Forget choosing between Nketiah and Jesus – Why not play both?

Earlier today there was an article asking who should lead Arsenal’s assault against Everton when the Epl resumes next week. But what if, instead of Mikel Arteta starting with one of the two, he starts with both?

Arsenal’s attacking play could benefit from a default 4-4-2 configuration in which Jesus replaces Kai Havertz in the starting lineup.

The lineup could be like:


White, Saliba, Gabriel, Tomiyasu

Saka, Rice, Odegaard, Martinelli

Nketiah, Jesus

At times, Jesus may have a free role, drifting in midfield and playing attacking midfielder, assisting Odegaard in creating chances.

Mikel Arteta’s tactical strategy against Everton, with Nketiah and Gabriel Jesus spearheading the assault, will likely make Arsenal more vicious and avenge last season’s 1-0 loss at Goodison Park. The combination of these two, aided by creative midfielders and proactive Saka and Martinelli, could be the key to breaking through Everton’s defence and registering a vital win for Arsenal. Arteta’s emphasis on adaptability and intelligent movement could be decisive in this match.

This season, Arteta has demonstrated his willingness to try new strategies to get the most out of his team. With the tactical approach that sees Nketiah and Jesus both start, he may unleash another dynamic on his team, possibly leading to more goals and a different winning formula.

What do you think Gooners?

Sam P

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  1. Playing two strikers together will only make our central midfielders outnumbered, because most EPL teams play with three central midfielders nowadays

    I don’t think Jesus can play AM better than the AM specialists and he’d likely prioritize scoring than playmaking

    1. I agree that we would be outnumbered in midfield. Arteta’s inverted fullbacks give us an advantage in midfield and possession which is what Arteta wants.

      That 4-4-2 would give away that advantage, and likely have us chasing too much during the game.
      I think his 4-3-3 or 3-5-2 serves his purposes but not the 4-4-2

      1. Play any formation as long as it includes Havs, even in the goal if need be. A 65 million quid lighthouse and an inflated ego cannot be corrected. Good luck to the remaining 10 lads facing a very physical Sean Dyche team and not forgetting Onana, Gueye, Doucoure & Tarkowski.

  2. There seems to be a lot more possible formations this year with the new recruits… whilst I think Kai needs to be om the bench for now I think he will come good in Europe as the pace is not so quick

    Viera deserves a start .. and at some point it would be good to see Nketiah and Jesus on the pitch at the same time though bot necessarily starting

  3. Come January arsenal should make a chilly bid and sign gotanidea to become our inverted manager
    Other Epl managers will be in complete confusion as to what is coming at them cuz inside that brain is every winning idea positioned we must thereby maximize what we have

    1. You forgot the “aerial” aspect to gotanidea’s game, sorry gotanidea couldn’t resist; it’s all in good fun.

    2. 😂😂😂
      It hangs on if GAI is an aerial duels though.
      To the article, that will mean throwing all our strikers into the fray and risk injury and suspension while we have loads of unused midfielders.
      I expect one to start on Sunday and the other on Wednesday.
      I expect to see proper rotation this season to maintain freshness and fitness than using same 11 until they are injured and throwing in non-match fit, low morale players to substitute suddenly. Pepe mastered the rotation and used 20 players to win the treble

  4. Isn’t this a repeat of this article “Why Starting Jesus ahead of Nketiah Makes Sense Against Everton” uploaded just a few hours before ?

      1. An easy mistake to make though I reckon. In general an I SPEAK ACROSS MANY YEARS, . most articles sonJA are almost exactly alike so many others.

        Originality is in short supply Even in such as TV, many progs are just poor downmarket copies of others gone before.

        Humans copy! That is what we do. Adults too, not only kids. When we DO see a true origiinal we immediately know it.
        Why? Cos its so RARE!

        Frustrating but TRUE!

  5. Well SAM, I have certainly see far worse suggested line ups than your suggested ond ans many of them too.

    Two points though; I cannot see Zinny not being picked if he stays fit. And I dont honestly see MA playing both Jesus AND Nketiah in the team together, though its an interesting call.
    I think he is likely to stick with HAVERTZ at Goodison, despite what many of us think. Personally, I’d start ESR instead.

  6. Arsenal switch their formation from a 4:4:2 to a 4;3:3 when Patrick Virera left to accommodate Cesc Fabregas, we haven’t gone that road since ,it is the most likeliest of set up to accommodate both Jesus and Nketiah.

    But that would mean surrendering our midfield and ball possessions , can hardly see that with two strikers of similar built and not much variation in style of play.

  7. Why not play Odegaard, Havertz, Viera and Trossard together in midfield? That will complement Nketiah and Jesus up front? We can worry about the defence later. (sarcasm)

  8. We have 3 Matches in 8 days

    Sunday- away @ Everton
    Wednesday – Home against PSV
    Sunday – Home against Spurs

    With a few injuries, MA will need to get the line-ups right, which won’t be easy because he will need to give players rest

    If we win all 3 matches that will be awesome considering this

    We need to utilise Trossard more. Also Jesus and Nkitiah but not together

  9. Nketiah.

    Martinelli. Odegaard. Saka.

    Trossard. Rice.

    Zinchenko. Gabriel. Saliba. White.


    My preferred lineup Against Everton.

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