Forget Mkhitaryan – Arsenal must go all out for Mahrez!

Not only do Arsenal fans have to put up with a long wait before finding out if Leicester’s Jamie Vardy is coming to the Emirates next season, but now it seems that we have lost out on our next favourite target Henrikh Mkhitaryan.

The prolific Dortmund star has refused a new contract at the Bundesliga club and has made it clear that he wanted a move to the Premiership, but it was thought that Arsenal was his favourite destination after it was discovered that his sister lived in London.

But today, we are left disappointed, as his agent, Mino Raiola, was reported as saying: “Man United is a unique opportunity, Micki wants to go there.”

I hope that just means that Mourinho’s side will throw obscene amounts of money at him, because the Armenian international is already 27 and will be missing out on the Champions League next season.

This has quite annoyed me this morning, and the only winger I can think would be a better buy is if we get Riyad Mahrez to continue his partnership with Jamie Vardy. I couldn’t say no to the Premiership player of the year, especially when he is just 23 years-old with an affordable release clause.

It may be a bit unfair on Leicester, but the Foxes have had their season of glory and Vardy and Mahrez are much more likely to gain another winners medal at Arsenal…..


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  1. I’m still hoping on Mkhitaryan. He exactly what we need -very proven goalscorer from midfield and versatile too.

    I’d be over the moon with just Arkaduiscz Milik and Mkhitaryan.

    As for Arek Milik -going by his records for Ajax last season, I’d consider him as a slightly more prolific version of Morata. Except that the latter is famous for being Spanish and having played in huge clubs (Madrid, Juventus). Still, I will further assess their abilities based on all the matches played in the ongoing Euro tournament. Fact is, both of them are huge ‘potential’ talents. However there is a certain risk that comes with relying on ‘potential’ talents.

    Milik represents a much calculated risk though. Milik has scored more goals (albeit in a weaker league), He would cost us much less than Moratta. What is left is to see how he performs overall in the Euros.

    Milik is an affordable risk, and signing him alongside Mkhitaryan (a proven goalscorer from midfield) would serve to hedge that risk for a combined fee not much more than what Madrid will want to collect for Moratta.

    1. But if mourinho is hell-bent on throwing silly money at Mkhitaryan, I’d be hope we just refocus all our efforts to getting a tier one star striker and proven goalscorer like Higuain.

    2. Though I would prefer Mkhitaryan Mahrez is also a good option.Sign any one of them.As for Mino Raiola throwing a good financial offer to Mhitaryan he would say “Arsenal is a good option.Mini wants to go there”. It’s all about Money!

  2. Big disapointment loosing put on mkhi I thought we would have got him with his sister liking Arsenal on LinkedIn it seemed more fruitful. Now moureen is at Man U he will be attracted to them even without champs leauge. There is also less competition there and

    knowing wenger if we get vardy he won’t go for another wide man as he will say” vardy can play wide some games, and we also have Sanchez, Walcott, iwobi, w.silva, Campbell, gnabry who play wide

  3. Mahrez was always my preferred choice, as he has already proven his ability in the premier league, aswell as being much younger than Mkhitaryan.

    The latest reports suggested that Leicester would want £30 million for Mahrez, thats if he rejects their new £100,000 aweek contract offer.

    This news from Mkhitaryan’s agent, suggesting that he wants to join Utd, is a bit dubious, considering that the player himself stated that he was a fan of Arsenal.
    Sounds as if the agent is trying to increase his clients wages that’s been offered??

  4. If a player Automatically don’t want to come to us , I on the other hand Automatically would stop considering u to be an option!

    How it works….
    If he chooses Manure over us, FINE…..we move on….. The football world is flooded with too much talent …..too much to hang around pursuing one man!

    1. But.. But, As Wenger would say, ( whilst skinny dipping in the millions, inside Arsenal fc cash volt) ” There isn’t any one available” ??

  5. Admin now you know??? i’ve been waiting for this post since forever…its always been Mahrez for me

  6. Mino raiola and jorge Mendes are two of the richest agents in all sports and its obvious why.. for them its all about the chedder with little or no regards for their client career and future.. I’d be totally gutted if mhkitaryan doesn’t come and endup at man United as his style his tailor made for us.. gotze or drazler should be our next targets if we missed out on hi.

