the ball the first thing on his mind is to run fowards carry the ball towards the opponents pushing the team with him he is basically the link between defenders(CB’s) and midfielders and from midfielders to fowards

      1. ive only seen little of lyon games and i dont think he’s all too impressive. from what i’ve heard he is definitely an inconsistent player, and end of the day he doesnt seem to prioritize a move to Arsenal. Think we have to also be cautious and get players who actually want to be here. Getting players who treat us like a day off is another one of our problems.

  5. I will only complain about missing out on him, if we don’t get our priority targets in. One, but probably two central midfielders, a first-choice RB, and a backup LB, before a player like Buendia.

  6. Sensible article. They might be seriously interested in Aouar or someone else.

    But what worries me is that they’re already 3.5M short because of the Super League fiasco, out of EL money, and they are yet to sell a single player. I don’t think they’ll buy before they’ll sell.

    Let’s not forget who is the big daddy at Arsynahl soccer franchise.

    I’m telling you, we’re looking at the worst season ever, should they fail in the transfer window.

  7. B2B midfielder should be top of the list in terms of importance. Then new RB and backup LB.

    As for Aouar, does Arteta plan to play him as a 10?

    If so I’d rather ESR be first choice; he’s talented plus he loves the club where Aouar sees us as a stepping stone.

    1. We are on day one of transfer window, let’s wait and see what Arteta, Edu etal will do. What is obvious is that Arsenal can’t afford another mediocre display this season under Arteta especially with the fans coming back to the stadium.

      Arsenal needs five quality players to strengthen five key positions ie AM(a10),CM×2,LB,RB, we need two central midfielders since we are going to move on at least three.

      1. we do the “wait and see, it’s the beginning of the window” every year tho and every year we are disappointed. think people are just very very tied of the constant disappointment. Kroenke’s have run this club into the ground.

          1. Exactly RSH ,we hear it every season
            “Let’s wait and see “
            I’ve been waiting since 2007 when Ivan said we will now compete with the likes of Bayern when the stadium was built .
            Everybody keeps saying have patience ,I think we’ve been patient long enough.

          2. Sue @
            Dan’s predictions are up if you haven’t seen them
            ,looks like admin moved it to match day articles I’m not sure everyone goes on that section of the webpage .

        1. RSH if you don’t expect anything you don’t get disappointed I don’t expect anything that will blow my socks off

          1. Cheers Pat
            Didn’t want Dans efforts to go to waste if no one had seen the article .

    2. Durand, I see a specialist DM like Yve Bissouma from Brighton & Hove Albion, as the number one priority. This would allow Thomas Partey to be more the box to box midfielder, with Joe Willock as back up. For competition with ESR, I would go for Matheus Pereira from West Bromwich, who performed exceptionally in a poor relegated side and like Buendia, in the Championship was player of the season. Should funds allow Ruben Neves would also strengthen the team, particularly if Bissouma and Partey were lost to the ANCup.
      All the players are of good age, EPL proven and will come at reasonable transfer fees.

  8. Thw club should rather stick with Odegaard but if decide to go for Aouar then should be both(Odegaard and Aouar) plus Onana the goal keeper

  9. Emiliano Buendia didn’t shine with the relegated Norwich in EPL two seasons ago, but Matheus Pereira scored eleven goals and made six assists in EPL for the relegated WBA. Pereira is also a left-footed CAM, so he won’t bench our existing right-footed attackers

    Aside from that, Pereira can be our third-choice RW after Saka and Pepe. If we can’t get him, we need to bring Odegaard back, get another left-footed CAM like Lemar or promote Cottrell/ Patino/ Hutchinson

    1. I concur with you on Pereira.
      As usual,our peny pinching Kroenkes are waiting for free transfers & Loan deals.

      1. If we have to sell our players first before purchasing the new ones, it could mean Kroenke is unwilling to spend more money before seeing the result in EPL. He probably keeps the money for the new manager, in case Arteta fails to bring us to top six in mid-season

  10. I’m amazed so many Arsenal fans seem to readily believe everything the online ITK’s reveal about our transfer targets.
    The same ITK’s that were convinced last summer that Auba was off to pastures new.
    The same ITK’s that stated last summer
    that Aouar was a “done deal with just the paperwork to be completed”.
    Any real Arsenal fan would knw that when it comes to transfer target the club very rarely allow leaks to the press.
    “Leaks” come from agents trying to bump up interest in their clients.
    In all those stories about Arsenal bidding for Buendia not once was any reliable source quoted instead it was the ambiguous “according to a club insider” who by the way would be running the risk of being sacked if caught leaking confidential info regarding the club.

    1. Quite right, all these supposedly ITK’s are just rumourmongers who don’t know any more than the rest of us. Do we think that Edu or the player involved privately calls these people and tells them what’s going on.

  11. Aouar could be a good signing but with ESR in our team I think we should go all out for Bissouma or / and Lokonga and make sure to close the deal NOW and not on deadline-day like we did what Thomas Partey so they can be a part of our pre-season

  12. For Arsenal to make a statement of intent, they must sign
    Grealish 70mil
    Bisouma 40mil
    Ceilik 13-15mil
    Doig 15mil
    Onana 7mil
    Total cost of 147million pounds less than 150mil.
    If not, no top four next season. Gunners who else is with me?

      1. a shame this is so impossible to pull off though. City, Chelsea, United, have had crazier summers. I remember when they were supposed to be our competition.

        1. City and Chelsea stopped being “our competition” when they started to be financially doped by their owners just how can we compete against an oil rich Country??

  13. Emi is q good player, I wont say he is not just because he went another club.
    He did well in PL two seasons ago. Check his numbers and stats.
    Aouar, I do not know enough.
    We/fans should be patient, it is just the start.

