Forget Man City – Arsenal’s season starts in September

The season for Arsenal will start after the break by Konstantin Mitov

Well lovely Arsenal people, despite the fact 3 games already passed by and a 4th is coming very soon, truth is it’s very likely we’ll welcome the international break with 0 points.

It’s always possible to win a game of football, but I just can’t see us doing it against City. Our record there is horrendous, key players will be missing again, but even if we had Partey and White, I still don’t think it would make a difference.

The reality is we will likely lose to a much better side. We have to accept as well as the fact that Arteta won’t be removed immediately after the game. If you want to sack a manager, you do it before the transfer window starts, not after you’ve given him 140 million pounds to spend.

He’ll be given a run games to try out what the football will be when all the players are available. That includes all potential incomers before the window shuts and I think we’ll do get one more player in, or maybe 2 if we are really lucky and if we manage to offload some of the players.

So all in all, we shouldn’t hope for too much results-wise, but performance-wise I hope we put up a fight. For points I think we’ll need to wait at least 2 more weeks.



  1. Agreed. Arteta has lost too many senior players, so it’s not fair to judge him based on the results against the UCL and EPL champions

    Let’s judge him in the end of December, when most of our senior players are fit

    1. Gai
      Yes there is need for Patience. If a team must lose they should lose narrowly. We want to see winning formation and tactics even if we eventually lose. Progress can be visible even when results not forth coming.
      The formation against Chelsea was the wrong one. And I watched Arteta’s interview he just couldn’t own up.
      The pace of Arsenal forwards can hurt Man. City if we get our tactics right. Anything can happen in football. We beat Chelsea away last season when it didn’t look like it.

      1. I guess Arteta wanted to outnumber Chelsea’s midfielders and I bet he’ll still use 4-2-3-1 in Manchester

        Our pacey forwards are more suited to counter-attacks than tippy-tappy football. But Man City won’t give Aubameyang a lot of space, like what he had in West Bromwich

        I’d prefer Arteta to field the six left-footed players who started in West Bromwich, to enforce his left overload tactic to Man City

        1. Gai
          4-2-3-1 would not work in my opinion against M.City. They are the Kings of possession based football. Our best bet is using our pacey forwards to hurt City on the counter. We don’t have Gabriel available one of our best and physical defender. It’s no shame to play defensive and wait for counters. 4-2-3-1 makes us vulnerable at the back. Like I have said before., if you can’t win don’t lose. And if you must lose, lose narrowly. Once again, it’s up to Arteta to get his tactics right.

    2. What next level of stupidity is this, might as well then stop participating in EPL season then. This new next level of creativity in excuses. So first you guys blame senior players as dead wood and want them out, now you are using lack of senior players as argument to give Arteta a pass. He recruited the players and forced the ones he did not want out of the club. With only Luiz out of the team from playing 11 rest is almost the same team. So what are yuy guys on about. You are lucky to be Arsenal fans otherwise other top club forums would have banned you for spreading such loosers mentality….

      1. I just said Arteta needs his own CF and never branded anyone as deadwood, because they all have their own strengths and weaknesses

        You could relax about Arteta’s sacking, because he’d likely get the boot if he loses against Man City or doesn’t win the next two EPL games after that. If that occurs and he still doesn’t get the boot, he might have some clauses on his contract to protect his arse

        If you can’t see the situation, you’re stupid

      2. Logic

        Let’s be calm and not use abusive and derogatory language on this platform. “Stupidity” ain’t good enough. Any article is based on the opinion of the writter. I know we have emotional and passionate fans here. But please exercise patience. We are all entitled to our varied opinion.

      3. The team is surely not performing well, but we still have problems at the back. Arteta is not purely to blame because some of the dead wood Chambers, kolasinac are inherited but he also bought some players who are not any better ie Cedric and Pablo Mari. ……and it will take time to clear this. He has a big midfield problem of linking defense and attack and he has not corrected this. Hard working and dribbling midfielders are needed. His team selection has issues too. Going by todays statistics, there appears there is something not right abt midfield…. But there is room for improvement, i believe

  2. thats a great article , honest and factual.perhaps ,many of us, myself included, expect too much, too soon,from our great club.who knows, we might even come away with a point on saturday, in sport there are no certainties,as we all know.a decent performance will do me ,for now !.

    1. There are 38 games in a season starting from gameweek one. I don’t think there is such thing as too soon. To challenge for the title or Europe spots we have to do it from game one.

