Forget Cohesion – What Arsenal needs now is Urgency!

It seems that every few months Arsene Wenger finds a new word that takes his fancy and he flogs it to death until he discovers a new cliche. He has always been keen on ‘Team Spirit’ and ‘Togetherness’ and he has been keen on ‘Winning Mentality’ and ‘Mental Strength’ in the past. The last few months we have focused on ‘Cohesion’ but today we have a new one – Urgency!

After an excellent international break for the Gunners, and the destruction of Man United before that, Wenger is hoping that we can continue in the same vein: “We separated on a positive vibe,” he said on “After, the task is to reconnect quickly because everybody goes to their national teams and has different worries.

“The target now is to refocus on what we want to achieve. We play against Watford who have conceded only one goal at home and defend very well. They are a very difficult team to play against so we have to focus to get a positive result on Saturday.

“The level of champions and people who want to fight at the top is urgency. Urgency is something that keeps you alert and we know what will be expected of us.

“We have to be conscious that it will be a different game but the level of urgency is a big part of success and that is what we work on.”

Well if it was urgency that got us to score three goals in 20 minutes against Man United then I’m all for it! As long as it comes with motivation, team spirit and a winning mentality of course.

Face it, if we play like we did against Man United, we could beat any team in the world never mind Watford!

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  1. Enny says:

    if we are to forget cohesion then wat we need is new signings come january, Not all teams will allow u to be play urgent on them. urgency wont win u anything tangible class players will

    1. josh37 says:

      we’re obviously not going to forget cohesion though are we….? if we weren’t targeting cohesion Ozil is not the CAM to build around.

  2. almostawinner says:

    the main thing we need is consistency. i dont like this talk about the title. do 5 good games in a row, then you can talk.

  3. Robertthegooner says:

    Lets see How we play against Watford and Everton
    If we beat both we have a good chance of taking 1st place (unless City beats both Bournemouth and United).

    But as almostawinner said we need a string of Pl wins. We need to get on a long winning streak to show that we are capable of winning the whole thing

  4. Samuel Akinsola Adebosin says:

    Admini, you people have forgotten to mention another clich the Boss often used too, “mental block” to be truthful and to be kindid, those cliches of the Boss are true and special. My respect for him. Cohesion & Urgency work together. And one can’t work without the other. Just like the tyre can’t move on the road properly without the air in it. The Gunners MUST be cohesive and be URGENT with their game tomorrow at the Vicarage Road. The Hornents will come flying in their numbers to sting the Gunners, and for the Gunners to thwart off the stinging efforts of the Hornents,(to score,) all the Gunners MUST put on their body armour(every Gunner on the field of play must defend) to block any Hornent from stinging them(to block them from scoring.) That’s the Gunners’ Game App Data Plan Key to unlocking the Hornents Lock Game App Data Plan of to sting the Gunners. Odion Ighalo Must be blocked by the Gunners from stinging them.

  5. Ks-Gunner says:

    All the tllk which comes from Arsenal is only emty Bs. Just stay awsome and do the tllk in the pitch.

  6. Godswill says:

    Yes, urgency, will power, determination and confidence. As if these are what Sanchez stands for. Off topic. Sanchez gave Arsenal jerseys to Chile Under-17 team. He loves Arsenal. Real Madrid, don’t try our man. Look elsewhere.

  7. Gigi2 says:

    I agree that if urgency was what made us beat manu then urgency it is.
    Now urgency with cohesion….and consistency.
    Yes. If we play Ike that we can beat anyone…but that’s been the case for w while now. Didn’t we beat the powerful bayern at their backyard?
    Urgency is ok. Consistent urgency is what we need.

    1. Gigi2 says:

      I just met a fellow goober In a business meeting. He is frpm London but im not. We both agreed that this team can beat anyone they set their kinds into. But honestly a team that got beaten by dynamo and olympiakos and then beat manu….their kinds weren’t too set for those games.

      There’s a simple motto that works pretty well….focus in the next game as if it was a final…and jeep on doing it.

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