    1. EMI scored 6 goals the last time he was in the PL this season his stats have been inflated because of championship football , if he had anything about him a bigger team than villa would have been in for him also I believe villa are spending g the money they will get from the sale of grealish and he’s not a patch on him .

      1. In PL, he had 7 assists in 19/20 season besides of EFL. He averaged 2.3 key passes per game. His average rating was 7.08. ESR for example averaged 1.4 last season with average rating 6.77.
        He is only 24, he was 23. Anyways, a season ahead will tell much.

      2. Also Dan, Buendia normally plays as a winger, who drifts centrally. I personally prefer Marheus Pereira who is a a true ACM and EPL proven. As for Auoar he has had a drop in form and is a risk coming from France to the EPL. Also I have concerns about his mentality.

        1. I like Pereria from WBA, he will give competition to Pepe and Saka on right wing, and I think he will adapt centrally and I also like André-Frank Zambo Anguissa from Fulham as a replacement to Xhaka, physical, stamina, good on ths ball and is of good age.

  14. By the way, was Aouer not rude to Arsenal in his comments immediately after his transfer to them fell through last summer? Which happened because Arsenal reportedly refused to give his brother £10m as part of his own share in the transfer deal.

    If Aouer is still remain the top quality mid field player that he was when Arsenal wanted to sign him last time. And maybe he has even improved on his last top quality of playing. I will not say Arsenal should not sign him this summer despite his been rude to them before. For, the club will educate him on how he should talk decently to others even if he’s disappointmented if they sing him. But if Aouer’s Lyon club side, his agent and his money demanding brother have all come to terms with honesty. But not over pricing transfer cost of their player to Arsenal to sign him. And not taking AFC for granted to try to rip them of their hard earned money.

  15. I as a Gooner for life have since moved on from the episode of the Arsenal failing to sign Buendia this summer.

    But like every Gooner, I am now looking forward to see Arsenal this summer sign a better than Buendia midfield player in all aspects of playing the game.

    And as Arsenal should have by now gotten over the disappointmented they had in their failing to land Buendia for the Gunners this summer. However, I would want to see the club to not rush too much in this summer transfer market to sign any new players. And to sell any old ones at the club.

    But rather, the club should take time to evaluate their signing and selling options carefully before taking any actions on them to put into effect their plan to sign and sell this summer. So that at the end of the window, they wouldn’t have miss signed any new players nor have sold any old players at the club who they should have kept.

    Nevertheless, I think Arsenal midfiel personnel next season should not be under staffed or over staffed nor wrong staffed but very right staffed before the new season commences..

    In this wise, I will suggest to Arsenal to have not less than 6 specialist midfiel players possibly of: Partey, Aouer, ESR, Willock, Bissouma and Odegaard as their midfiel personnel next season. But if their signing of Odegaard stalled, they could turn to go for Naves signing who they are reported to have identified as alternative to Odegaard for signing this summer. And they can loan out Reiss Nelson or sell him. But they could also keep Elneny to bring the midfiel department staffing to 7 in the team. Because since the season is usually a long 38 games season, there could be injuries suffered to some of their midfiel players during the season campaign. And also suspensions or sickness too may not be ruled out. But I believe Arsenal know all these things better than I do.

  16. Hi,

    Villa Fan in Peace,

    My take on it:

    1. Buendia will add way more to us than your team.

    2. We have Jack and then a mishmash of alternatives for the opposite wing/number 10. Therefore it makes sense for us to be more bullish in our offer and terms.

    3. Personally I’m excited about the signing. His stats whilst in the PL were way better than the headlines and he is a year older now…

    4. You already have Saka (amazing), Smith Rowe (FPL must have next season as he influences games) and Pepe (wayward but a maverick). You are no where near reaching the ceiling for those players so time and money better invested in them before adding obstacles.

    5. Furthermore the money saved can be invested elsewhere where it will have more impact. Not sure were (CD? CM?).

    6. No offence but for the umpteenth year running the distribution of talent (and wages) seems to be very unevenly distributed across the squad at Arsenal.

    6. (Allegedly) Our owners are filthy rich so we are using the relaxation of FFP to cement our place in the PL. Personally I don’t think Grealish will leave (he signed a 5 year deal last summer and we exceeded the agreed targets) but maybe that is more hope than expectation.

    Good luck next season, I’ll be delighted if you finish above spurs but below us next season.


    1. What a refreshing comment – thank you! 🙂 Good luck to you also, except when you play us haha!
      I like Dean Smith, he’s doing a fantastic job. Got his work cut out keeping hold of JG though, he’d walk straight into any team – I’d take him and Mings 😉

      1. I agree, Sue; Aston Villa is a well run club and Stokey is right in stating that Emi Buendia is a better fit for Aston Villa than Arsenal. I too hope Villa can keep Jack Grealish given his grandfather won an FA Cup with the club. Family ties are important. I always was sad that Frank Lampard didn’t have success with West Ham United, rather than Chelsea.

  17. Too late to cry over Buendia. That horse has bolted. At the same time I wouldn’t ask the board anything. You already know who they answer to.

  18. I really don’t know why Arsenal doesn’t have confidence in Smith Rowe. The player can match any attaching midfielder. Arsenal should concentrate on the weak areas like their front line than spending unnecessarily on already good areas.

    1. Elliot, it’s not a matter of lack of confidence or faith in ESR, just a need to take the pressure off a young player, who has had his share of niggling injuries.

  19. If Xhaka is going Pereira would be good replacement .
    Premier proven no acclimatisation needed

  20. Don’t get surprised if that bigger fish turns out to be Brazilian Oscar lol!. Edu must be going through his retirement scheme book to see who next can he get through the door to secure their future for 2-3 years.

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