  7. Why not both? They can have a full pre-season as neither are taking part in the Euros nor Copa Centenario for obvious reasons. It would give others a little more time to recover from the summer tournaments. Plus we need a deep squad of quality being we are always involved in the Capital 1 Cup, FA Cup, Premier League and Champions League every year. If 1 or 2 have to make that sacrifice of exiting that we can afford to lose to make this happen I would be ok with it. Not to mention injuries, fatigue, suspensions and form. We could also try other formations depending on the opposition of the day…

    1. As good as that sounds I just cant see it happens.

      If we signed both it would mean we have to sacrifice purchasing an ST resulting in creating loads of chances and still fall short. Non of them will be willing to be signed and benched, we only have about 3 spots to fill in the first 11 and that might be at ST, RW and CB meaning the bench would have the likes of Jack, Ramsey, Coq, Iwobi, Ox, Theo, Elneny etc.

      One of the things either Mki or Mahrez would demand is confirmation of playing time so the best we can do is get one of them. We have seen strange things at the club though like buying one player or signing an injured player so I cant rule anything out.

  8. Either of these two players Mkhit or Mahrez would improve us. Neither should be signed instead of a top quality striker IMO.

    In defense of MKhit, if indeed he prefers Man U, Arsenal is hardly a step up from BVB and with Moureen he knows what he gets at a bigger club than BVB.

    Look over the last 10 years at the trophies Man U and Moureen have won and compare that to Arsenal and Wenger and it hard to argue with who has the more successful paring. Compare the same for the money invested in success and the caliber of players signed and again the more ambitious pairing would be Man U/Moureen.

    Personally I hope Moureen will fail at Man U and I don’t expect him to be there more than 3 years before he self destructs once again, but would you be surprised and shocked I he wins the PL in the next few seasons?

    Arsenal is an attractive club for players not on the radar of bigger teams with bigger name managers, and not currently playing CL football.

    Lucky for us there are only 8 or so clubs that would rank ahead of us at the moment IMO. (Man U, City, Chelsea, Barca, Real, Bayern, Juve, Atlectico)

    I understand some of you might be of the opinion that it should be easier for us to attract top players than for City or Chelsea or Atletico but to me, for different reasons these clubs might have an easier time attracting players than we do. Perhaps Atletico ranks equal to us but their CL runs are more attractive than ours and I doubt we could convince Griezman we are a more attractive club than Atletico.

    1. Sanchez choose us over Juve. Arda Turan said we were a mark up from Athletico. We have over the last few years had City, United and Chelsea have coveted our player but none have wanted to leave. We got Cech from Chelsea and Welbeck from United.

      You might perceive things one way but I doubt you see things the same way as footballers.

      1. If that is the case why didn’t Benzema want to come, why does it seem Aubamayang or Lewndowski are out of our reach? Why did we lose Henry Rvp Cesc to the likes of Barca?

        For me it is a no-brainer that when we compete for a player with City and Pep, or when Man U and Moureen really want Mkhit, that we will lose out 9 out of 10 times.

        When it comes to transfers we simply can not compete with the big teams. And its not only because of money, we have enough money in the bank to buy Aubamayaung, its the general stature of the total package that these clubs can offer over us. If you are Lewendowski and you sit with Pep and he tells you his vision and ambition and then you see what Pep has accomplished, and then you sit with Wenger and he tells you about his vision and ambition and you look at what Wenger has accomplished, would you really chose Arsenal in that scenario?

  9. Dortmund have come out and said that they are keeping him there and that’s all to it. They said they know he wont sign but they are holding onto him anyway. So utd fans must be a bit bummed by this, Id say they were looking forward to him choosing them over us, and saying well what did you expect. Marhez, for the same reason I wanted Mkhit over this lad, is the same reason utd will not rival us for him. His defensive capabilities, mour sold Mata for being poor with this so Id be surprised if he rivaled us for Marhez. Plenty of flair but not enough steel, Lei could get away with it, but can we. Monreal suffered a little whenever Alexis or Iwobi failed to take care of their responsibilities. Bellerin is not as defensively sound as Monreal, therefore we will see games where defence is lapse. Xhaka can only do so much, Id foresee some same ol recurring troubles.

  10. I’ve always preferred Mahrez ;
    far better dribbler,
    adapted to the league unlike Mkhitaryan who it took over a year to adapt to Bundesliga how much more EPL.
    Better scorer.
    and he is younger (25 yrs-old not 23).
    but overall we need to sort out the #9 role ASAP.

  11. what a bummer!!i usually don,t believe transfer rumours but from what i,ve been reading”his sister following us….”i really thought this one was going to happen!!well moving on to the next target:(

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