Forget history! Here is why Arsenal WILL beat Man United

Arsenal fans will hardly need reminding that our recent history against Manchester United is far from glorious. But just in case, our Arsenal loving friends over at the Daily Mail have kindly written an article reminding us that the Gunners have won just once against the old rivals from Old Trafford in the last 11 meetings.

But that should not really matter on Saturday, because the tide has turned for both clubs. What the report forgets to mention is that this dreadful run of results for Arsenal has come in the years when our financial shackles were really starting to chafe, while United were the most successful Premier League club.

Even that one win in 2011, when Aaron Ramsey scored the only goal, did not stop United lifting the Premier League crown. But they have gone backwards since then, while the Gunners have got better and have finally been able to spend some money on big name players rather than selling them to our rivals. And you can see how things are changing in those results, because since the infamous 8-2 drubbing after we sold Nasri and Fabregas in the summer, United’s three wins have been by a single goal and the other two were draws.

Last season was really frustrating for us as United’s troubled left them an easy target while Arsenal were much better, but we failed to capitalise. A lucky van Persie goal off his shoulder won it at Old Trafford and we were nervous at the Emirates after a bad run of results. But there should be no nerves or fear factor on Saturday, just the determination to beat our vulnerable rivals.

Instead of getting better this year, United are even worse. So they are there for the taking again and this time, nothing will get in our way. Please let nothing get in our way….

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  1. HA559 says:


    1. Twig says:

      And Giroud walks straight back into the starting 11! Podolski would be pretty impressed with that :-).

      1. RyoSila says:

        For Christs sake, now we are in the business of impressing players.If Giroud walks into the 1st 11 its because he has earned it.

  2. Greg says:

    Come on gunners! Now is the time to show heart, fight, and commitment! Lets dig deep on saturday and beat “the living daylights” out of man utd! Coyg!

  3. Hafiz Rahman says:

    exactly the same thing was said last season…and we know what happen after the game x2

    1. DaveJay says:

      Shut up. Just – shut up…

  4. Sumo says:

    Szczesny sells himself to Manchester United in FIFA 15 for 18.5 million to buy a defensive midfielder but ends up buying Zlatan instead in Manager mode while managing Arsenal.

    That foggy bast*rd. Lovely.

    1. Hafiz Rahman says:

      hes not spending enough….

  5. tfemi79 says:

    If we lose we would be called Sanchez fc

  6. mobaygunner says:

    Ok..I dont usally post but all this fricking talk about podolski and getting a start is fricking stupid…lets be honest only thing pod got is a great left foot he’s not fast not strong he cant play the upfront alone.he spend more time posting pics than anthing so plzz just put ur girouh and carzola hate aside and admit it podolski is not good enough…and F.Y.I joel 1world cup goal camble is not the answer either u guys saw 2 good game of him..1 agains man u and 1 against englad and now he’s the savour..maan get the f**k . Out of not a A.K.B before u start saying I sound like im taking up for our boss but just saying these players need to step up or get the f**k out….PS I really miss kos the boss at the bk….gunner fa life from Jamaica

    1. RyoSila says:

      Finally a guy who watches football with emotions put aside.

  7. Jogon says:

    i dont have my hopes high. our midfield is the biggest issue

  8. iamvia says:

    If Petr cech is convinced to sign for arsenal I think mou will not have the power to hinder the move as long as no better team needs him. I think wenger should take a look at him. Scezney is not good enough

  9. RyoSila says:

    If we can get Petr Cech in Jan, we have a good chance of progressing further inthe UCL and finishing strongly in the league. BUT what are the chances of Wenger being asked about it and saying “Petr Cech is top top keeper BUT we have Szczeny who is very talented,we also have Damien Martinez who i believe has a tremendous potential and don’t forget Ospina who is coming back very soon. So quality wise we are ok”

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