Forget Buendia – Odegaard remain Arsenal’s main target this summer

There has been a massively unnerving over-reaction to Arsenal losing out to Aston Villa in the race for Emi Buendia‘s signature, as I am sure that Arsenal have other (and maybe better) targets for his postion.

Everyone seems to have forgotten that Mikel Arteta invested a lot of time and patience in integrating Martin Odegaard into the Arsenal team last season, and he has already made it clear that he expects the young Norwegian to return to the Emirates. Has everyone forgotten what Arteta said just a couple of weeks ago?

“We have a very clear and strong opinion on what we would like to do,”

“He’s not our player. We will have discussions in the next few weeks. And respect first of all because he’s a Real Madrid player, and we will have those communications.

“We’ve tried to make everything that we could to get Martin performing for the team, which I think he’s done.

“And he’s adapted really well to our way of playing and to our football club. And hopefully we have given him as well the hope and the feeling that it could be a good place for him.”

And today, the Arsenal tansfer guru Chris Wheatley, writing in, has made it clear that the Gunners have not given up on Odegaard. In article talking about Buendia having been a real target for ArsenalHe wrote: “However, Martin Odegaard remains the main target this summer and technical director Edu remains convinced that he can reach a deal with Real Madrid, whether it be a loan extension or a permanent move.”

There has been much cold water thrown on the rumours since Carlo Ancelotti was appointed as Real Madrid coach, but it seems that Arsenal themselves still think that we have a big chance of getting the youngster back next season…

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  1. Christopher Loum says:

    Don’t delay get him back on board

    1. Websurfer says:

      I don’t think we should waste time on Odegaard, who clearly prefer Real Madrid, and Real Madrid apparently do count on Odegaard in the next season.

    2. OchitEdwin says:


  2. Davi says:

    I like Odegaard, but see buendia is a much more dynamic player that could have made a big impact had he been signed. Covers more positions and I could have seen him becoming a major part of the side for some time – hopefully I’m wrong on that and he’s not as good as I had thought.
    Odegaard looks a good player with excellent control and I’ve been impressed with some of his passing. He seems similar to Ozil with one positive and one negative exception: Ozil was much more potent (at least in the sides he played in, which were more dynamic) – much more able to create and finish chances; Odegaard has a bit of toughness about him (not a huge amount but a lot more than Ozil) and doesn’t seem to hide when things aren’t going well.
    Unfortunately signing someone we’ve already seen, and who didn’t set the world on fire, is not going to excite the fans (even if we do manage to pull it off, which is unlikely).
    If we allow ourselves to get distracted in chasing Odegaard and miss out on other players who could improve the squad (and very likely Odegaard as well), the fan backlash will be big, because it would appear to be the very same mistake we’ve made before too many times. This summer is so important, probably the most important transfer in a very long time, and they absolutely cannot afford to mess it up. Things are not looking good right now but as usual it’s all paper talk and it’s early… We’ll see.

  3. Rotimi says:

    Buendia has dynamism, however, he’s not an orchestrator like Odegaard. ESR who’s not too dissimilar from Buendia, can do the runs into the box, plus we don’t know the other central midfield targets we have in mind that would complement Odegaard. I don’t believe Aston villa outbid us, we weren’t that keen on Buendia in my opinion. Look at the team Buendia played for, their pattern is different from ours. We’re faced every game with low blocks and I’m afraid Buendia isn’t the one to patiently pick passes, waiting for the right moment to hit teams.. if it were odegard plus Buendia, then that would have made more sense as far as Arteta’s style of play is concerned.. Calm down lads. Let’s know when to be emotional and when to be logical…

  4. Nickerless Bender says:

    Erm… not sure if he is the player we need. I see him more of a squad player than a starter.

    Wasn’t completely sold on him during the loan but if we do go for him it needs to be a buy and not another loan as his mind will be on elsewhere.

    1. Atid says:

      The team I want to see if we don’t sign anyone.

