Forget Mbappe and Lacazette – Arsenal must go all out and get Aubameyang

Arsenal have been linked with just every available striker in Europe so far this summer, but it has just been revealed that the best and most established striker in Europe has now become available, and there is no doubt in my mind that he will be the perfect replacement for Alexis Sanchez.

Pierre-Emerick Emiliano François Aubameyang (try getting that on the back of a shirt!) is now officially on the transfer market, after the Borussia Dortmund CEO Hans-Joachim Watzke has told Bild that the (just turned) 28 year-old can leave if the right offer comes along.

‘We will listen to it when a club is willing to show its appreciation for Aubameyang in a financial way as well,” Watzke said.

This is definitely the striker I want to come to Arsenal, and surely Arsene Wenger must know how talented he is. It has been quoted that the Gabonese international hitman will be available for around 70 million Euros, which is a much safer option than buying the much-younger Mbappe.

Aubameyang has been super consistent, scoring over 100 goals in the last 3 seasons in the Bundesliga, and still has a few more years at the top ahead of him. If Wenger is serious about going for the League title next season then he should buy PEA, and keep Alexis even if he is allowed to run down his contract, although I think our Chilean superman will be more likely to extend his current deal if he sees us buy a player of Aubameyang’s quality. That will show that we truly do have the ambition to mix it with the best in the Premier League….

Come on Arsene. You know it makes sense!



  1. get auba, no get mbappe, no get lacazette.

    we seem to be playing the same game here on justarsenal as the main stream media do.

    1. day one: we are buying this player
    2. day two: we are in for another player
    3. day three: and so it ad nauseam

    it sells papers, it get clicks which people also get paid for whilst they peddle their completely invented stories or those based on some wild conjecture. and peeps keep biting.

    1. Hahaha that’s very true.At times you get the feeling that even we don’t know what we want.However, the strikers Arsenal should be targetting are:Lukaku,Aubameyang,Belotti and Chiharito if everything fails.All these players would improve us massively in terms of goalscoring and to me they are all worth their prices.I also feel Arsene Wenger doesn’t know what he wants that’s why he ends up panic buying as usual.I wouldn’t be angry at all if he signs only one player and that is a world class striker.We have quality in the other positions but the players just lack form.As for the CF role we have no quality.Wenger should wake up for once.This is his chanceto pounce for Aubameyang.

      1. I’m beginning to think that if we wanted Lacazette, or if Wenger wanted him, we would’ve gotten him ages ago. Giroud starts for his national team. Lacazette would have looked at that and seen his big chance. Even a combination at times. I’ve felt confident that Lacazette is gonna be the one we get. But I believe Wenger is not completely sold on him, I reckon there is something about the player Wenger has a quirk with. I still think we’ll get him, we bid last season it seems. But price matters and I wouldn’t be too surprised if Wenger wanted him more, as one of an option, rather than the answer to our prayers.

      1. I think he must eating the same Dog food as Sanchez ?? That Boys got stamina ??

  2. Dortmund want this sorted out by the 26th of June. That’s when they start pre-season and they want adequate time to find a replacement.

    I doubt that Wenger would spend €70 million on a 28 year old ?? he probably thinks that we’ll only get 3 seasons max out of him and don’t forget that he also likes to consider a players sell on value when making a purchase.

  3. Days are about to end, and all of you will lower your expectation in time from Mbappe to, i hope Ramsey and Giroud are least staying.

    Why do you people never learn from the same things which do accour every year. Same patterns, same reactions, same fake hopes, a never ending circle of bs.

    Its either arsenal fans are rthe most stupid fans in the world, or people are just wasting their time for the sakce of habbit as there is nothing else for us to think about as false hopes.

    1. It’s because people have a genuine love for the club they support. Didn’t you know, love can be blind. People still believe for the same reasons as those who decide against pulling the plug on a loved-one.

  4. It’s funny how all these players are now saying that they want to play under Wenger ?? I think Wenger is paying these Guys with the clubs transfer money. ?? apart from the job security and the occasional FA cup medal, there isn’t much else a player could establish under Wenger.

    1. Prob angling for better terms or more game-time. Rafina one seems odd, I think it’s because he felt hurt as they tried using him as a bargaining chip. We don’t usually get first year Barca players and on the fringes wanting to leave there to come here.

  5. I don’t see Wenger spending €62 million on a 28 year old.

    I don’t see Wenger spending £100 million on Mbappe either.

    I think we will be very lucky if Wenger gets a Top class forward and we keep Alexis

    1. He only turned 28 a few weeks back, which is good I think. If he was turning 29 this year I’d be thinking that it’s allot of money for someone that’ll be 30 in a years time. But he’s only gone 28, so four more seasons at least before his pace starts to dwindle. No resale value but I could possibly see Arsene making up for that with the Alexis sale. I could see us bringing this fella in for 70m (euro) and us getting a similar price off Bayern or Madrid for Alexis.

      I don’t think Alexis will sign an extension no matter who we bring in. And there is only so much quality out there which is within our reach anyway. I think Arsene will try to do the old Anelka Overmars > < Henry Pires.

