Forget Mudryk, now Arsenal need to concentrate on more urgent signings

Believe it or not, just like they missed out on Dusan Vlahovic last winter, Mykhailo Mudryk will apparently not be joining Arsenal because his swoop has been hijacked.

Now that the Mudryk saga is over and Chelsea has probably won the race to sign the so-called Ukrainian Neymar, Arsenal must refocus their winter transfer plans and consider who they might bring in over the next 15 days.

Arsenal had planned to bolster their attack and midfield before Gabriel Jesus’ injury and the widely anticipated move for Mudryk.

A move for Mudryk, on the other hand, would have come at a high cost, casting doubt on a move for a midfielder. Arsenal can now spend their winter budget wisely to bolster the midfield and attack.

About the midfield, Fabrizio Romano told Give Me Sport, “For the midfielder, it depends on the opportunity that they will have in the market. Let’s see if they go back in for Tielemans again, and let’s see what happens with other players.”

I don’t see why Arteta shouldn’t use his frustrations over the Mudryk transfer to sign Tielemans, who he has wanted since last summer, and that move could help Gooners lift their heads high after losing out to their London rivals on both Joao Felix and Mykhailo Mudryk in the same week.

Or, wait a minute, Chelsea might want Tielemans as well!

Daniel O


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  1. Do we really need Tielemans, we have, Xhaka and technically Oleks, who are playing that position very well and are more versatile. We have Mo Elneny, why should we buy a player that we dont really need. You see how he (Tielemans) is regressing in his form, till when will we stop the David Luiz, Willian, Soares type of business. We need a cover for Partey and a striker…. And maybe players that can make us better.

    1. Tieleman is one of the best midfielders in Epl, its unfortunate he is playing for a team that is not performing

  2. Thuram would make sense….£88mn plus for Mudryk is way too much.

    Chelsea buying everyone under the sun and Potter will then be sacked in a few weeks as their rag tag bunch of mercenaries can’t play together

    If we also get our first choice Raphinha that’s much better as he knows the Premier League well

    Not sure we need Tielemans though to.increase the squad for next year makes sense to get a player also with PL experience at a decent price now

    Maybe the 3 of them for same price as Mudryk and I would think we almost have a full squad

      1. Chelsea are using Arsenal to build their, they no idea, so they just goin for any player that EDu is targeting, Shame.

  3. This transfer window is more than still salvageable, if we bring in a midfielder and attacker. I would not mind Tielemens but would personally prefer if we went for someone like Neves who defensive contribution is a better than him and would love us to get Raphinha in if the rumours are true but I am very sceptical about his availability considering he joined his ‘dream club’ just 6 months ago so why would he want to leave?

    1. Just like Ramsdale, Ode, GJ, Olex did not excite some when they joined us. However the likes of Ozil, Laca did excite some plastic cups

  4. I think Arsenal should make a shock, huge statement and buy both Jude Bellingham and Declan Rice.

    It would cost 140-200 euros, way more than anticipated during this transfer window, but we would be spending a lot less during the summer transfer window. This will give us a huge boost for our title push, and ensure the squad is totally integrated at the beginning of the new season – an enormous advantage. The spend is so much more justifiable than the amount we almost spend on the unproved Mudryk…

    Then recall Balogun as back-up for Eddy and we’re in an amazing place to push on for the title.

  5. Strangely, Arsenal isn’t saying anything about a midfielder. Yet last campaign, that’s what cost us the champions league. We have the save people there

    1. Yes of course spending a lot of time on a player who is highly priced it will cost us the title yet this actual time we need fast re enforcement to overcome danger matches, at the we shall loss reckless points . And start wishes!!!!!. Please Edu revise yo notes

  6. Raphinha can be a good addition but we need also a midfield backup for especially Partey .Tharun as a strker or Osmien? Or Benfica striker and Zaha are oppotions.

  7. Sad about missing out on Mudryk, but I agree we should not pay crazy money 88 mill on an unproven player in the PL: Remember Gakpo did only cost Liverpool 35 mill

    I’m sure Arsenal have a plan B. Arsenal have to come with an reaction on the Mudryk hiijack.

    I would prefer these players, but are they available now?

    Tielemans or Declan Rice – midfielder
    Marcus Thuram or Matin Terrier or Balogun(recall) – striker
    Mitoma or Raphinha(loan) or Zaha – winger

    1. Ferran Torres – Barcelona – would be a dream signing, but I did,nt include him in my list cos I think he is probably not a realistic target. (maybe a loan deal?)

  8. I respect not wanting to pay more than we think a player is worth. I don’t like the time it takes us to realize a player is not within our reach.

    We have spent most of the window (like January) on a player who finally was not within our reach. We should not always negotiate a club to death and spend so much time on our first choice. Now we look reactive instead of methodical.

    There is two weeks left and we are supposed to be able to sign Raphina who choose Barca, his dream club over us this past summer. It all reeks of unrealistic dreams that will hurt us.

    Let’s agree we need more firepower to add depth and we need a plan B should Partey get injured again.

    For me, our time wasting on Vlahovic last Jan cost us top 4 and our time wasting on Mudryck could very well cost us top 3.

    1. John63, Although I trust MA and EDU to do right by us, I do agree that a number of we fans , certainly myself for just one, had bad vibes about the vast difference between a realistic fee and the inflated figure ATHLETICO were demanding for an unproved(in a top league) player, from the very start.
      I feel we were far too easily duped into chasing a a player who was always far too expensive.

      I would have offered our own bottom line figure from the start,then said “take it or we leave it” and when it was left, I would have moved away.

      But they chose differently and IMO wasted valuable weeks on a “ghost” signing! For the second January running!

  9. Sadly, Edu/Arteta/Krankies have wet themselves. The only positive is that the Abramovich Karma is perfuming the club, and the cannot subvert their demise. They take the players down with them. Arsenal need to be brave and be in reality. With our present squad we will not win the EPL. Sergej Milinković-Savić, Youri Tielemans and Tammy Abraham may work out to be a power play to blast to EPL victory and for the Krankies to line their pockets.

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