Forget future! Arsenal ALREADY have best right back

Arsenal fans have spent years wondering which of our best players would be cherry picked by some of Europe´s biggest clubs, including all three of our main Premier League rivals; Chelsea, Man City and Man United. For a long time the worst offender was the Catalan club Barcelona and even though we did get Cesc Fabregas off them as a youngster, it was only because they let him go from their La Masia academy and then they took him back when he was playing well for Arsenal.

Thankfully for us Gooners, our current first choice right back Hector Bellerin is not showing any signs of doing a Fabregas on us. He has frequently dismissed any rumours linking him with a return to La Liga andf has declared his happiness to stay in London and have a long career as a Gunner.

I´m sure Barca would love to have him back though, as their former youth coach Andres Carrasco has revealed that he always had a great attitude and excelled at every level in their academy and the coach has tipped Bellerin for the very top.

Carrasco told Sky Sports, “The psychological aspect is very important.

“Bellerin was a boy who seemed 20 when he was 15.

“When you have a player like Bellerin, who has gone through all the different age groups until 16 [you know] he is going to be of a very high standard both technically and tactically.”

There has been a lot of talk about Bellerin and his potential over the last year or so, and of course he will improve with time and experience, but as a Metro report shows, his stats show that the young Gunner is already the best right back in the EPL this season. The defensive side of his game is impressive enough but it is going forward where Bellerin´s true brilliance comes out.

In fact he has created more clear cut chances than the best players in the world this season in any position. His seven is only matched by Dortmund´s Mkhitaryan and puts him above Luis Suarez and Ozil and Insigne on six and for a right back that is pretty amazing.

So have Arsenal really got the best right back in the Prem, Europe or even the world, or are we getting a bit ahead of ourselves here?

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  1. Hector bellerin is indeed a “gem” of a right back, and he is getting better and better with every game under his belt! Coyg!

    1. He has NEVER let us down since his first game with the first team and he plays like he’s 27 it’s scary how good he’ll be in the next few seasons

    2. I’ve been so impressed by Bellerin. Maybe Aurier or another has a slight edge but barely. Guy is amazing. Big clubs will be calling!

  2. Listen baby Please

    I am more concerned about LB. For RB we have Bellerin, Debuchy, Jenkison, Chambers. Debuchy can still perform well for a couple more seasons. Jenkison has been performing well the past two seasons. Chambers can play RB if necessary but should focus on CB

    But we really only have Monreal and Gibbs for LB. Monreal may decide to go back to Spain and Gibbs hasn’t exactly been spectacular when he has played.

    Do we have any interesting LBs in the Academy??
    I don’t follow academy really

    I think we should sign a really promising LB in the summer for the future.

    1. Idk but if Wenger intended on keeping Jenkinson knowing how good Bellerin would be I think maybe it’s because he might be converted into CB with Chambers ?

        1. How about bringing back Jenjisnson and play him as right back and move bellering to right wing. He wil lead the assist chart then, no defender can stop him and he can always attach, now he can not attack 100% as he has to look for defensive part.

          When he knows that some one is there behind him to cover him, he can really take on defenders, he also has shown he can score goals even with his left foot.
          Just a thinking.

    2. Monreal has been great in the last season and a half. He was shaky on defense originally, but since he settled, he’s been great. Gibbs is underrated because of his injuries and because Monreal has played so well. Monreal just signed a new contract and he has another season or two at the top of hsi game, while Gibbs seems more mature every time he plays. He came in and did a fine job against Bayern in the CL to close the game out.

      Bellerin had a fine end of the game, but Douglas Costa turned him inside out a few times. now Costa is a good player, so there’s no shame in it, but as a one on one defender, Bellerin still needs some work. Going forward his instincts are excellent and tracking back and recovering he is amazing, but one-on-one facing the ball, he is not as patient as he could be. He shows every sign of being one of the all-time greats and it would be terrific if he fulfilled his obvious ppotential.

    3. We don’t need a 3Rd left back,.I am confident that two is enough and even if both were injured that either Gabriel or koscielny could cover for a few games. Full hardly the hardest position in the world and I am sure that we can cope. Sure we are lop sided for right backs but even bellerin, Debuchy, chambers have all.played left back in their career when needed. Stop being negative and let’s be confident about what our club could achieve this season, we might not have all got to see our club waste our millions, but we might all see.our club do something positive, let’s back em for once and roar our team to victory!!!

  3. Well done Bellerin….I remember that Community Shielf game against Mancity. We won 3 nil. Bellerin was on fire in that game and was simply amazing during preseason at that time. That was when I really noticed Him and I said to myself ‘what a player we have here’…..His Pace adds a whole lot in his game going forward and recovering quickly…. To think He is still so young is simply incredible.

  4. How quickly things change. When Arsenal let Sagna go, Debuchy got hurt, and Jenkinson was on loan to West Ham doom and gloom dominated. Chambers got the first shot at the job and while he performed well, he lacked the pace to be a top-class fullback in the Premier League. Bellerin has stepped in and been nothing short of incredible. There are a number of good right backs. Seamus Coleman is certainly up there, Darmian has been one of van Gaal’s best buys, and I’ve always really liked Azpilicueta. Bellerin, however, is certainly not out of place in that company. Considering he is 20 years old, the sky is the limit for Hector.

    I think the change from Sagna, who I considered to be the best right back in the PL to Bellerin, who can certainly be mentioned in that conversation, showed Arsene Wenger’s talent evaluation skills. I thought Arsenal made a horrible mistake letting Sagna go. He’s been great for City this season, but if he’d stayed, Bellerin could not have emerged, so Le Prof clearly knew what he was doing.

    I look forward to a back line of;
    Gibbs, Gabriel, Chambers, Bellerin; with Jenkinson in reserve for the right back and center back positions.

    1. I bet to disagree with u, Wenger didn’t know that Berrelin wud develop that face. That was why he bought Debuchy. Having said that, just to let u know, most of the boys in our academy are quite gud, sometimes you need a little bit of luck and fGid’s favour to blossom.

  5. Bellerin has put in some very consistent performances in so far this year. Hats off to Le Prof on this one even if some of us don’t see eye-to-eye with him all of the time.

  6. yeah at present form he is the best right back in the league but dont put pressure on him he still has got defensive work to make up I think if he got into full throttle how immense he would be good times ahead

  7. He is a beast bellerin.

    He seems smart enough not to go warm benching in barza and lose the great spot he has here.

  8. Attacking – Best in Europe and up with the best in world
    Defensive – Up with the best in league
    Overall – Best in league up the with the best in Europe.

    We got a top player on our hands, love watching him play! COYG

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