  6. Arsene would be a fool not to bid for Auba.

    Even at 28 his a type of player that would lift the club; send a message of intent to our rivals; and send shock waves around Europe. Even there 100 gazillion worth of jerseys, with Auba 9 on them, they would really sale. Maybe even Sanchez can stay knowing he has another 30 or more goals a season player to play with.

    From the young crop only Morata exits me. Mbappe an realistic, Laca undecided, Belotti no links what so ever so far which is strange, who else is out there????

  7. Aubamayang at 63 million looks like great value IMO compared to Mbappe and Lacaette.

    Mbappe might be a great player in the making but 100+ million for an 18-year-old player who scored 15 goals in the French league and shows promise is more of a Real or Barca deal. Lacazette has done the business in France and with many penalties but the Bundesliga is tougher IMO and Aubamayang seems the more complete player IMO.

    1. I agree, add the pressure of expectations on Mbappe and he could easily get affected just like Martial…
      To be candid, i still think Mbappe will be better off staying at Monaco, he is still young to make that kind of move for such a hefty fee…

  8. If Arsene Wenger doesn’t buy Aubameyang until 26th June, then I will conclude that he is no longer in for titles but rather for something else…$&$. In my view Aubameyang is superior to Lacazette . Even Mbappe is not yet tested so we cannot rely on him and yet he’s very expensive though.

  9. I bought into it when fans would state Walcotts and other wages before saying how our salary situation is a mess. This doesn’t look too wrong to me. Jenkinson’s stands out a bit. Walcott, I would say he’d get that if he had left or if he left now. Gibbs maybe should be par with Coquelin, but it’s 15k and we are a huge club. Debuchy is high, but we were signing a French international. Ramsey’s is a bit high, but again I think he’d get that if he left. That is only a small few examples. It’s nowhere near as bad as people make out.

    Bielik 5k
    Holding 10k
    Iwobi 30k
    Elneny 40k
    Ospina 40k
    Perez 40k
    Jenkinson 45k
    Coquelin 45k
    Gabriel 50k
    Gibbs 60k
    Oxlade 65k
    Monreal 65k
    Debuchy 70k
    Per 70k
    Welbeck 70k
    Koscielny 75k
    Mustafi 90k
    Xhaka 90k
    Cazorla 90k
    Cech 100k
    Giroud 100k
    Bellerin 100K
    Ramsey 110k
    Walcott 110k
    Alexis 140k
    Ozil 140k
    Kolasinac 150k

    1. Kolasinac 150K? Dang! that guy came from no where to collect such huge money, i hope he lives up to the expectations

  10. Honestly, am so confused…
    When are we going to end this striker saga???
    Anyway, i think Aubameyang is a complete striker and has over the years proved to be a consistent striker am sure we wont regret it if we get him…
    He is a lesser risk compared to Mbappe. I think we should just narrow it down by using the criteria of their consistencies

    On that basis, Auba and Lacazette should be our targets as they have done it season after season.But Aubameyang is more complete in terms of raw pace and his height is an added advantage

  11. Doubt he’d want to come to a club not in UCL. Definitely worth a shot to try and get him, but no chance I see this happening.

    1. Does Arsene ever agree with anyone?

      His a stubborn old man. For once I just hope he does all he can to win the league. Not even 2nd place would do this time around. Because if not for winning the title, then why else did he stay!

  12. Just give Dortmund the money and do not say a word , he would go perfectly with what we have, an experience striker, good physical presence, with goals over several seasons behind his name, not the Mbappe and Lacazette high risk gamble.

    Everything is at a stand still at the moment, the buying going on is basically at the lower levels, none of the expected big players have moved yet, clubs seem to be watching each other moves. Let us hope when the movements begin arsenal will be the beneficiaries.

  13. I totally agree…….signing Auba will be a big statement of intent………good business too……..he is worth whatever we pay for him……but if we don’t get him…….Lukaku should be next target……..

    1. whatever we pay???!!!!!!
      What if we pay 150M, is he worth that too???>>>lolz

      *thats on a lighter mood though*

  14. Well, why not get both Mbappe and Aubameyang?………. Pires was quoted that Arsenal wants to get both Lacazette and Mbappe if Sanchez and Ozil stays
    Then if that is the case…Lacazette price is £60 million , Aubameyang price is £63 million ,
    Lacazette price was lowered by lyon for £48.5 milion and we pay them £12 mill as years goes. why not pay £50 -55 for Aubamenyang and add the remaining later

  15. Another transfer window full of dithering and wenger and the board talking nonsense………nothing will change and sanchez is off to city. What other supposed big club sells their best players to their competition. We are a laughing stock and everyone knows it

  16. I’d prefer Mbbape or Lacacette as we wouldn’t lose either of those players the way Liverpool lost Mane to African cup of nations.

  17. Ks-gunner, how can you say Ramsey and Giroud are staying. These are the two players who lose possession easily, plus Ozil. Ramsey and Giroud are players with no ball control. Can anyone tell me what Ramsey and Giroud are good at. Instead, fans will call for Walcott’s head. At least Walcott has pace and target. If Ozil can earn 280k/week, then Ox and Walcott should be paid the same amount

    1. Ramsey and Giroud are good at FA Cup finals.
      But that must be really low right? I mean, you have won the FA Cup more so they are sh*t and needs to be sold…

      STFU and watch the games, then you will know what they are good for, they are good players.

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