      Chambers Saliba Gabriel Tierney
      Smith-Rowe Partey Saka
      Pepe Aubameyang Martinelli

      Back up
      AMN Holding Mari Kolasinac
      Willock Torreira Guendozi
      Nelson Lacazette Martinelli

      Bellerin Ballard Mavropanos Cedric
      Azeez Elneny Xhaka
      Willian Nketiah Balogun

    2. daniel twist says:

      completely agree…..100%… haven’t seen anything about him to excite, I’ll take ESR over him any day of the week…

  5. MartinelliTheBench says:

    Ode is agreat player but he is terrible with our slow play. I’d rather not sign him if wekeep MA as he’s pointless under our snail pace and tactics

  6. Alf Martin says:

    Ødegård is not what we need – we need players which are forward looking, can pass players and creates chances. Not more ball-keeping, play backwards players.

  7. Gily says:

    The problem is, not utilizing what we already have and not disposing of what we don’t need anymore wisely.

    I liked Buendia because he’s the closest thing to Carzola (imo) who we still miss. But as we’ve already lost him, let’s move on. Besides the window hasn’t even opened, and we don’t know for sure whether what the club management have in store for us will be much better.

    Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

  8. thegostinside says:

    Wow, is this a positive article on Just Arsenal? Now I dare to dream again. Maybe you should use this to kickstart a string of more positive posts and actually support the club. Odegaard is miles ahead of Buendia and tbh I don’t think Buendia ever was our priority.

    1. Admin Pat says:

      Wow, is this a positive comment from ghostinside on Just Arsenal? Now I dare to dream again. Maybe you should use this to kickstart a string of more positive comments and actually support the club.

  9. Sean Williams says:

    Odegaard is OK but far from great player. Edu and Arteta are going to end up with the same team as last season. How is that progress? It seems to me unless we up our creativity we will be lucky to finish 8th again. Is Kroenke watching, does he know Buendía blanked us?

    1. Vernon says:

      Bring back Saliba, Niles and Willock and we are in the top 4.

  10. Rfrancis says:

    I am yet to be convinced that Odegaard’s player profile is good for Arsenal at the time.

    He reminds me too much of Mesut Ozil: easy, languid style; eye for a pass and ability to dominate the game if given time and space.

    However, there are significant flaws to his game: he is slow and lacks physical intensity; he is severely one-footed and predictable (always drifting to the left) he is not good in the air.

    If he is available for less than 25M, he would be useful as a 2nd half substitute and occasional starter. Anything more would be another waste of limited and scarce money….in my humble opinion.

    1. daniel twist says:

      ……..Dude, you are 100% correct on all your points, and it makes me very curious about Arteta footballing philosophy..

  11. James says:

    Buendia is far too similar ESR and to be honest ESR is faster stronger and far more tenacious. Why sign Bendia for 35m when we have Emile

  12. James says:

    The way I see it we reintegrate Willock into the first 11 fold. Sign Odegaard on loan if we can’t get a permanent solution for a good price without overpaying. Then we have Azeez to factor in. We need faster stronger box to box midfielders as a priority atm so I would rather us go for them

  13. Giwa says:

    If you think arsenal are signing odegaard you are deluded . Sack edu and artery , sell the club kronke

    1. Sid says:

      Please forgive me, couldn’t resist this one… How can someone sack artery, lol!

  14. Greco says:

    Odegaard the best choice for me.pure potential and talent and foremost the kid adapted immediately in this arsenal team in the best league in the world on december. I would love ruben neves too

  15. Joel says:

    Odegaard with time can be one of best 10 in Europe given his timely passing and positioning..doesn’t involve in unnecessary challenges making him injury free.

  16. JW says:

    I Know why Mr Ed is chasing the Norwegian so hard.

    It seems “eau de gaard” is a brand of deodorant in Norway, and Mr Ed needs something to combat the terrible smell coming from the Arsenal Boardroom.

    1. Admin Pat says:

      Ooh suit you sir!

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