Forget Man United – These are the games Arsenal need to win for Top Four

Arsenal’s easy run-in? by Dan Smith

I heard some Gooners suggest that after the Man United fixture Arsenal have a kind run in, on the season’s home straight. Yet it’s not United who worry me, not at the Emirates, it’s our away form which needs to improve if we are to finish in the top 4.

While not as shocking as Arsene Wenger’s final campaign, 3 out of our 5 wins on our travels have been against those in the relegation zone, the other 2 at Newcastle and Bournemouth. I certainly wouldn’t look at trips to Wolves, Leicester, Everton, Burnley or Watford as straight forward. We certainly would need to show up with the right attitude, something we didn’t do at West Ham, Palace, Brighton, Southampton, etc. In fact, Huddersfield was our first victory on the road since November.

So, to suddenly think away dates involving those in mid table and above too be straight forward would be naive.
We are not a good enough team to take anything for granted and will need to be at our best to win those matches.

That’s what will decide if we are back in the Champions League, not United but our away form.

Arsenal’s remaining away fixtures…….

Can we really win all of those?



  1. We can’t forget United. If we don’t win, top 4 is over.

    So Rennes first, then United. After we can worry about our difficult away matches.

    1. I partly agree. I disagree with the ide of forgeting Man Utd. We need to win. We also cant disregard the fact that a win against Man Utd will produce the right mindset for the away games.
      I however do agree that more needs to be done with our away form. However, Man Utd dont also have a free run(with the exception of Cadiff and Huddersfield) so losing to them will NOT seal our fate, just makes it more challenging.
      Others might not agree with me but i would sacrifice the Man U game to make sure i send out a full strength team against Rennes in the Europa league because to me, that an easier Champions league entry

  2. true we have to win at list 5 of our away games , then make sure you win all our home games starting win man
    united. is a must we have to in top 4 , we need champions league next season..

    1. Thank you Sue, took their time doing it. I suppose that thought they could brush it under the carpet.

  3. All those away fixtures are very possible to win because we will be playing those games without tension as we will be without any big match ahead us at that particular time.

  4. Only thing we are assured is further europa league activity – its a bonus that UE has mastered this competition (in the past), however with the team only now regaining signs of earlier consistency how are we saying the boss has a recipe for re-entry to champions league competition? Madness.

    If we struggle to win away in domestic competition what are we to expect on travels in the CL ??
    Not until our team/squad undergoes some more transition can we expect to give a good account among europe’s in form and elite teams. It seems some among our fans are much more fixed on the dream than focused on our sides reality.

    Following the disappointment at Wembley any more bla blah about 4th place finish is cosmetic.

  5. We have 9 games remaining. I think we need something between 21 and 23 points from them to finish in top 4. Not easy, not impossible.

  6. One match at a time. The game against Manchester United is critical because it is virtually a 6 point game in the context of the relative positions of the two clubs.
    Every match from then on is worth 3 points whether home or away. No game can be taken for granted.

  7. Anyone who says our run-in is easy is delusional or overconfident.

    Newcastle H – 1W vs big 6
    Everton A – 2D
    Watford A – 1D
    Crystal Palace H – 1W2D
    Leicester A – 2W1D
    Brighton H – 1W1D
    Burnley A – 1W1D
    Wolves A – 2W 3D

    wolves, leicester and crystal palace are the biggest danger and everyone of them has taken pts vs big 6 teams. all the away matches will be difficult

  8. This season, the games against top 6 has improved.
    Man City: Lost 2
    Liverpool: Lost 1, Draw 1
    Chelsea: Lost 1, Win 1
    Tottenham: Draw 1, Win 1
    The probable outcome against Man U will be the same against Tottenham.

  9. After seeing us struggle against Huddersfield and Cardiff, no game can be an easy game really can it?
    I just believe that the form shown in the last few games have lifted us to another level.
    There seems to be a new belief in the players and, if all goes well on Thursday, utd are due a whipping.
    If that happens, then we should go from strength to strength…cannot wait to witness it!!!
    Guarantee no empty seats on Sunday, that’s for sure.

      1. Sue, I’d have to be a dullard not to wouldn’t I?

        Amazing how, by using all the players at his disposal, the players suddenly seem to gel as a team rather than individuals.
        They have responded magnificiently and I am reaaly confident we will come away with all three points AND a big win!!

        I know your views on Ozil, but do you agree with me that, now he is at least being considered and played on merit and not salary, I can at least accept the situation a little more?
        Will it last however?

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