  3. City look really vulnerable.
    A weak Spurs beat them.
    No De Bruyne. No designated striker.
    Have not replaced David Silva or Leroy Sane.
    Grealish is over rated.
    As long as Stirling and Mahrez are contained
    can see Arsenal winning this

  4. Arteta needs to prove that he is the right manager for Arsenal now that he has been given funds to improve the squad, Arsenal is a massive club and the manager will always be on the spotlight.

  5. For me this is the time of pain, both draws for the Champion’s League and Europa League taking place and AFC not even in the hat. Not interested in the Euro Conference though, we are well out of that imo. I know certain folk consider that league to blood our youngsters whereas I would prefer blooding them in our own domestic competitions in preparation for the EPL.

    We have some way to go before we automatically qualify for either of the Euro competitions, one only has to look at the current strength of our own EPL. Even Everton, Villa or Brighton are no pushovers anymore. This is not pessimism merely realism.

  6. Agreed.

    My expectation tomorrow is that we work hard, show some kind of plan (beyond just sitting back and guarding the goal) and not capitulate.

  7. Lol! How come someone like Konstantin is writing in such a forgiving tone? Also if we start a marathon after about 10 minutes it begins the second time, after wasting 25 minutes the first time out, then will it be called progress? I have seen more progress filing wood (trust me, horrendously slow if done with a hand file on a really rough piece, wrecks hands and if not careful you get infected) than our resident process! Although it is the hope that kills! COYG!

  8. I’ll wait and see
    It all depends on results and having zero points in August (assuming we lose to City) including defeat to Brentwood is quite bad

    In September we play Norwich (home), Burnley (Away) and Spuds (home)

    We need to do a lot better in September

    If we continue losing then Arsenal should seriously consider a new Manager

    We need points

  9. Wow! Just wow. So the team before September is not Arteta’s just the same way he wasn’t at the helm the last 18 months? When do we start judging MA? It was wasn’t the 1st year or when he had a complete season or when he is in his 3rd season.

  10. this is why you do business early in the window, so you can eliminate the usual built-in excuses that this club has used ad nauseum since arriving at the Emirates…of course, except for the pathetic year we only signed Cech in the off-season and the year we acquired Sanchez, who we ultimately let go for next to nothing because he wouldn’t adhere to Wenger’s “pass the ball into the net” philosophy…when will this team ever learn from their past mistakes

  11. Won’t get a better time to play them … foden and de bruyne not playing mendy business probably doesn’t help their mood nor the Ronaldo debacle … will be a good measure of just how far out of contention we are as not convinced city are guaranteed a top 3 finish this year unless they invest in a quality striker in closing days

  12. Wake up. Arsenal’s season already started. Arteta is not the man and he’ll never be. Not in September and not in December.

  13. Starting your season in September is tantamount to failure because we are not good enough to make up 10% of the season gone.

  14. I’ve read and heard some excuses in my time, but this one tops the lot!!!

    We’ve signed players worth over £125,000,000 – sacked backroom staff – no worries about european qualifying matches – played a team that only became a PL team via the play offs – had home advantage over our London rivals and YET…. the season doesn’t REALLY start until we have played City!!!!

    This reminds me of Xhaka saying The Arsenal were “scared” of playing Watford and how Deeney’s comment about our club having no cojones starts to ring true.

    When WILL we start judging MA in the same way as AW and UE were?

    Were either of them given such tolerance and understanding when playing city or chelsea with players injured?

    Step up Mikel, you have your complete squad assembled now (transfers, extended contracts and players out) so go out and get the results – before you lose my support!!!!

  15. Klopps season started in august, so did Pep’s Ole’s, Tuchel’s. But yeh, Arteta is special and having injuries is just so unique to football that getting embarrased 3 games in a row is totally fine. His season starts the month after the rest of the leagues, where things will surley magically be turned around. And if they dont, it’s fine. The season starts when we finally get good results. Just like last season where we finished 2nd in an imaginary table that started in January, and 8th in the real life table that actually matters .

  16. I am highly disappointed in this kind of mentality. Let us even say our season will begin in October/November because September is too early since August is not part of the football season. What a shame. I am in tears.

    1. Our season started 2 weeks ago ffs and we will probably be bottom of the table today with zero points. SHAMEFUL AND EMBARRASSING

  17. I bet it we will play unbeaten from Norwich game up to ten or twelve good matches…….. I see it coming.
    Who will bet me?

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