Forget Mourinho – Let’s just focus on Arsenal’s being prepared to beat Man United

So yet another crucial big match is approaching and Arsenal fans will want to beat Man United just as much as we wanted to beat Tottenham a couple of weeks ago. There is no doubt that Mourinho will be playing his mind games before the game and trying to wind up Arsene Wenger, but the Boss just wants to concentrate on getting the team ready and is not be pulled into the usual media circus surrounding his rivalry with Jose Mourinho.

When asked about the so-called Special One, Wenger simply said: “It is a game between Arsenal and Man United at home. I just want to focus and to prepare well my team, and give my team a good chance to win the game. Man United is doing well at the moment, we are doing well at the moment, so it looks to be a promising game.”

Arsenal never used to have a good record in games against Mourinho, but we have now won our last two fixtures at the Emirates against them so we shouldn’t fear the Portugese big mouth any more. Jose is well-known for playing for a draw away at his Top Six rivals, but Wenger shrugged off any talk of Mourinho ‘parking the bus’ “No, I don’t expect anything special.” he said. “I just expect us to be ready to recover now. Man United is a strong team and I expect us just to cope with the problems they will give us. They will attack as well. They will not only defend.

“I haven’t seen them a lot and it is not down to me to judge the way they play. I have just to look at the way we play and to prepare well for the game. They are a dangerous team, they have made fantastic results so to beat a team like that you need to be at your best and that’s what I want to focus on.”

We know that the media will try and twist any comment by Mourinho or Wenger to fuel the sensationalist headlines, but Le Prof did a good job there of giving them absolutely nothing to go on. It will be interesting to see if Mourinho can do the same….



  1. Mitch Connor says:

    Mourinho is a good manager when he has lots of money to spend but he is not a good human being. Wenger isn’t a good or rather PL/CL winning manager anymore (I want him out) BUT Wenger is 100 times the gentleman Mourinho is.

    Wenger has my approval to punch Mourinho in the nose if he pulls any shiaaat. But he won’t. As I said Wenger is a gentleman unlike Mourinho.

    1. leoliberty says:

      please Mr are you being sentimental or being factful, what money was given to mourinho to spend at his former teams like Porto and inter Milan… he even won the champions league,League and the league cup with this lowly cost team… like it or not mourinho is a serial winner.. a character we need at arsenal at now..

      1. funkyrith says:

        Agree everything else, but we dont need him at Arsenal. If you want a top manager, a character, Pep is always better. Only ManU fans love ManU, neutrals hate where Mou goes. Where as Pep bring new fans

  2. Ignasi says:

    Don’t get caught up in the hoo-ha. Mourinho will park the bus and Lacazette will be a big miss. I’m afraid with Giroud up front we will be slow and predictable. Hoping welbeck starts. at least there will be pace. Also sanchez is doubtful.

  3. Sukhjot Gunner says:

    I’m sure wenger will not just be fooling around and trying his players to attack,attack ,attack as in the past….Now we’ve seen a change in him and he actually has been setting up tactical masterplans in these type of games. I just hope his plan proves to be fruitful at the weekend and er best manure..

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